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Peavey-Derr Calls For Council Districts

They’re called “wards” in most cities, but the term would probably take on a different meaning in Boise, so Mayor candidate Judy Peavey-Derr chose “districts” in her press release today. Meanwhile, her opponent, incumbent Dave Bieter attended a ground breaking ceremony for a new library at Bown Crossing.


Boise Mayor Candidate, Judy Peavey-Derr, called for a change in the way Boise City Council members are elected by using a district method for the six council seats similar to every other elected body in Idaho.

“The Idaho Legislature, County Commissioners, Recreation Districts, and every other form of elected representation uses a district method,” Peavey-Derr said. “Cities deserve no less.

Peavey-Derr said she has already had discussions with legislators and there has been legislative interest in City Council districts in previous legislative sessions.

More than 150,000 of Boise’s 224,000 residents are under-represented or not represented at all Peavey-Derr said. “We need to go to a district system so that there is equity in representation for all Boise citizens.”

“You can tell from the map that Bieter has consolidated power in the North End,” she added.

Council homes map

EDITOR NOTE–At least one of the indicators should be in the area of The Depot for Maryanne Jordan who is a Peavey-Derr Neighbor.

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  1. Could we get more details?
    I recognize Bieters’ local.. the rest?
    Who is that way out West?

    And missing MaryAnne Jordan?

    Weird that she thinks “Bieter has consolidated power… ” yes, Dave Bieter is responsible for all those voters.

    Thanks for the map though. I was trying to imagine where the councilmembers live.. And now for the ACHD leaders? County Commissioners?

    EDITOR NOTE–TJ Thomson is the far west dot and Jordan is shown on Peavey-Derr’s map north of the river in error.

  2. Boy this will sure solve all of Boise’s problems

  3. Bieter and his team will NEVER support the idea of districts in Boise and they will do all they can to kill the idea.

    They all know that districts in the city would kill their ability to control Boise.

  4. I’ve been saying this for years. Maybe not advocating wards, rather expanding council to 9 seats or 12. We have the same number of city council members as we did 100 years ago. In fact, the City of Boise History Department, yep, there’s a History Department, does not mention the size of past city councils. Coincidence? You be the judge.

    Your vote is worth 1/10th or less of what your grandpappy’s was worth. It’s disenfranchisement by population growth.

    Maybe a combination of wards and at large council members should be given some consideration.

    EDITOR NOTE–Cynic, are you calling for another, “Blue Ribbon Committee?” 🙂

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