The Incumbent’s Advantage

Poor Judy.

Judy Peavey-Derr filed at the last minute in a bid to unseat incumbent Dave Bieter who is seeking a fourth term which could carry him to a 16 year reign as Boise’s top politico.

Peavey-Derr positioned herself as a champion of the Bench and southwest citizens. She didn’t count on Bieter standing in a new park on Federal Way announcing his dedication to residents of the Boise Bench with new playground equipment.

She advocates parks and open space, but not the proposed Foothills levy. Bieter stood before the TV cameras to break ground for a new three acre park along the Boise River.
He was joined by two incumbent councilors who are also running for re-election.

When Peavey-Derr called a press conference to perform a victory dance for the Greater Boise Auditorium District’s supreme court ruling over Dave Frazier (GUARDIAN editor), Bieter hijacked the moment and waltzed before the cameras and waved his arm with promises of “even more” construction projects, “like the one behind me.” She is a member of the GBAD board.

Wednesday, Peavey-Derr scheduled a media event to spotlight her plans to create “districts” (known as “wards” in big cities) so citizens would have councilors from throughout the city and not just north of the Boise River. Bieter and Team Dave put a big shadow over her spotlight as they broke ground across town for a 5th library at Bown Crossing in Southeast Boise.

We gotta hand it to Team Dave. They know how to play the game of politics. Amazing how all these projects just happened to come up a month before the election! Timing is everything.

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  1. It is all about team dave! Always has been – always will be.

  2. You said it all. Bieter and his accomplices in the media (not all media) have done everything they can to stop Judy Peavey-Derr from putting out the most basic of information. Stay tuned. We have much more and it is not good for Team Dave and especially bad for TJ Thompson.

  3. The incumbents used their advantage well with all the groundbreakings and announcements as of late.

    Nov. 3 Ridges to River Survey release regarding how much Boise loves the Foothills
    Oct. 30 Bieter ground breaks on a private project- The Afton in the newly named Cultural District.
    Oct. 29 Boise officials celebrate launch of Pre-K program
    Oct 28 Boise officials break ground on Bown Crossing library.
    Oct 19 Golda Harris Nature Preserve announced
    Oct 7 Terry Day park announced.

    While these are great accomplishments, it seems these announcement could be an unfair advantage in the month leading into the election. Cheap PR

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