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Judy Peavey-Derr

The GUARDIAN has received several communications about a Boise day care rating system based upon a voluntary set of “logs” or reports–not connected to official inspections. An inordinate number of facilities ended up with “poor” ratings, despite otherwise very good official inspections. An insider said the issue was “burning up the wires” at City Hall. Another source told us the city website with the POOR scores has been removed.

Boise Mayoral Candidate Judy Peavey-Derr to Address Burdensome City Regulations that are Driving up the Cost of Child Care for Boise Working Families

October 29, 2015– Boise Mayor Candidate, Judy Peavey-Derr, said the burdensome city regulations on child care centers is hurting working families and will put day care centers out of business.

“The attitude of the Mayor is ‘just raise your prices-the families will just have to pay more’” Peavey-Derr said in front of Kidz, Inc. in West Boise.

Peavey-Derr was joined by the owner of Kidz, Inc. Julie Huerta who says the new child care laws are affecting 129 of the 286 child care facilities in Boise and have had the effect of forcing them to raise prices on working families or close their business completely.

“Dave Bieter and his City Council are out of touch with working families,” she said. “When both parents are working to make ends meet and they get hit with day care increases they have to make choices that hurt their families.”

“The first thing I would do as Mayor would be to put a moratorium on these day care rules that were just implement last fall, but are now starting to have a devastating effect on the 129 day care centers that many times are operating on the slimmest of margins,” she added.

There are four categories of day care sizes and Kidz, Inc falls into the “13 or more” grouping. The categories are listed as Family Child Care Home 1-6, Residential Child Care Center 7-12, Group Child Care Home 7-12 and the Child Care Center of 13 or more.

EDITOR NOTE–The League of Women Voters held its traditional candidate forum Thursday night. Here is the report through the eyes of the Judy Peavey-Derr campaign. Note–this repository is open to all candidates and the content is generated by the various campaigns.

“Peavey-Derr Says No To Foothills Levy and Bieter’s 430 Tax and Fee Increases for 2016
Bieter Says No to Representation for South and West Boise”

When asked about the $10 million Foothills Levy, Boise Mayor Candidate Judy Peavey-Derr said no and the mayor said yes. The question was part of a forum Thursday night at the Boise Library hosted by the League of Women Voters and also included mayoral candidate Seth Holden.

Peavey-Derr also brought up the 430 new tax and fee increase approved by the mayor, the maximum increase in property tax and their collective impact on seniors that are not receiving a cost of living increase in Social Security this year. Adding to these numbers were the more than 30% in property tax hikes during the mayor’s last 12 years. Bieter shrugged his shoulders and ignored the implication that his massive tax increases might do any harm to the 25,000 plus seniors on Social Security in Boise.

The candidates were also asked about having individual districts for city council members much the same as Ada County Commissioners, Ada County Highway District, the Idaho Legislature and just about every other elected position in Idaho. Peavey-Derr believes there should individual districts so that areas like West Boise and South Boise can have fair representation on the city council.

Dave Bieter opposes individual districts.

“Apparently the mayor doesn’t believe the other parts of Boise deserve equal representation. It is apparent from the current makeup of the city council and mayor that the South and West portions of Boise have been left to fend for themselves,” Peavey-Derr said.

Also during a discussion about transit issues Bieter failed to mention that he had already wasted $704,000 on his “trolley folly.”

“The mayor has not only wasted nearly three quarters of a million dollars on the trolley, but he also has millions in ‘miscellaneous funds’ in each department in the 2016 budget. Taxpayers deserve more transparency than that,” she concluded.

KTVB-TV recorded the entire forum and it will be available in its entirety on KTVB is also considering runs on some of their other stations.

Elaine Clegg garnered an endorsement from former Gov. Cecil Andrus who issued the following statement:

“I’m going to vote for Elaine Clegg on Nov. 3, and I urge others to join me. Elaine has given years of outstanding service to Boiseans on our City Council. She has earned the right to re-election.”

—Gov. Cecil Andrus

Here’s a release from the Peavey-Derr camp with a recap of the West Bench Neighborhood Association mayor candidate forum, minus Dave Bieter. The group offered a name tag and empty chair to the Mayor.

Boy to Bieter: “Why Don’t You Like Kids?”
Bieter a “No Show” at West Bench Mayor’s Forum

In what was easily the funniest moment of the night a young boy asked Dave Bieter why, in very frustrated terms concerning the lack of repairs on one of Boise Municipal pools, “Why don’t you like kids, Mr. Mayor?”

The audience roared with laughter.

The question came at the West Bench Neighborhood Association Mayor’s Forum which included candidates Judy Peavey-Derr and Seth Holden. Dave Bieter was absent.

“I’m quite sure the Mayor likes kids, but it is clear he doesn’t think much of Boise’s west or south precincts by his lack of projects in those areas compared to the North end and the East and his unwillingness to show up and face voters who are clearly frustrated with his over taxation, his forced annexation of citizens that did not want to be annexed, and broken promises to build parks or other amenities in their areas of Boise,” Peavey-Derr said.

Because the boy was unable to attend his question was directed to the mayoral candidates via a cell phone recording by the young man’s mother, Christy Little.

Moderator, David Frazier, and audience members asked questions about taxes, annexation, the homeless situation and what each of them would do in the first day of office and what they would try to accomplish in the first 30 days of office.

Peavey-Derr said she would work to restore relationships with all of the agencies and mayors in the Treasure Valley that have been destroyed over the last year by infighting and Bieter’s filing of 14 unsuccessful lawsuits against these agencies and cities.

Holden echoed Peavey-Derr’s concerns and also mentioned that 12 years was more than enough time for Bieter to be in office. “He should have been term limited to two terms,” Holden said.

Peavey-Derr thanked Holden for his willingness to put his name on the ballot and challenge Bieter.

The next two debates are slated for Thursday, October 22, from 7-9pm and the Boise Public Library and at the City Club, Monday October 26 from 11:45am-1:15am.


Contact: Martin Balben, 208-709-1921 or

Conservation Voters for Idaho is pleased to announce our endorsement of Mayor Dave Bieter and Council Members Elaine Clegg, Scot Ludwig, and Lauren McLean in the upcoming Boise city election.

“Boise’s Mayor and City Council Members have displayed tremendous leadership in making Boise one of the most livable cities in the country.  Conservation Voters for Idaho believes that livability and the health of our environment are critically related,” said Courtney Washburn, Executive Director of Conservation Voters for Idaho.  “Over the last year, our city leaders have supported clean water and open space initiatives, solutions for a clean energy future, and adopted Sustainable Boise, a citywide initiative centered on strategies that create lasting environments, innovative enterprises, and vibrant communities.”

“Under the leadership of Mayor Bieter and Council Members Clegg, Ludwig, and McLean, Boise has taken great strides forward.  We believe they will continue to propose and fight for solutions that make Boise an even better place to live, work, and raise a family,” said Washburn.

Conservation Voters for Idaho is a statewide bipartisan organization that works to create the political environment to protect the natural environment by passing laws that protect Idaho’s air, water, wildlife and open space – and by electing people to office who will protect the quality of life Idahoans enjoy.



Elaine clegg’s PR folks sent a “list of accomplishments,” which you can view by clicking: Council Accomplishments EC 9-27-15.

EDITOR NOTE–Hawes is running for the council seat currently held by Elain Clegg.
Boise—Citing its diversity and non-partisan balance, City Council candidate Andy Hawes today released a list of Idaho citizens to whom he will look for advice and counsel during the remaining days in his race to win City Council Position Five.

Hawes said the group would become his “kitchen cabinet” should voters place him in the office. “This list represents all major areas in Boise and the interests of those living outside the city,” Hawes said. “It is a diverse group that includes Democrats as well as Republicans, and community activists as well as politically influential individuals,” Hawes added.

Click on continue reading for the list of names.

Co-chairs of the advisory committee are long-time family friend Chris Carlson, former press secretary to Idaho Governor Cecil D. Andrus, the founder of the Gallatin Group (now Gallatin Public Affairs) and political author and commentator; and Rodney Hawes, Jr., retired business executive and Andy’s uncle. While both co-chairs live outside of Boise, Hawes pointed out that the state’s capital city belongs to all Idahoans, and stated that all Idahoans should have an interest in Boise’s success and well-being. Other members of the advisory committee include: Heidi Soto, community activist (Bench); Phil Reberger, former chief of staff to Idaho Senator and Governor Dirk Kempthorne; Leta Harris Neustaedter, arts educator/social worker/performer (North); Doug Russell, former Chair of the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission (Eagle); Colleen Marks, surveyor (Northwest Boise); John Hammond, attorney (East End); Nate Hauder, builder (North Boise); Sean Small, movie producer/actor (Southwest Boise); Sonya Lenzi, interior designer, (East End); Jeremy Kitzhaber, retired disabled veteran (West Boise); Jackie Page, construction/small business owner (Garden City); Keri Barbero, clinical social worker, (North End/Lower Foothills); Dan Catlett, retired USMC/small business owner (Southeast Boise); Kacy Berliner, community volunteer/organizer (Foothills); and James Alderman, attorney (Highlands).

EDITOR NOTE– Judy Peavey-Derr has made two appointments and she isn’t even mayor yet. This week she announced that former opponent and former Ada Sheriff Myron Gilbert will be her campaign co-chair. She has also hired high powered political consultant and lobbyist Mike Tracy to manage fund raising and advertising.

PEAVEY-DERR release 9/23/15

    Peavey-Derr Names Myron Gilbert First Campaign Co-Chair

Judy Peavey-Derr, candidate for Boise Mayor, has named Myron Gilbert as her first campaign co-chair. Gilbert was on the ballot until Friday, September 18 when he withdrew to throw his support to Peavey-Derr.

“Myron is the first of our campaign co-chairs we are announcing this week. He will help us with seniors’ coalition and our retired first responders coalition in the coming weeks,” Peavey-Derr said.

Gilbert served as Ada County Sheriff nearly 50 years ago and decided to throw his hat in the ring because he wanted the current mayor out of office.

“The mayor has got to go,” said Gilbert. “One of the issues that really got my attention was the ombudsman. We worked extremely hard to get that position in place and our mayor has reduced it to a part-time position.”

Peavey-Derr is currently serving on the Greater Boise Auditorium District Board, was an Ada County Highway District Commissioner and served as an Ada County Commissioner.

Sept. 21, 2015 Elaine Clegg: 208-890-5830
In Campaign Announcement, Clegg Cites Boise Successes and Work Yet to Be Done

Mayor Hails Clegg as “Conscience of the City”

Friday afternoon, Sept. 18, 2015, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter kicked off city council member Elaine Clegg’s re-election campaign by noting that he and Clegg were both first elected in 2003. He got to know her well in their early years on the council as they worked through “some really hard, tough sledding,” including the economic downturn, “to see the great times we see in Boise now.”

“Elaine Clegg is the conscience of the mayor and council, and of the city,” Bieter said. “She approaches every issue relentlessly. She looks at every plat; she reads every document. She makes sure that we never lower our standards in any way. She’s never caught off guard; she’s always ready to go. She’s known not only locally but nationally for her efforts in transportation and smart growth.

“As long as Elaine Clegg wants to do this, I don’t want to live in a city without electing her.”

1st-class Transportation for 21st-Century Economy

“This is an exciting time for the city,” Clegg acknowledged. “I decided to run for a fourth term because of all the great things that have been happening, but even more importantly because we are on the cusp of so many more. The great things that have happened have set us up for an even brighter future.”

Clegg pointed to several city projects she helped start, which she wants to see to completion.

She noted that the city has done a lot over the last few years to improve transportation by, for instance, adding bus routes to the airport, southwest and southeast Boise and extending hours on State St. and Fairview. “We can do better on providing transportation choices,” Clegg added.

“With the Boise can-do spirit, instead of looking to the legislature to solve the issue, we can together find a permanent and dedicated source of funding for expansion of our transit system right here in the Treasure Valley.” The Idaho Legislature has been unwilling to grant local-option taxing authority to cities for transit funding, so Clegg is working on other, innovative options.

“A first-class transportation system will help drive a 21st-century economy,” Clegg said.

Standing before a group of supporters at the Boise Depot, Clegg noted that she has been pushing for a multi-modal freight system “that will include using this great rail system that we have right behind us, and figuring out a way to move freight from truck to rail and rail to truck and utilizing…a great airport that could also be part of this freight-movement system.”

Helping Businesses “Start Up in a Day”

Clegg has championed Boise’s participation in “Start Up in a Day,” a Small Business Administration project for which Boise recently was selected: “With cities around the country, we’re in a contest …to figure out how entrepreneurs can walk into city hall at eight o’clock in the morning and walk out at five o’clock at night ready to start a business.”

Clegg also wants to continue work on her initiative “to conserve water and save taxpayer money by increasing the city’s use of low-water plants in rights-of-way.” She pointed to several areas where such plantings are already saving both water and taxes.

“We need to work together…to find a collaborative solution to housing people in our community left behind in this economy,” Clegg said. “The bottom quartile of folks…have not been able to keep up, have difficulty finding and keeping housing. We need to do better on this.” The city currently manages more than 300 affordable rental units and has convened a group to find a collaborative solution to unmet needs.

“Finally, the work is not yet complete to develop all of the park lands that the city has owned for decades in neighborhoods all over the city,” Clegg said, noting the “greening up” on the Bench with Terry Day Park and in the west with Comba Park. “I want to make sure that the rest of that park land is usable by the citizens who live there “

“Some people say that politics is the art of the possible,” Clegg said. “I understand that what is possible is often measured by the determination we bring to our tasks. Too many in politics dwell on what we can’t do or what won’t work. My Idaho values have given me a more courageous perspective. As your city council member, I will never give up the fight to keep Boise a special place to live.”


I believe the ability to work together for the greater good speaks to why this city is on such a good track. Supporting what’s best for the city, agreeing to agree to disagree on the few occasions that does happen and mostly all of us working toward a more perfect city has paid many dividends for everyone who lives here.

I am honored and privileged to serve the citizens of Boise. I have given my all to living up to that honor and would like to recognize all of the citizens who have given me so much support and advice, and shoulders to lean on when I needed to, many of you are here today. Thank you! I would also like to recognize my husband Brett and My daughter April and grandchildren. You are really the reason I am so passionate about continuing to serve this great city. Making Boise even better so your future will be bright is always in my mind.

This is an exciting time in the city. I decided to run for a fourth term because of all of the great things that are happening and most importantly all of the great things still to come that the hard work over the last 12 years has set up.

People have asked me, given my years of service, why I’d want to run again for City Council. I have quite a long answer to that. But I also have a very short answer – I’m running because I love Boise and I’m still passionate and committed to this special place. I believe the experience knowledge and leadership I’ve gained over the last 12 years leaves me especially able to move the city even further so that all of our children and grandchildren can have a bright future here with us in this town we all love so much.

When I announced my campaign for city council 12 years ago I promised to stand up to protect your neighborhood, find real solutions to traffic, and preserve our children’s future by working regionally on issues of air quality and long range transportation planning and the economy.
I believe we have come a long way on those issues, but also know there is more to
do. I take the responsibilities of this office seriously and if I have the privilege of being re-elected I pledge to give my best efforts to these priorities:
We can do better on providing transportation choices. With the Boise can-do spirit find a permanent and dedicated source of funding for expansion of our transit system that doesn’t rely on legislative approval. This will lead us to a transportation system that is first class, will help drive 21st century economic opportunity and is worthy of this world class city that we live in.

Build a 21st century economy by paving the way with first class service to entrepreneurs, supportive infrastructure that is the backbone of business and improved freight capabilities for this region.
Further my initiative to conserve water and save taxpayer money by increasing the city’s use of low-water plants in rights-of-way and in parks to prepare the city to deal with whatever water conditions we see in the future.

Of course there are many other issues that I will work on in the next four years, including continuing to forward the LIV Boise initiative that I have helped lead. This initiative has helped move our city ever closer to being a sustainable place in all ways.

Importantly we need to work together with the partners that the city of Boise has convened to find collaborative solutions to housing the people in our community who have been left behind in this economy.

And finally the work is not complete to develop the parkland that Boise owns in city neighborhoods who have waited years to see a park they could use close to home.

Some people say that politics is the art of the possible. I understand that what is possible is often measured by the determination we bring to our tasks. Too many in politics dwell on what we can’t do, or what won’t work. My Idaho values have given me a more courageous perspective. As your City Council member, I will never give up the fight to keep Boise a special place to live.
That is why I am asking for your vote and the opportunity to represent you once again on the Boise City Council. Join me in making Boise future brighter even than the present.

Boise Council Member Elaine Clegg Kicks Off Re-election Campaign Friday at Boise Depot Boise City Council Member Elaine Clegg will announce her campaign for a fourth term at 4 p.m., Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, at the Boise Depot, 2603 W Eastover Terrace, Boise.

Clegg was first elected to the council in 2003 and served as council president in 2007. She will review the council’s accomplishments on her watch and outline the projects she wants to see to completion. She also will be available for one-on-one interviews. A Boise native and Capital High School graduate, Clegg and her husband Brett have five children and seven grandchildren.

She has been employed by Idaho Smart Growth since 1998, currently as a project manager specializing in bicycle/pedestrian planning. In this position, Clegg has provided technical assistance to more than 20 Idaho communities, helping them identify policy and zoning solutions to support smart growth by integrating land use and transportation. Clegg holds a bachelor’s degree in General Art from Boise State University and has worked as a graphic designer. Prior to her city council election, Clegg was a neighborhood leader, a board member and president of Boise’s North End Neighborhood Association, and a member of the city’s Foothills Planning Committee.

She led the Treasure Valley Futures project, which quantified growth trends in the valley and offered strategies to better manage that growth. The project won a national award for planning excellence. Elaine works with several Idaho organizations to ensure that the reauthorization of federal transportation law reflects Idaho interests. She has partnered with many regional and national organizations to improve all forms of transportation locally and regionally. # # #

Here is the first entry from Andy Hawes:

ANDY HAWES TO SEEK BOISE CITY COUNCIL POST Boise—Saying that it is time for a new generation of pioneers to build an even better balanced future for Boise, a 45-year-old former president of the Idaho State Bar, and a civic activist, Andy Hawes, announced today he is seeking a seat on the Boise City Council. He will challenge the long-time incumbent in City Council Seat #5, Elaine Clegg, who is seeking a fourth four year term. “Its time for the next generation of leadership to step forward with a renewed pioneer spirit that builds on the accomplishments of folks like my great, great, great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Hawes as well as the progress made by the current Mayor and city council.,” Hawes stated.

“Mayor Bieter and his council have presided during a period of rapid growth that truly challenged residents to stand up for balanced, responsible growth that pays its own way and does not subtract from our prized quality of life,” he added. “However, we can and must do better. I intend to run a positive campaign that lays out a vision for the future the citizens share, one which will help us do more and do it better.

That vision includes: 1) Protecting and enhancing the city’s great quality of life by “conserving the green,” recognizing the untold value of the Boise foothills, our greenways and bike trails. 2) Encouraging our many small businesses, as well as our large ones, by continually re-evaluating rules and regulations made obsolete by the “best practices” and “widely accepted standards” of today. 3) Addressing the needs of the homeless. “All is not rosy in the City of Trees. We have to address the needs of the homeless and get at the root causes. These are our brothers and sisters and members of the community.” Hawes stated. 4) Renew the drive to build a quality baseball field and a soccer stadium near the downtown.

“Baseball is an important part of Boise’s heritage and I intend to work with the citizen committee formed to come up with a new park. Boise is also a soccer town and this city is ready for a top notch professional soccer stadium.” Hawes said candidly he is at the point in his life where he wants to answer the call to public service by accepting the challenges of public office. “In the spirit of our pioneer forefathers, I’m excited by the opportunity to help address the greatest needs for the greatest number in this the greatest city in the West.” Hawes is married to Gretchen Christie, a native of Troy, Idaho, and they have two children. For further information contact: Andy Hawes 208-391-9979

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  1. I’m shocked at how much they spend, how many are on welfare, and how low the taxes still are. Somethings got to give… can you guess what?

    What’s it gonna take to cause our crime to spike so we can be just like a BIG city? Do we need more Drugs? Diversity? Poverty? The city leaders have tried so hard, but just can’t sustain the fire. (We are the last place of this size in the entire US with a safe downtown and no dangerous neighborhoods)

    PS: Request the media report the tenure of residency and location of prior residency for those arrested for felony crime, DUI, Drugs.

  2. he lost me at “baseball field”.

  3. Bieter Begone
    Sep 8, 2015, 5:54 pm

    How low the taxes still are? Just wait until you get your property tax bill this year – AFTER the election, of course.

  4. Did Ms. Clegg have to rent the Depot like a normal citizen?

  5. We will all miss the yearly trolley bid / never speak without a script political lifer / Obama worshipping Bieter when he’s gone. I’m sure he will just slither into another position of power though, cuz that’s how the criminal govt works these days. Get in, prove you will be an obedient servant of the corporations and rich, and your path will be paved with gold.

    But, fear not, Judy will continue the good fight of turning Boise into a mini Los Angeles, complete with noise, overcrowding, traffic jams, pollution, and crime. “Progress” marches on…

  6. Judy did such a wonderful job on ACHD….. for sure we could give her another shot at messing up the City

  7. Bieter begone
    Oct 21, 2015, 9:50 pm

    I’m shocked just shocked that the Idaho Conservation voters endorsed the incumbents! Well not really.

    My only question is, did the ICL bother to interview everyone or did they do like the firefighters did and just be the mayor’s doormat.

  8. “…Elaine Clegg is the conscience of the mayor and council, and of the city,” Bieter said…”
    Having no conscience is one of the key traits of a sociopath, and here we have Dave Bieter admitting to that fact.

  9. The firefighters and the Idaho Conservation Voters didn’t even bother contacting Judy. They automatically gave their money and support to the Bieter machine.

  10. The only person who deserves re-election on the City Council is Scott Ludwig. The rest could be thrown out and no one would even notice.

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