REMINDER: Election Day, Please Vote

Local elections today, PLEASE VOTE.

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  1. Since I live in Idaho City I noticed today that our ballot was almost identical to the one in Boise. Increase taxes…. Yes or No?… Vote the incubates back in yes or no?

    But it seem like we had more spaces for write in than Boise did.


  2. The same ballot in Nampa.

    Increase taxes for the school district, which cannot account for them anyway.

    Vote the developer back into his appointed position.

    Vote for the next two clueless incumbents or vote for new blood.

    Same old mayor with bad policies and poor decision making skills. Very nice of him to put the Urban renewal under his office?!?

  3. I voted.

    Once again I am bit dismayed the ballot measures are allowed to be written with a marketing slant.

    Please explain Boise how the levy for foothills land is needed for clean drinking water? Is there a fertilizer plant or mining operating trying to buy the land? Are EPA/IDEQ regulations for development not sufficient? Are we at risk, are we going to poisoned if the city doesn’t own the foothills???? I drank water today from the tap in my house, am I going to die????

  4. Stuck in Boise with the same incumbents. 🙁 So much for term limits.

    Now to figure out how to pay for increased property taxes and health insurance which was canceled when ACA took effect and then the new policy had premiums of twice the price. Time to start working multiple jobs I suppose.

  5. Stuck with the same incumbents? Stuck by healthy margins against viable candidates. Beyond the griping on this blog, there is clearly a sense in the community that Boise is on the right track.

  6. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 4, 2015, 1:51 pm

    TF Boy is on the right track.

    I don’t agree with some of the P&Z decisions made in Boise by those incumbents, but, compared to the opposition candidates, I’ll stick with what we got.

    If it ain’t broke……..

    I don’t care if they want some condos downtown, but a 300 unit apartment complex on Parkcenter. That’s just appallingly bad judgement. That land should have been developed as single family homes.

    And then there is the problem of the number and size of parking spaces at Whole Foods and Trader Joes and then there are those kinda ugly new apartments off Capitol near BSU.

    I’m running out of stuff to complain about so I’m glad the incumbents won.

  7. JJ: I drank water today from the tap in my house, am I going to die????

    Today you’ll be fine! The clean water tax passed! Praise be! (If you drank water yesterday, you might still be in peril for another 48 hours or so. If you leave Boise, take some clean Boise water with you.)

    I voted. I got voted down, but at least I voted.

  8. Indulge some rough generalizations here:

    About 15% of Boise voted yesterday, and let’s say roughly 66% of those favored incumbents and the levy. That would mean about 9% of Boise voted for incumbents and the levy.

    To draw the conclusion such performance is an endorsement of incumbents is a stretch and relies upon the belief that the 85% of Boise that did not vote, would have voted in the same manner as the 15% that did.

    In fact one could argue that if 9% voted for incumbents, then the remaining 91% were so apathetic they did not vote, or were against. In my book a 91% apathy or contrarian vote toward the City is not a success.

    Rather than consider the election a victory for incumbents, I would hope they would wonder why 91% of Boise didn’t care to vote or voted against them.

    I am sure in some incumbents mind someone who does not vote is content with the direction of the city. Maybe……

  9. So what does the mayor do with his $180,000 personal slush fund? Since he spent next to none of it.

    I think he should deposit the entire amount to the foothills levy fund. Otherwise it is just a way to line his pockets.

  10. JJ, based on statistical samples the 9% represents the whole population +/- some minor amount %- certainly not enough of a variable to conclude anything other than the outcome.

    I find it more interesting the comparison of the Bieter vote vs the other city races.
    The Open Space Levy got a total of 32,957 votes. The yes vote count of the levy was 24,516
    Bieter only got 22,722 votes.

    So almost 2,000 pro-tax people actually didn’t vote for Bieter despite the fact the levy was his baby. Or, 7% of the people voting for the Levy also voted against Bieter.

    There were 4,409 more votes in the mayor contest than the next closest (by # of votes cast) council contest.

    If you look at the anti-incumbent voters as a group you get-

    Peavey-derr 8,716 + Holden 1,489 = 10,205
    Hawes – 9,825
    Martinez -8,583
    Against levy -8,441
    So more people voted against Bieter than those voting against the other “liberal” choices.

    If you look at the 3 non-mayor contests there was about 9,000 voters against the incumbents – yet in the mayor’s race there was 10,205.

    My conclusion- there are more Anti-Bieter people than their are “anti-liberal” people.

    “Well Mayor, you can’t please everyone.”

  11. Easterner – Statistical sampling does not apply to voting today, because a large percentage know the whole process is corrupt. From the incurious corporate media manipulated by its billionaire owners, to the waterfall of money generated by the grifter business interests, to the cheap whore politicians selling us down the river for pennies on the dollar, it’s all a fraud.

    We get the “democracy show”, and the rich folk get richer.

    If, instead of voting the way we do, you picked a completely random sample of Boiseans to determine the outcome of an election, I’d wager the result would be a lot of politicians hanging from low tree limbs, swinging in the breeze.

  12. Eagle Writer
    Nov 5, 2015, 10:54 am

    J Smith, I would like to see your evidence that “it’s all a fraud.”

    I vote in Eagle and saw no fraud in the campaigns nor in the election. And I voted for good people working to make our community better. I actually think those who lost were also good people working for the same.

    I am unaware of any “cheap whore politicians” who were in the race, perhaps you can point them out.

    BTW, who are the billionaire “owners” who corrupted the Boise election?

  13. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 5, 2015, 12:17 pm

    The only conclusion I can draw from the large number of non-voters is that things aren’t bad enough to get them out to vote. If Dracula or Frankenstein was Mayor more voters would show up.

  14. E.W. – The first step in learning what is really going on is to turn off your TV and radio, and close that newspaper.
    90% of all media is controlled by just 6 corporations that are interrelated, so most everything you hear is carefully crafted nonsense.
    The Internet is the last basin of truth, so use it while you can. Matt Drudge recently ended his blog because he said the Oligarchs are soon going to be shuttering the alternative media. Sadly, the Boise Gaurdian will likely be forced into retirement as well.

    Here are two great articles that say most of what needs saying on the topic of political corruption by the Oligarchs.

    Politicians and the Manipulated Crowd

    What makes the Mainstream Media Mainstream

  15. Eagle Writer
    Nov 6, 2015, 10:34 am

    Well J Smith, aren’t you a ray of sunshine. So is it your prediction the Guardian will be shut down this year, or next?

    At the risk of being off topic, what is magical about “6 corporations?” Would 8 be better? Who cares.

    You claim the internet is “the last basin of truth.” It’s a basin alright, with as much trash as can be found. And of course the truth is there too.

    Chomsky writes “The real mass media are basically trying to divert people.” No they aren’t, they are trying to make profits for their investors so they can make their money. Chomsky is a great intellect whose own bias clouds his reason.

    But back to the point, which one of the 6 corporations fraudulently put Bieter in office? Or is it more likely that more people than not were satisfied with his mayoring?

  16. E.W. – “…The more we become a part of the crowd, the more dependent we become on authority. And the more dependent we become, the more defensive we are when presented with new information contrary to “conventional wisdom.” Simply stated, the crowd syndrome inoculates us against reality…”


    Sorry my friend, but it appears you are here for the full hour of argument. I just don’t have time for arguing.

    Basin was meant to be bastion in my last comment.

  17. …Matt Drudge saying a Supreme Court Justice told him it was over for him, that they now have the votes to enforce copy write laws.
    Then, all we will have is the corporate media propaganda telling us how rosy things are while we eat our daily government bread allocation, with our purified fracking water beverage.


    EDITOR NOTE–We hesitate to join this boat trolling, but how do you feel about RUPERT MURDOCH owning 70% of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC?

  18. I hadn’t heard of Murdoch buying N.G.
    He will probably slowly morph it into the EXOTIC ANIMAL HUNTING NETWORK, linked into the Martha Stewart line of animal print fabrics, and the Stone Age Aboriginal Circus show in Las Vegas.

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