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The “Thank-You” Flag From D.L. Evans


Dropped by the bank Tuesday afternoon to make a deposit and saw cookies and punch on a table near the teller windows.

“What’s the occasion? I asked.

“Veterans Day,” said the teller who had previously purchased a couple copies of my book, DRAFTED!
United States flags on display in honor of Veteran's Dat at Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile, Alabama, USA.
I informed her they were a day early and she said the bank was closed on November 11, so they wanted to get their “thanks” in on the 10th.

Cookies and punch were a nice gesture, but not what my waistline needed.

“We have flags,” she offered.

I expected a little hanky on a stick, but on the table with the cookies were honest to goodness USA American flags! Nice nylon numbers with embroidered stars, double stitched stripes and folded properly in the all too familiar triangle presented to mothers and widows.

My thank-you was a bit flippant when I said, “Nice to have my own flag that wasn’t on a casket.” It wasn’t until I put the stars and stripes on the front seat of my car that I realized it REALLY was nice to have a flag that wasn’t on my casket or that of a loved one.

A lot of restaurants, coffee shops and retailers are saying “thanks” Wednesday. If you are a vet, drop by, collect your burger or drink and chat with the new crop of warriors.

If you are a retailer not sure if a guy is really a vet, ask him to tell you what a “p-38” is. If he tells you it’s something you carried on a keychain, give him his drink and say, “thanks for your service.”

(P-38 was a can opener for C-rations)

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  1. I have a P-38 new in the wrapper and I have C-Rations that are old and probably not fit to eat. I am not a veteran and cannot serve.

    I thank you for your service and appreciate the blog.

    Take care

  2. Just a reminder. In Idaho, you can now get “Veteran” printed on your next driver’s license (in case you were in the A.F. like me and didn’t need to carry a P-38).

  3. Eagle Writer
    Nov 11, 2015, 10:09 am

    Thanks to D. L. Evans, and all others who make today special. I’m traveling but able to join a small community luncheon for vets. That’s nice.

    Some of us strung our P-38 on our dog tag chain.

  4. Ask the guy about a p-38… Ha!
    C’mon Guardian, no need to encourage crazy ideas.

    Since the triangle fold is standard for storage of a US Flag, the casket reference while meaningful is not so accurate.

    Why doesn’t EVERYONE already have a flag? Replace a faded one? great!

    For Veteran’s day, and every day, I wish people would respect the flag and take the time to learn how to display it, remind others how to do it correctly and treat it with the respect it deserves to honor those who appreciated getting one on their casket http://www.usflag.org/flagetiquette.html

  5. Easterner… It is obvious you have no idea what a P-38 was or what the symbol might mean to someone who has been there done that. Learn some respect for those who did what you didn’t have the stomach for.

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