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Prudence or Xenophobia?

We have been reluctant to post some claims from readers regarding the plans by the Feds to bring Syrian refugees to the Twin Falls area. It just doesn’t seem right to join the political “right” when it comes to barring immigrants based mostly upon their religion. It also seems foolish to open up to potential dangers.

That all seems to have changed with the terrorists attacks in France. Idaho’s Governor and the entire congressional delegation called on the President Monday to halt plans to send Syrian refugees to Idaho.
Here is a Joint PRESS RELEASE from the Washington clan.

Also there seems to be an international cry to send military assets to Syria in an attempt to wipe out the radical Islamists. There was no similar uproar when KENYA had an attack killing 147 little more than a year ago…does anyone remember THAT?

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  1. Do we need to modify Teddy Roosevelt’s isolationist stand? Change it from “Walk softly and carry a big stick” to Walk softly and carry a thermonuclear device?

    We cannot penalize a nation for the acts of a few but, we sure as hell can do our best to ensure that no “terrorists” make it into this country.

  2. Here are a couple views of what drives ISIS and its fighters:

    “There is a temptation to rehearse this observation—that jihadists are modern secular people, with modern political concerns, wearing medieval religious disguise—and make it fit the Islamic State. In fact, much of what the group does looks nonsensical except in light of a sincere, carefully considered commitment to returning civilization to a seventh-century legal environment, and ultimately to bringing about the apocalypse.”

    “They are children of the occupation, many with missing fathers at crucial periods (through jail, death from execution, or fighting in the insurgency), filled with rage against America and their own government. They are not fueled by the idea of an Islamic caliphate without borders; rather, ISIS is the first group since the crushed Al Qaeda to offer these humiliated and enraged young men a way to defend their dignity, family, and tribe.”

  3. My understanding is the people who will come here have spent around 18 months in a refugee camp in Jordan, Turkey, or Lebanon. What I see on the TV is the middle class of doctors, dentists, engineers and the middle class of Syria doing a bug-out. Take a look at the teen kids with braces on their teeth, the clothes they are wearing, the shoes on their feet.

    These are people who have left it all behind for the safety of their families and a better future. Think about the Cubans who left Cuba in the past. Marco Rubio would not be here if not for the fact his parents left Cuba and migrated to this country. There were no background checks on those people and they integrated into our society and thrived in Florida and other parts of this country.

    I am not worried about those who come to this country for a better life. We can’t exclude people on the basis of religion.

  4. Knock knock… Who’s there? I want to kill infidels… well, not me personally, but my sons do.

    But please let me in, I’m weak, cold, and hungry because my last neighborhood was destroyed by my warlike tendencies… and the inability of my religion to govern our lands peacefully. Please feed and shelter me so I can grow strong again and return to God’s work! Oh, and stop ringing those church bells and stop selling alcohol… it offends me.

    Perhaps we should ask the average French Catholic what we should do in the situation you raise question about editor.

  5. We bomb their country, then scrape off the cream of their citizens fleeing the devastation, what a deal. What jobs are not given to robots, will be given to desperate foreigners. I think, based on water and resource scarcity issues, and the potential for global weirding to make them much worse, that we should stop creating and stop accepting refugees.

  6. flyhead… take a look at a section of Detroit and see how the integration goes. Here is an example of how they integrate. http://wizbangblog.com/2014/02/22/muslims-demanding-their-own-sharia-patrols-in-michigan/

  7. We must keep in mind the actual statistics of our inevitable demise show many many causes which a militarized and very expensive police force cannot save us from. And the loss of our civil rights will not improve many of these statistics either… beware of the “fear trap”.


  8. chicago sam
    Nov 17, 2015, 7:20 am

    The importation of people has consequences, such as printing every regulation in more than one language, dumbing down of school curriculum, and if you observe at the grocery store the grazing thru the food bins, and the payment at the check stand with a card that looks a lot like my credit card. While one religion may be the focus, what about people with no religion or moral values–Are you ready for a police state to protect yourself?

  9. Very different deal in Kenya Guardian. After spending several years in Nairobi and yes the Government is corrupt ( and ours isn’t?) but they will deal with the terriorist…. and they are not in a civil war.

    I think what has happened is we have lost so much trust in our Government…. both local State and Federal. You can only be lied to so long.

  10. How can you possibly vet these “refugees” or do a background check??

    Will you give Mohammed or Abdullah a call for a reference??

    Close all the borders, especially North America. Give these “refugees” no place to go, so they will stay in their birthplaces and fight for what is right.

    We are inviting much agony if we capitulate and let them in.

  11. 1 bad apple in 4 million?

    It is xenophobia.
    For the nonlibrary types, right?: Xenophobe: a person who hates or fears foreigners or strangers.

    Bigot: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    What situation do you have today that we did not have last month, before the Paris attacks?
    The bigots are simply using this incident to advertise their intolerant beliefs.

    The inherent risk we have in the US and for US citizens traveling abroad has existed for decades. Paris has changed nothing for the United States.

    Unfortunately, bigotry, hatred, anti-Semitism, religious zealots, racism, and other levels of ignorance are part of human nature.

    Over 200,000 innocent people have been killed in Syria.
    Most American’s do no give a rats ass about that. That includes Obama and Congress. That includes the Idaho delegation.
    Crapo said about the bill to authorize action against Assad after the chemical use on innocent Syrian civilians, including children, “I think that is a very dangerous step for the president to be taking”.
    But 129 Parisians becomes an act of war?

    Their press release alone shows their ignorance: “stop Syrian refugees”.

    For 2015, the US took in more refugees from Iraq and Somalia than Syria.
    For 2014, Syria was not even on the radar.

    Risch and Simpson have “serious concerns” about the refugee process? Yet Somalia has more local grown anti-US terrorism than probably anywhere in the world and we allowed 9,000 Somalia refugees to go through that process in in 2014. For the nonlibrary types, Somalia is the home of Al-Shabaab.

    Almost 20,000 refugees from Iraq came to the US in 2014. ISIS & Iraq- any questions on the risk?
    Iraq terrorists, okay. Syrian terrorists not okay.

    We accepted 3,100 refugees from Iran in 2015. IRAN? Really?
    We let in over 3,000- IN ONE YEAR- from a country that chants, “death to America” in public forums– DESPITE Crapo’s “real concerns” about the process?

    So Idaho’s delegation is worried about the refugee families fleeing Syria’s devastation— that Congress helped cause— because of ONE bad apple out of 4 million?
    _____ ridiculous!

    A hell of a lot of other people are just as likely to act against the US, including white citizens currently living here.

    Mumbay hotel terrorism: 2 people in Chicago were arrested for helping plan that attack.
    Madrid train attacks killed more than this Paris attack- no reaction.

    129 Parisians die and suddenly the world is falling apart.

    http://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/refugees-and-asylees-united-states#Top Refugee-Receiving States

  12. chicago sam
    Nov 17, 2015, 4:18 pm

    Calm down easterner–You are in the process of calling evryone else your pet names–go look in the mirror

  13. Eagle Writer
    Nov 17, 2015, 9:25 pm


    The attackers indeed represent many countries but they all have one thing in common – religion.

    It is not my bigotry that declared war on the west, it was the controlling representatives of Islam. It is not my bigotry that beheads, rapes, and murders for the shear affect it will have on peaceful people, it is the controlling representatives of Islam.

    This is a war. It is a war that was declared on us. And it is a war that long preceded the attacks on Paris.

    We can excuse Islam by saying there are peaceful Muslims, but that argument is as failed as saying some Catholics use birth control. Maybe, but the Pope opposes it.

    If ISIS is not the controlling authority of Islam, then who is? The silence is deafening. If Islam will rise up and destroy their evil branch of ISIS then I will change my view. I keep waiting. I keep watching. I see one Islamic authority and I hear one Islamic voice. ISIS.

    They have me convinced.

  14. So, hypothetically speaking, if a large terrorist attack happened in Russia, and a passport from a citizen of Eagle ID were found on one of the “terrorists”, would it be OK for Russia to carpet bomb Eagle ID?

  15. Grumpy ole Guy
    Nov 17, 2015, 10:36 pm

    A nation of immigrants with a founding principal of no religious test now wants to change its historic path to greatness.

  16. Eagle Writer,
    Controlling representives of Islam?

    Of the 1.6 BILLION people practicing Islam, Who exactly do you think are the :controlling representatives” of Islam declaring war on the West?

    To answer your request, IRAQ is fighting ISIS. IRAN is fighting ISIS. The King of Jordan ordered bombing of ISIS. 1,000 India Muslim leaders have declared a fatwa against ISIS. “Those are real leaders of Islam”. An Imam in Iraq was behead as retaliation for denouncing ISIS.
    Saudi Arabia airforce has and is launching against ISIS- remember the popular photo of the female Saudi pilot?
    Our planes are doing sorties out of Saudi Arabia and other MUSLIM countries. Even Assad is a MUSLIM and he is happy to bomb ISIS with the help of Putin.

    Your ignorant statements are appalling Eagle Writer.

    “it is not my bigotry…” So you are admitting you are bigot? Or you’re just dumb and easily “convinced”, which is it? http://www.npr.org/2014/09/25/351277631/prominent-muslim-sheikh-issues-fatwa-against-isis-violence

  17. You all got it wrong:

    Islam is not a religion. It is a ridged form of dictatorial governance. It will mature and be ready to play nice in about 300 years.

    If you see it for what it is, you will no longer be conflicted.

  18. There are a lot of refugees here in Idaho. But, if anyone wants to be worried about possible terrorist attacks, look not to the refugees, but to the international students coming from Saudi Arabia Kuwait on all that oil money. They come here in droves. Supported by Boise State, and given essentially a free pass to cheat, steal, and operate in a caliphate fashion.
    Refugees should be welcome, they come to make a better life. But those who come solely to take advantage of us, they should not be welcome. Unfortunately, there is no clear, or effective way to weed these people out. It is the same with bad cops. If they want in… they will get in.

  19. Foothills Rider
    Nov 18, 2015, 8:57 am


    Too much to paraphrase. But perhaps Eagle Writer can rethink his/her stance.

  20. Dose the term internment camp ring a bell. I am not saying that needs to happen but, it seems like where we are heading. Is it what needs to happen, I don’t know but, I do know that ISIS is and will win this type of war. The population in this country does NOT have the stomach for handling these situations. The military is not equipped or trained to fight these guys on the terms THEY will set. And lets face it, just like in “The Nam” the guerilla fighter sets the parameters always will. And just like in “The Nam” the US military will NEVER win that fight.

  21. These extremists have come to appreciate the KISS method of causing mass hysteria. They do what they do with a few nut-jobs and the world is going crazy with fear of all the people from the middle east.

    I don’t discount the grief the families of the dead and wounded feel but to attach the badge of “allness” to the refugees is simply wrong. I am sure that if you were to meet these folks one on one you would find they want what we all want..a safe, secure environment to live and raise their families. The crazies over there are not the majority by any metric.

  22. All of you making a living from the refugee program in Idaho… please raise your hand. It’s HUGE money. Huge.

    Refugees are also very likely to vote liberal.

  23. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 18, 2015, 1:05 pm

    Easterner. You’ll offend a lot of people on this website if you keep telling the truth.

  24. For a bit of clarity on the Islam issue, a quick an short read is “It Is About Islam.”

    Some of you need to do yourselves a favor and read it!!!

    In short, if you believe Islam is NOT a problem, I have a bridge to sell to you, very cheaply!!

  25. A quick scan of the headlines today shows many more attacks around the World perpetrated by islamic xenophobia. I’m certain given enough time and bloodshed that even the most retarded of libtards in the USA will see red and defend themselves. For example, it’s hard if not impossible to find sympathy and excuses in Israeli newspapers for terrorists.


  26. John Paul Jones
    Nov 18, 2015, 11:32 pm

    After reading all the comments I never read the words “Wahhabism” or “Sunni Islam”. Just like 9/11 the finger points to Saudia Arabia. ISIS is Sunni and was born and financed by Saudia Arabia. Saudia youth are taught Wahhabism, a hate toward the “West” and or “Infidels”. Sunni Islam is kind of like the “KKK” teaching their brand of Christianity. These refugees are a result of a civil war between Sunni and Shia, a mess “W” created. Obama is smart to stay out. These refugees need our compassion, not some form of Idaho bigotry or ignorance.

  27. Eagle Writer
    Nov 19, 2015, 9:30 am

    Since Easterner asked, yes I am intollerant to wife beaters, that makes be a bigot in that regard. Yes I am a bigot towards drunk drivers, intollerant. Yes I am intollerant toward child molestors, a bigot in that regard. Bigot is not a bad term but people throw it as an insult. I wear the above labels proudly.

    The world leading faction of Islam, IS has openly declared war on the west, and the U.S. in particular. They proudly state that, and often. I am intollerant of those who would destroy the freedoms we try to build and pass on – a bigot(?)…I am okay with that. It is not a war of my making.

  28. @John Paul Jones. Excuse me, this goes way back to the creation of Saudi Arabia’s creation. All you need to do is watch the movies Lawrence of Arabia. It was based on real events where the English government intelligence agency now called MI6 empowered Wahhabism with the Muslim brotherhood. The KKK and skinhead Nazi’s, in this nation were the creation of the FBI, just go look up Hal Turner. Why is it that we will not address the documented evidence of who funds, aids and trains the contractors called ISIS? The cat’s out of the bag with full disclosure that intelligence agencies at the top levels of MI6, Mossad, CIA working through Saudi Arabia contracting and training said terrorists. As bizzare as it is for former cold war soldier, I find myself in support of Putin’s actions going after all the terrorists including the aforementioned. The only way we’re going to solve this is grow up and grow a pair. Quit being led by the propaganda ear. We at TVOI News base our findings on solid facts. And if you want your freedom back and say you’re awake then this should be prima facie. Order #1, I weary of such public blindness and I feel the spirit of our founding fathers frustration.

  29. JPJ, For one, WE ALL know the Sunni-Shia rift has existed long before George W. Major pilot error on your part.
    If you are trying to say the Syrian civil war was created by George W- equally incorrect.
    By the same crash, the rest of your points are inaccurate.

    It is important to separate Islam into its many factions and how it affects the conflicts.

    Let’s point out- where ever there is a minority faction (Shia/Sunni) in control of a majority of population (Sunni/Shia) there is conflict.
    Just like in America.
    Where a minority of people (white) control and operate the police and government in a community of the majority (Blacks) there is conflict.
    Amazing how that problem is global!

  30. Bill Goodnight
    Nov 19, 2015, 3:23 pm

    Maybe we can reopen the Japanese interment camps in Kooskia and Minidoka and move all muslims in the U.S. there.

    The same type of fear led to the interment of Japanese Americans in 1942 and became a shameful chapter in our history.

    Apparently, fear trumps shame and morality.

  31. Humans continue to be dangerous violent warlike creatures. It’s not correct, but it is a fact. So, the police are orgasmic about all of this terror stuff. It means huge huge spending and new powers for them. It also means destruction of those pesky civil rights. Bill Goodnight, you are almost right, it is going to be an internment camp, but a nationwide one for us all. Obama’s father’s dream realized at last!


  32. After going through 2013 Boston marathon bombing…yes I have fear. Like I told Mr. Guardian I didn’t go through Vietnam but this event had a huge impact on me. Always will.

    Got lucky and got qualified for Boston in the COT in Boise for Boston. Didn’t finish because of bombing and my right hamstring ( really kind of lucky for me). For some reason folks seem to forget about this terrorist attack now.

    I doubt that very many folks on the site are close to a terrorist attack. Kind of has a way way of changing your thinking.

    On another note for you runners out there 3 great running races that make Boise what it is…

    Turkey trot this Sat…http://www.ymcatvidaho.org/2015/09/14/2015-turkey-trot-relay/

    Put on by the Y… don’t have to be fast but be the closest to your estimated time

    Xmas run http://www.ymcatvidaho.org/runs/christmas-run/

    Great run through the North end with xmas choirs from most of the High Schools.

    New years day run http://www.ymcatvidaho.org/runs/new-years-day-5k-run/

    Always cold but what else are you doing New years day ?
    Worth the drive from Idaho City

    We in Treasure Valley are lucky. Yes we have issues but I think we should be thankful for the place we live in. It is a safe area and a great place for your kids ( or in my case Grandkids) to grow up in. I want to keep it that way.

  33. Links on Islam
    Nov 20, 2015, 2:39 am
  34. Porcupine – Do a little research into the extreme likelihood that the Boston Bombing was a False Flag event. The evidence is there for anyone suspicious of the official version. 1 of many analyses is at…

  35. If the price of oil remains depressed at under $65 for an extended period of time, the Middle East will be out of foreign reserves.

    In general, most of these countries need in excess of $100 per barrel to sustain their governments and social programs.

    In less than a year, Iran will be against the wall. In around three years, Saudi Arabia will be approaching financial straits. And so on.

    Close the borders. Stop immigration.

    This region is over 90 percent Muslim. In 1500 years, what have Muslim countries accomplished? With low oil prices, what do they have?

    Let us embrace “survival of the fittest.”

    If the Muslim cultures will not substantively address and root out the terrorists themselves, then they deserve the fate of impoverishment that awaits them.

    Why should we knowingly import problems??

  36. I lived for a while in a neighborhood on the edge of Paris with many Muslims. On one occasion, my wife was harassed and frightened while alone at a laundromat by an Arab young man who claimed he liked Bin Laden and supported terror. I went down there and confronted the man and nearly got into a fight. This was in 1998! I also watched a group of Arab young men surround, intimidate and push around an old Frenchman for sport in a metro station. On another occasion, I inadvertently walked into an Arab protest so volatile that about 20 French police in riot gear and carrying shields were deployed to contain it. I could feel the anger and hatred in the air like electricity. They were protesting President Clinton about the enforcement of a no-fly zone over the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq!

    I’ve traveled to 25 or 30 countries in my life and never experienced such animosity as in Muslim immigrant communities.

  37. Another Link
    Nov 20, 2015, 8:03 pm
  38. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

    H. L. Mencken

  39. I see today is the day Europe is celebrating the wonderful warm feeling brought by islamic diversity. Shelter in place orders given… police on double triple overtime roving the streets waiting for the next attack.


    Unfortunately these are real hobgoblins… but I do agree with others above, our western governments are not doing all they can to end this quickly… turns out Obama’s ISIS bombing campaign has be blowing up lots of sand and empty tents… jerk is upset now that Russia is actually killing these dogs.

  40. “What do the globalists do when they want to create, reignite and keep their war on terror fought indefinitely? They simply carry out a series of false flag attacks using Muslim terrorist stooges as their hired guns to do their damage. That’s what 9/11 was all about in the US, 7/7 in UK, the 3/11 train attack in Spain, the Hebdo Paris attack last January, and now this latest Paris encore reenactment part two.

    In any unsolved crime the first question asked is who benefits by motive with an actual means to execute the crime?…”


  41. J Smith

    That is an interesting quote in these times.

    Let me see,………..”imaginary hobgoblins”.

    Does “imaginary hobgoblins” include:

    Global Warming
    Climate Change
    Gender Inequality
    Police Discrimination Against Blacks
    Affirmative Action
    Income Inequality
    Political Correctness
    The 1 Percent
    Black Lives Matter

    And so forth???

  42. Mike Fisch, dude you should have killed that dirty Arab laundromat rat! I know the Guardian doesn’t like “radical thinking” on here, but dang, think of all the innocent Western people you would have saved.
    By your own Statesman editorial, you simply can’t risk letting even one get through your grip- “the risk is too high”.

    Maybe that ONE laundry guy was involved in the Paris attack. He was in Paris after all. Wow! If you had only known what he was capable of doing, you could have killed him then back in 1998. It could be ALL your fault Mike because you were too nice to get into a fight and kill that dirty rotten Arab! I hope you don’t feel too guilty by letting that one go. You were just being a civil person.

    It’s unfortunate you obviously didn’t do the “proper vetting” Mike. Geez, I’m saying if an Arab is going to accost your wife, who knows what he might do. What were you thinking? Hundreds of deaths by that ONE Arab man and lots of bad laundry, I’m sure of it!

    Oh well, the deaths in Paris are not so bad, at least they were not on US soil, right.
    Don’t feel too bad Mike; have a beer and some Freedom Fries instead.
    Go Vandals!

  43. We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.
    —Thich Nhat Hanh

  44. For those who’d like some additional, thoughtful examination of the situation in Syria, here are a couple more links, in addtion to the two I posted at the beginning of these comments:



  45. In response to a comment above attempting to absolve Bush II of responsibility for ISIS:

    The toppling of Saddam w/o establishment of a sustainable alternative left a vacuum which ISIS evolved to fill. Similar to the way violent, white-supremacist & “muslim” gangs have evolved in US prisons, much of ISIS evolved in Iraqi prisons where radical Sunni’s and dispossessed Bathists were thrown together to plot the overthrow of their oppressors, which they seem to be accomplishing with religious frevor & furor.

  46. Intelligent answers
    Nov 22, 2015, 1:37 am
  47. Hmmm, answer this first question and win a prize
    Nov 22, 2015, 4:30 pm

    Europe is a great place to be a poor helpless refugee. Everything provided, every need and most wants are met.

    So, can anyone of you super smart soft-hearted people explain what Europe did wrong to cause this Muslim problem to erupt into terrorism on their streets? Can you tell me what we need to do differently so it won’t happen here too? Because we are currently doing exactly the same thing Europe did and should make adjustments.

    PS: Yes, Bush-I, Clinton, Bush-II, Obama. All failed miserable to ruthlessly kill this beast while it was young and helpless.

  48. The real problem is all the 20 and 30 somethings who have no skills to do anything but hate the western civilization. They are products of radical Islam that have been taught to hate everything in the west.

    I fear the only solution to ISIS is for the like minded governments of the world to come together and treat the ISIS and Taliban cretins as human pests that need to be eliminated sooner rather than later.

    The old people and children of the people I see on my TV every night are not the enemy. Treating them as such is simply wrong. Think of how the Japanese were treated during WW2. How the Jews were treated during that same time. Leaving these people with few, if any options for their survival is wrong.

  49. Muslim appeasement has been proven to have failed. Just look at Obama’s actions!!

    I believe that the tepid approaches to the Islamic problem will continue to fail. Why should we continue to do stupid things, over, and over?

    The Islamic cultures have created paltry little in 1500 years. Do we need more proof of this?

    For consideration, Google “Black Jack Pershing and Muslim Uprisings”. I know that this is probably legend and a myth. However, can you anger someone any more who beheads another simply because……….what??

    The argument that we may make them retaliate even more is a false one.

  50. “Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it, those that do understand are doomed to watch in horror while everyone else repeats it…”

    How You Were Tricked Into ‘Supporting’ The Syrian War


    Folks ask… “How do we stop the Islamic State Terrorists?”

    The answer is simple, we stop funding them!

    Those of us who were against the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which are now considered a big mistake, stare in horror as the same bloodthirsty cries rise against Syria. Turn off your TV’s. Don’t you remember the US Govt and corporate media lies that have sent us off to so many wars?

    The refugee crisis was created by Europe and the USA working toward “regime change” in many countries. Don’t like refugees flooding into the country? Stop supporting the Western war machine!

  51. J Smith is right. Cut off their money. However, first we must stop the flow of Islamic money to our politicos. Washington DC is floating on Arab money. Not even the most conservative republican gives a crap about the American people because of it.

    Yes, it’s true. Not even trying to hide it anymore… they giggle in our face about it.

  52. It seems very odd to me it took the good people of France very little time to figure out destruction of the oil trucks would hit their pocketbook.

    I have also noted Mr. Putin is talking with the Iranian leaders for cooperation on ridding the world of ISIS. Perhaps all this will actually do something good for everyone.

    ISIS has no place in the world of today. Their antics have done very little when you get right down to it. 126 dead in Paris is a very small number of casualties for all the press they have gotten. Most of the people in the vicinity of this atrocity survived the efforts of ISIS.

  53. This thread is wandering from the original. We are now discussing europes handling of refugees, 20-30 something’s with no skills, arab money flowing to our “politico’s” and Bush being the founder of ISIS. Is it about time this thread got shut down for being off subject.. or does that rule only apply to topics regarding cops?

  54. J Smith

    I do not believe that you can persuasively respond to me me about your “imaginary hobgoblins”.

    It seems that you believe that your Liberal hobgoblins are real, at least in your mind, and someone else’s are unreal, or imaginary.

    Will you also attempt to argue that those killed on 911 are only imaginarily dead???

  55. The Middle Eastern oil producers know that they are circling the toilet.

    North America’s ability to drill and frack will keep oil prices generally below $50, except for periodic spikes in price, driven by temporary geopolitical circumstances.

    This is a death knell for their societies, as they have come to know it for 15 or 20 years. Their government spending, social programs, and economies will severely contract over the next five years.

    These Muslim dominated societies have failed to expand or diversify their economies much beyond oil, for 50 years!

    We no longer are beholden to them for their oil.

    So, they export terrorism to extort us for money, technology, and other resources. And, Obama capitulates by giving the Iranians $150 Billion!!

    Further, the Iranians will get the bomb, and will use it to extort us for money, technology, and other resources.

  56. “…The American people have been forced to pay untold millions for a ten-year CIA and Pentagon program to undermine and overthrow the Syrian government, and now we are supposed to pay millions more to provide welfare for the refugees Obama created. If Obama wants to take in refugees from the chaos in Syria, there are probably plenty of vacant rooms in the White House…”

    Who Should Pay For The Syrian Refugees?


  57. J Smith

    “The lady doth protest too much.”

    You are deflecting!

  58. Permit me to point out this gross incongruity in the Obama Administration:

    Why is Obama so desperate to increase gun control, while at the same time so desperate to infiltrate us with Muslims?

  59. Steve Crea – You’d think if there were really evil terrorists menacing us that the obvious solution would be to encourage more Americans to not only own, and train to be proficient with guns, but open carry everywhere. Eliminate those silly gun free zones where all the terrorism and mass shootings take place.
    But no, the government wants heavily armed, jack booted storm troopers in Mine Resistant Ambush Protection vehicles, unarmed citizens, unlimited wire tapping of our phones and computers, and other Nazi type controls.
    It’s not about protecting us, it’s about protecting the government against the citizens, so they can continue to loot us for everything of value, and we will have no chance of fighting back to reclaim our country.
    I sincerely hope I do not cause this thread to be shut down by responding to one of your many challenges. This is an important conversation.

  60. The Syrian refugee crisis is born of Obama’s actions in Syria.

    And now, must we listen to this dolt prattling sanctimoniously about our reluctance to admit these people as “un-American”?

  61. I would suggest that the refugees’ brothers and sisters in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, and other sparsely populated areas take them in.

    We already have too many takers in this country, creating pollution, global warming, taking up space, holding down the dirt, and using up precious oxygen.

    Do we really need more of this here??

    EDITOR NOTE–No reflection on any particular comment, but it’s time to close comments. We are plowing the same ground over and over at this point. Good points all around.

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