Adams Deputies No Longer Slated To Return Prior To ISP Results

5:30 p.m. update
Following the revelation earlier today in the IDAHO STATESMAN story and the previous post on the GUARDIAN, Adams Sheriff Ryan Zollman decided to change his mind about putting the deputies back on duty until the ISP investigation is completed, and perhaps not even then.

That is probably good news for citizens of Adams county and is a first step in creating some credibility in law enforcement circles. The county’s insurance carrier (a consortium of Idaho counties) said they will continue to pay salaries for the deputies who are both on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the ISP investigation.

Read the previous post (below) for details of why Zollman’s office was flooded with calls and e-mails protesting the previously announced decision to return the deputies to duty.

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  1. Enough sheep can take down a wolf.
    Seems a Napolean wannabe felt the sting of We The People’s wrath today.
    Good job people!

  2. I believe that 2016 is an election year for Sheriff Zollman. Win the hearts of the voters and you get to keep your job (maybe).

    No doubt something is coming down the pipe and I would be surprised if it doesn’t go against the Sheriff and his deputies. Since the county is self insured through the Idaho Association of Counties all Idaho Tax Payers will be paying to settle the civil rights law suit.

    The county corner per Idaho code can arrest the Sheriff of the county. I wonder if she will instead of the State Police arresting the two deputies if it comes to that.

  3. Big Warm Fuzzy Guy
    Dec 3, 2015, 1:09 am

    Good choice. It seems the Sheriff just wants to get back to normal. Perhaps he does not understand that normal will never happen again in this county. The people have their eyes open now.

  4. This premise of “We have done nothing wrong and We will go back to work as if nothing really happened out the ordinary and I fully intend to run for re-election” is a state of mind in DENIAL…How can you NOT admit wrong doing when; YOU have to physically turn a person around 180 degrees to face you before you shoot that person in the chest??? When you leave a body laying in the road that you have just shot 5 times and do not as a PUBLIC SERVANT even check to see if that person is alive,breathing, or dead??? When you hold 2 people HOSTAGE that have not committed any crime by pointing a gun at the back of their heads, frisking their bodies, and handcuffing their hands??? And NOW the LE of Council, Id is afraid for their Lives for What??? According to the news articles yesterday THEY have done nothing wrong and should just “go back to work”??? They feel “BAD” in their hearts but they just want to “go back to work” and they promise to do better the next time around??? The citizens of Council, Id have reason to FEAR for their safety and well being if this sheriff is allowed to bring these 2 deputy’s back to work as if nothing happened that night on Nov.1,2015!!!! The citizens of Council, Id have reason to FEAR for their safety and well being if this sheriff is allowed to run for re-election!!! GOD BLESS JACK YANTIS !!! Who did not commit a crime on the night of Nov.1,2015 and who did not deserve to die in the way that he did in the middle of HWY 95 at the hands of 2 COWARDS!!! The premise really is; JACK YANTIS did NOTHING WRONG…JACK YANTIS cannot go back to work on his ranch as if nothing happened..

  5. adams county resident
    Dec 6, 2015, 3:52 pm

    I am hoping for a recall. I didn’t vote for him because of his reputation before he ran. His platform was cleaning up the county and all that says to me is someone who really cares only about making a name for himself. A few more notches on his belt or lines on his resume. He needs to resign. It is his duty to keep control on his men. I was told that there are several complaints and possibly suits against the department for aggressive behavior. If only a portion holds weight, it’s too many. Reports of them tearing up a shoulder on any elderly woman. Others about false arrest for supposed DUI and they weren’t even drinking. I think there is a lot going. Some of it may only be rumor but my experience says that where there is smoke, there is fire.

  6. Justice For Jack
    Dec 6, 2015, 11:47 pm

    Thank you. Mr. McLaughlin. In your post I’ve learned more about the case.

    Everybody knows if the tables were turned, there already would have been a video released all over the internet, and an indictment brought down.

    There’s an awful stink of a cover-up. Knowing that ISP is investigating is like the wolf looking after the hen house; An agency that reliably botches investigations of this kind – whether they deal with a previous officer-involved homicides, or pervasive corruption within Idaho’s prison system.

  7. Michael
    You said something very telling, you said…”do not as a PUBLIC SERVANT even check to see if that person is alive, breathing, or dead”…. We saw the same type of disregard for individuals displayed in nearly every incident. LE left Brown lying in the street for how long? Did Slager (in NC) check on his victim? No he moved the tazer and threw it on the body, that’s on video. Did anyone in Baltimore check on Grey? No they drove him in a mile + long circle… making sure he got the full monty. Did anyone check to see if the most recent murder victim (to hit the news anyway) in Chicago was alive or dead? No the cop walks over kicks the knife out of his hand then goes back and leans on his car, that’s on video also.
    Here is the thing, cops intend for the person to die. They wouldn’t shoot until “the threat is neutralized” if they intended for the person to live. I know the editor will take exception but the editor will be “dead” wrong. A person who is shot and lives can testify, a person who is dead as the old saying goes “can tell no tales”.

    I know the editor will say that Baltimore (Grey), Ferguson (Brown), Chicago (McDonald), Bakersfield (Thomas) weren’t in Idaho, and he will be right but, Idaho has had its first killing (for no good reason) by a cop (that we know of). Now no one can say this is a phenomenon that only happens somewhere else. It is however a phenomenon that always has 1 thing in common, it always involves a cop. That is the ONLY constant in these incidents.

    I also know the editor will consider this cop bashing, sorry Dave it’s not. It is plain simple fact. A cops worst enemy in these situations is not me or those who feel they are out of control. The cops worst enemy is their type A… I’m always in charge… I’m always right.. and if you don’t do exactly what I say when I say it I will beat or shoot you attitude. That and the fact that a cop will ALWAYS lie for another cop. Your training and the “I was in fear for my life is catching up to you guys, evolve and maybe things will get better. Keep the status quo and you will find yourselves increasingly with less and less support from the average person, not that you have that much support right now.

  8. Strange Silence
    Dec 16, 2015, 9:48 pm

    Wow, after 48 updates a day for several weeks the local media has completely dropped the rancher shooting case. What’s up with that?

  9. I’d like to see the officers .. SEE… them tell us in simple words in a calm tone what exactly happened. A few minutes of honesty is all that anyone is asking for. My guess is they struggle to look at themselves in the mirror every morning. Release yourself and speak out.

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