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2,000 Homes To Hear “Sound Of Freedom”

The Idaho Statesman’s Sven Berg posted a STORY Wednesday detailing plans for 2,000 new homes in an area which seems within earshot of city councilor Elain Clegg’s $60,000,000 third runway for military fighter jets.

Clegg has been an advocate of a new runway “south of the airport” to accommodate the F-35 combat fighter jet which is opposed by most of the neighbors in the Vista and Hillcrest neighborhoods. Those homeowners mostly favor basing noisy aircraft at Mountain Home.

Michael Coughlin, the developer of “Syringa Valley” (a sagebrush desert subject to wildfire) plans to build 453 homes near S. Cole and Lake Hazel initially with more to come, including a school.

The planned development seems to the GUARDIAN to be totally contrary to the issue of basing F-35 or F-15 fighter jets at Gowen field. City fathers and mothers have claimed the Idaho Air National Guard means big bucks for the local economy. We can’t wait to hear how they finesse construction of 2,000 homes as being compatible with a runway between the proposed development and the existing airport.

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  1. Just how many runways south of the airport do we really need? Is there something wrong with the one that has the old Fed-Ex plane nearby?

    Moving the Air National Guard to Mt. Home is a good idea when Congress tries to close the base as a money saver.

  2. The new homes would be directly in the approach or departure flight path of the new runway and directly under the landing pattern of the current runways.

  3. If the actual lot lines are shown, it appears he’s planning many small homes intended to be corporate owned rentals. If so, such areas are high in section-8 people who tend to be non-participating non-voters. If so, will be another Charter-Point paradise. City should plan on hiring 5 more police officers and plan on another rowdy school in the district.

    Foolish use of noise impacted area. City should see this as ideal land for commercial industrial to generate much higher tax base. If homes are built, per their own plan, they will need to buy them out later.

  4. Our growth-at-any-cost city leaders are doubling down on stupid. Next thing we know they will approve fracking throughout the city, legalize slavery, and take voting rights back from women.
    As Albert Einstein said, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”
    Another appropriate quote somewhat modified…
    “On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and ( Boise City Hall ) will be adorned by a downright moron.” H. L. Mencken

  5. god knows boise doesn’t want those low life “section 8” people. Boise needs to go back to giving them bus tickets out of town… like in the good ole days.. right duh?

    How many ex-clai cops did the city have to hire when what I call the Loma Prieta invasion occurred? It seems people in Boise will cry about any and everything.

  6. Mark Thompson
    Dec 17, 2015, 12:24 pm

    I don’t have any problem with it as far as the airport. Anyone buying into this new subdivision will know what they’re going to get and have no one else to blame if they don’t like it. The ones I feel bad for are those who already own homes in the affected area.

  7. This falls right in line with Monty Mericle’s December 11 article: Writer Claims Airport Study “Manipulated” when it comes to straight talk from the city.

  8. Syringa Valley.
    Not much of a valley!

    Classic example of property owners paying almost NOTHING in taxes due to the ag exemption and then once the development comes online the county/city can not possibly get enough in impact fees to do the needed infrastructure.

    A foot surgeon is not a farmer and should not be getting a tax exemption on land that is obviously real estate speculation.

    Oddly City of Boise actually owns land out there on the west side of S Cole Rd. In the area. go figure.
    Primary Owner:
    Address: 3801 S COLE RD BOISE

    This development would be a neighbor to the houses of Senator Risch and his son. hmmm. I wonder what they think of it.

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