2016 Resolution Requests…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The GUARDIAN promises to at least try to have a more positive attitude during the coming year. One step in that direction would be fulfilling the following list of New Year’s resolutions:

–Boise city council will abandon any plans for a trolley or any other permanent tracks in our streets.
–Taxes will be reduced across the board at the state and local level.
–No more “silly season” for presidential politics and a couple of decent candidates step up to run the country.
–The Idaho legislature leaves town after a month with improvements to education funding and eliminates corporate welfare programs.
–Downtown Boise streets are restored to previous widths by eliminating ALL street closures for hotels, convention centers, etc.
–Annexation laws are changed to allow both city residents and future residents to vote with approval of both groups required.
–Local TV news shows will not be allowed to ask questions about weather (will it snow?) and weather segments will be limited to 1 minute per broadcast.
–Idaho Statesman’s front page cannot feature any story or photo more than 24 hours old.
–All bicyclists wearing dark clothing at night with no lights on a bike shall serve mandatory prison sentence of 10 years.
–All politicos shall be limited to one term in any office with no retirement programs.
–When political campaign funds accumulate to an amount deemed by the GUARDIAN to be excessive, the money goes to the general fund of the city, county, or state.
–Anyone using the term “most livable city” shall be forced to write “I will never say most livable again” 100 times in cursive.
–Anything Kardashian shall be declared “terrorist” and blown up. Any news media publishing or airing images or words on the topic shall be banned.

Those are just a few of the resolutions we would like to see in the next 12 months in an effort to make this a better and happier world. Happy New Year to one and all.

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  1. That is a pretty tall list, but some good common sense in it and some NOT.

    Not sure that we should be legislating what people wear on bikes. Plus we already have a law regarding lights for bikes. It should be updated to include a mandatory rear light instead of a reflector.(FYI-bike lights have been mandatory since at least 1922)

    Happy New Year

  2. A few more resolutions…
    -The Federal Reserve will be eliminated and all participants will be stripped of all assets and dumped in a slum in Bangladesh.
    -Anything larger than a small local bank will be eliminated.
    -All stock trading will be done by small, local organizations which may not use computers. Large stock exchanges will be eliminated.
    -All police or other protection will be removed from all politicians and government employees.
    -The US Federal Government will be dismantled and all assets will be divided up among the states who will become in essence small countries.
    -All current politicians will be banned from any future government activities and term limits of one year will apply for all future politicians.
    -Politicians found taking money from corporations will be executed.
    -All media ownership will transfer to the current employees, large media organizations will be dissolved, and investigative reporting must account for 90% of content.
    -All military personnel will be brought home and all foreign bases sold.

  3. chicago sam
    Jan 1, 2016, 1:48 pm

    All dogs and riders in the back of pick-up trucks must be tethered so they don’t fall or jump out.

  4. Yossarian_22
    Jan 1, 2016, 4:49 pm

    Good lists so far, above.

    – The FED Reserve will be closed and all member banks involved with fraud and larceny prosecuted with prejudice. Severe sentences for major participants (Yes, I’m talking to you Jamie Dimon)
    – Barack Obama’s Admin should be throughly investigated for criminal coverup and assistance of any financial crime, war crime, fraud, extortion and attempts to violate the Bill of Rights/Constitution. This includes participation and facilitation of any hoax and or false flag event.
    – George W Bush (Shrub) Admin will follow same track as Obama Admin above
    – All hoaxed and false flag events will be throughly exposed and prosecuted as attempts to deceive the public and manipulate opinion as fraud crime. Severe punishments for all involved in both the public and private sectors
    – Fractional reserve banking will be ended and the Bretton Woods gold standard will be restored as before 1970
    – If any state wishes to set up its own public bank (like North Dakota), it will be given fair opportunity for the citizens to learn about them and implement if they so choose (This means that twits like Dawn Justice cannot threaten politicians-ask Brian Cronin about this)
    – Alternate currency systems will be explored and allowed to compete with the failed Petrodollar fiat system, unless the dollar is made whole and transparent again
    – The NDAA will be torn up and burned
    – The entire electoral system will be scrapped and replaced with a non-party system. Candidates will run on their names only. Only individuals can donate to them up to a predetermined ceiling. All TV spots will be donated by broadcasters for free and held to a equal share of ads for each. Debates will be hosted by a impartial body that is approved by the public only. All candidates showing ability to receive 5% or better will debate (aka goodbye Dems and GOP)
    – The Pentagon will be downsized and national defense will assume the same model as that of Switzerland (but with a navy added)
    – Foreign policy will also follow the Swiss model
    – The NSA/CIA/FBI will be restructured in the true INTERESTS of the public, as opposed to what is the current situation
    – Dave Beiter should resign in shame after that most embarrassing display of brown nosing during the Obama visit to Boise
    – The Bill of Rights will be upheld with enthusiasm

    After these items are accomplished, we can begin civil discussions about getting our other problems solved.

  5. These are perfect Dave! I agree with them all!
    Thanks for your great website and hard work!

  6. For every new law at any level of government, we must repeal two.

  7. Here! Here!

    Great wish list, and great comments!

    (Clancy, I expect that some of those “wishes” are thrown out there with tongue in cheek.)

    I’d expand the nighttime-bike-rider thing to also include mandatory time for people riding bikes against traffic!

  8. Bill Goodnight
    Jan 2, 2016, 2:24 pm

    I particularly like your suggestion of a single term for politicians.

    Return to citizen legislatures and eliminate professional politicians. No one should ever be running for re-election.

    Can you imagine the consternation on K Street? Can you imagine our representatives acting in the public interest rather than satisfying campaign donors and powerful interest groups? Can you imagine them legislating instead of campaigning and fund raising?

    Just as the American economic system has institutionalized & legitimized gambling via the stock market, our electoral system has done the same with bribery via campaign donations.

    Large campaign donors expect quid pro quo. Current donations are largely ex post facto with prior evidence of politician compliance.

    Eliminate incumbent candidates and donations would be pre facto with no assurance of follow through

  9. unless by writing the “…100 times in cursive” is an app on a smart phone, I don’t think the millennials would be able to comply with the second to last resolution.

  10. Eagle Writer
    Jan 3, 2016, 8:07 pm

    The legislature should be limited to setting a budget, fixing errors and omissions, and a maximum of 10 new laws per year. That would make them choose a bit more deliberately and get them out of town a whole lot sooner.

  11. “–All bicyclists wearing dark clothing at night with no lights on a bike shall serve mandatory prison sentence of 10 years.”

    Boise cops on bikes are the worst offenders.
    BLACK uniform/ Black Bike /a SMALL light.

    Chief Bones, says it’s okay because their white uniform gets dirty. WTH?

    EDITOR NOTE–I will bet you a month’s GUARDIAN pay that if they don’t already wear high visibility reflective vests, Bones will require them after reading this entry. It simply makes sense.

  12. Easterner, Boise motorcycle cops drive unsafely, also.

  13. My new year’s resolution is to make a donation to keep this site and effort running. Thanks Dave for a great year and another one to come.

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