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Ada Commishes Nix Guns, Crapo Blames Obama?

Sometimes the “news” is not easy to understand.

After a couple of accidental discharges at gun shows held at EXPO IDAHO (not to be confused with the IDAHO CENTER or the Fairgrounds) the Ada Commishes prudently banned gun shows for the immediate future. A reasonable move, lest someone gets shot.

Then, Idaho’s senior senator, Mike Crapo, returns from Washington to attend the “last gun show” to stand around blaming President Obama for some sort of misguided logic when it comes to guns.

Shouldn’t he be ragging on the three Republican County Commishes instead? After all it’s people who play with guns, not the guns that cause accidents.

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  1. Election year. We will be hearing a lot from Crapo.

  2. Maybe it’s time for el Crapo to pack it in….Only problem is he’d probably be replaced by someone even further out in right field.

  3. The problem with President Obama’s “executive action” is that Congress (mostly Republicans) have to agree to at least three parts.

    Increase the budget of the ATF to hire 200 more agents. In all likely hood this is not going to happen thanks to Eric Holder fast and furious scandal. Congress wants to decrease the ATF’s Budget.

    Increase mental health access by $500-million. Again congress must approve this spending amount.

    Add more FBI personnel to help process background checks. Again Congress must approve monies here as well.

    Sadly, I doubt with some like Mike Crapo this won’t happen.

    Liability wise I don’t blame the Ada Commishes one bit.

  4. The entire gun show issue is squarely on the backs of the commissioners!!

    They have had a YEAR to deal with this issue and they waited until the day before to cry about a truthful ad in the paper that indicated they have shut down the shows????!!!!

    The three stooges need to go!

  5. Ada County Commissioners have a well defined record of screwing stuff up.

    This is another point on that terrible record.

    If the show makes money for the county, it should be allowed to continue.

    No races, less shows, watershed problems, that dog is going to be put down soon. Then what?
    Growth and development, that’s what will happen at that location.
    Maybe an awesome indoor gun range!

  6. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 12, 2016, 12:54 pm

    Expo Idaho is AT the Fairgrounds, no?

    EDITOR NOTE–Rod, like me you still call it the FAIRGROUNDS. It is always confusing when you try to refer to HAWKS FIELD, LES BOIS PARK, and EXPO IDAHO. Is the whole place called
    Expo which would place Les Bois Park (not to be confused with the horse race track) at Expo Idaho? Or…is EXPO and all the other venues at the FAIRGROUNDS? Kinda like trying to decide who belongs to the blue turf…Bronco Stadium, Lyle Smith, Boise State, or Albertson. We are just a little irreverent at times.

    BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE. HEre is official word from Ada County: “Expo Idaho is the approximately 240 acres of Ada County-owned land (in unincorporated Ada County), south of the Boise River, at Glenwood and Chinden. The property includes Memorial Stadium (not Hawks), the Boise Riverside RV Park, Western Idaho Fair facilities, Exposition Buildings, Les Bois Park, the Turf Club, Lady Bird Park, and a one mile section of the Boise Greenbelt pathway, paralleling the Boise River. Hope that helps.”

  7. Senator Crapo has evolved into the Poster Boy for Term Limits. When he went to DC, he seemed to have the best interests of his Idaho constituents at heart, but like pretty much all of ’em, over the years he’s “established” himself and now seems most interested in getting reelected and padding his pension.

    If anybody was surprised at his gun show pronouncements, they just haven’t been payin’ attention.

    EDITOR NOTE–With $4,000,000 in his war chest and no opposition, it would seem that reelection is a foregone conclusion.

  8. As one vendor at the Expo said, “You are far more likely to die in a car crash driving here than you are from an accidental discharge”
    I blame Obama’s Oligarch masters for most everything that is going wrong, seriously.

  9. LoveGunRightsHateStupidPeople
    Jan 13, 2016, 3:05 pm

    So many idiots have purchased a gun lately that it’s not safe at the gun range anymore.

    I grew up on a farm and have spent my entire life watching people take risk they simply didn’t need to take (thus making it the most dangerous occupation). I see the same with many gun owners, the new-to-guns bunch is as bad as the old WW-II generation in their carelessness and ignorance of firearms risk mitigation.

    The ‘guns are my religion’ …cammo clothing on the Christmas card bunch… teaching your age 5 child how to shoot a man’s pistol… and leaving it accessible on the nightstand… You are just plain stupid and endangering everyone’s gun rights.

    I support Ada in suspending while the gun groups learn how to unload and keep unloaded all guns in a show. The other motivation is the $$ payout the county has had to make to injured people from past stupidity at these shows.

    Crapo is as crappo as obama. We must somehow get term limits.

  10. Yossarian_22
    Jan 15, 2016, 3:18 pm

    All of these “accidental” discharges have happened only in the last few years, and popped up all over the country. Very suspicious. Never had this problem before that. Just sayin’

  11. Ada Commissioners you got more to worry about besides guns at Expo. Felt claustrophobic at the RV show. Did the fire chief sign off on that setup? Concern is for fire or panic stampede. There seemed to be quite a maze in there between tall campers with limited floor space nor view of exit signs.

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