She’s Baaaack!

Forget about the legislature. Forget about Obama’s State of the union. Forget about ISIS. We got SHARON ULLMAN.

The GUARDIAN has sifted through the Ada County records and learned Ullman, former bombastic Ada commish of Dynamis fame, overpriced canned soft drinks, and endless topic for news stories has filed an “Appointment and Certification of Political Treasurer” as a candidate for Ada Commish seat 3, currently held by Dave Case. The treasurer named is Mary Ann Porter of Meridian.

Perhaps as a harbinger of what will follow, Ullman shows an address on AMBUSH AVE.

Word on the street has it that TJ Thomson will also be running for a county seat as part of the Team Dave effort to control or at least have a command presence on all elected boards in or near Boise City. Mayor Dave Bieter–one of the most adept politicos in Idaho–has strong advocates (some say operatives) on the Highway District, CCDC-urban renewal, GBAD-auditorium district, Idaho legislature, Boise School Board, but currently no one on the board of county commishes.

Thomson would be running for the district 2 seat currently held by Rick Yzaguirre who is not expected to seek reelection. Regarding a run for commish, Thomson told the GUARDIAN, “I will be making a formal announcement regarding my interest in running for Ada County Commissioner in the weeks ahead.”

The primary election for county officers is on May 18 so there is plenty of time for maneuvering and politics ahead.

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  1. Didn’t she move to Utah? Is she qualified to run?

    EDITOR NOTE– We checked with Ted Cruz and he said she may not be “qualified,” but if she lives on AMBUSH AVE. it is a “settled matter.”

  2. Foothills Rider
    Jan 13, 2016, 3:45 pm

    Horrifying! For those who want a feel of the crackpot she is, visit this site where she enjoyed spewing hatred towards Case especialy (even as she backpedaled in many media outlets), and touting her superior skills in all things. She’s insane. She was cause of $2 million county loss over the Dynamis fiasco.

  3. Hilarious story…
    Forget about the threat of One World Government, we are getting One City Government.
    And we will call it… Bieteropolis!

  4. Boundless hubris. Political dementia. A degree in social engineering (anthropology) from UC Berkely.

    Will she again post the picture of herself with a guitar, wearing (her not the guitar) short shorts and a top hat? Yeah, that should get her elected.

    EDITOR NOTE–In the interest of journalistic service to our readers we can tell you we haven’t seen any short shorts and top hat images. HOWEVER, this one of her holding (shooting?) a Tommy Gun might be of interest.


  6. The story is disturbing. If the people of Ada County are so stupid as to vote this woman back, then there is no hope for the county. She is self-serving, manipulative, threatening and has a blatant disregard for ethical behavior. It took a lot to get rid of her the last time, and people should not forget the $2 million contract that she got the county stuck with.

  7. She has no shame, no integrity, no credibility, no expertise, no qualifications to represent the best interests of Ada Co. She’s been all over the map as a politician – D then R when it suited her, and soundly rejected by voters a couple of times. (And, County workers shudder at the prospect.)

  8. If she brought back the $2 million I might vote for her. Well, not! Crazy is right on this one. Good luck people.

  9. Angry_Floyd
    Jan 13, 2016, 9:01 pm

    Well, at least it won’t be a boring race.

  10. Foothills Rider
    Jan 13, 2016, 9:09 pm

    @Aggreived party: obviously, you never attended any of the Dynamis commish meetings.

  11. Aggrieved Party
    Jan 13, 2016, 8:15 pm

    The last I checked it took at least two Commishes to approve any warrant or expenditure. Why do Tillman, Bisterfelt and Yzaguirre get a pass on the Dynamis deal?

    Why? Because it is so much easier to single out the ovary club for perceived bad decision making. Nothing happens inside of the Ada County Commissioners’ office in a vacuum.
    Selective memory seems to be endemic among the current crop of Commishes. “Believe it or not” history is written by those with the most published sound bites these days.

    IMO, there is currently so much spin associated with the Commishes that the entire building has now begun rotating around them. What chance does the average voter have of deciding who is to be believed?

    Welcome to voter apathy and decisions made by those few who bother to get out and vote!

    Allowing anyone to preside over a quarter billion dollars worth of public funds each year simply because they survive election year politics is not the best way to select our civic leaders. As of late, this process has not garnered the caliber of talent we need to deal with the plethora of issues which the BOCC oversees each year.

    I don’t know how much we need to pay for Commissioner salaries to attract just the right mix of candidates with appropriate job skill sets (and a willingness to serve the public for less than they are worth), but if the costs of just the outside counsel attorney fees for cleaning up the messes caused by the current crop of commissioners were to be considered as an avoidable expense for the future, we would be money ahead to offer top executive value compensation.

    Remember! Regardless of who eventually wins the election cycle beauty contest, none of those elected can ever really be held accountable for their actions except at election time.

    The fact remains that public service can be a veritable mine field of faux pas from which no good deed goes unpunished. Only those with Teflon trousers and panty hose will survive the mudslinging. All to often the facts offered as truth “after the fact” become the first casualties to be buried and lost in the cacophony of voices which regardless of veracity cannot be sorted out by the casual voter. Timing is everything in politics.

    I can only wait and see what timely revelations will be offered this year to tip the playing field in one direction or another.

    EDITOR NOTE–There are options! They all start here:
    The options can be found in Idaho Code Chapter 52 through 58. Also, Bisterfeldt came along AFTER Dynamis.

  12. Aggrieved Party
    Jan 13, 2016, 8:47 pm

    I never saw a decision adopted by a single vote of anyone.
    Again, why the pass for the good ole boys?

  13. Grumpy ole Guy
    Jan 13, 2016, 11:15 pm

    Be still my heart, localization of the insanity being undergone at the National level, We have arrived.

  14. Recommend $100/month pay, no bennies. Will attract people who want to improve the county and need to keep a real job too.

  15. Aggrieved–“Allowing anyone to preside over a quarter billion dollars worth of public funds each year simply because they survive election year politics is not the best way to select our civic leaders.” This is the way we elect ALL our leaders at all levels. You are correct, however, in this instance. The BOCC is a collection of overpaid micromanagers who do a lousy job. And The Guardian is right by referencing the state constitution. It can be changed.

  16. Dave,
    Has it occurred to you that rather than a heinous conspiracy being strong-armed by the mayor, “Team Dave” might actually be a group of elected officials who have a shared vision, which they have well articulated to a majority of voters who also share it? …and that, by their own individual and collective intelligence they see the value of having a voice in other bodies of government that share their jurisdiction—i.e., ACHD, CCDC, Ada County, Idaho Legislature? It’s not some nefarious, secret plot; it’s how people elect representatives to try to gain local control over their own lives in a state system weighted to move power to the governor & legislature.

    In the long-run, it may prove more effective than armed and other forms of bullying.

    EDITOR NOTE–Rabula, I gotta admit I never thought about things the way you describe them. My readers and friends seem to always mention “Chicago politics” whenever we discuss the takeovers.

  17. That (my previous comment) said, with the Republicans’ love affair with the likes of The Donald, The Sharon—who manifests some of the same megalomaniacal qualities—could be a shoe-in. In this election cycle, all things are possible.

    EDITOR NOTE–Not to worry. TJ has a really well oiled cyber machine and Case has a powerful incumbent backing. Also, Tibbs turned down the “nomination” when Team Dave tried to make him their “Boise guy” on the BOCC.

  18. Glad she is back, hope she runs, makes for interesting headlines and cheaper than a ticket to the circus.

  19. The people will elect who their TV and the Idaho Mistakesman tell them to elect. (Lapdog corporate media owned by the rich few who call the shots) Who ever the media deems ‘moderate’, ‘electable’, ‘level-headed’ and gets lots of airtime will be crowned our new batch of Lords and Ladies. …and the people will get screwed, again.

  20. Was she the commish who threw a fit because her name wasn’t on the dedication plaque for the east Parkcenter bridge?

    EDITOR NOTE–No. That was ACHD, not county commish.

  21. Aggrieved Party
    Jan 17, 2016, 3:25 pm

    In all fairness to the Commishes both past and present, they didn’t write the Dynamis contract. The contract itself was so poorly worded that it left the door open for differing interpretations regarding the intent of the parties. As a result of these inherent ambiguities, the perceived cost to pursue a judicial decision to clarify the rights and responsibilities of the parties was seen as too great a risk versus any reward possible.

    Like any commission formed from the rank and file of everyday people, the BOCC relied on their counsel to protect taxpayer’s dollars by writing an iron clad contract. Unfortunately, the Dynamis contract was not peer reviewed with an jaundiced eye towards the “what if a worst case scenario occurs”. In hindsight, $2 million should have dictated at least an ounce of prevention (review) instead of the 2 million reasons to engage in finger pointing and CYA after the fact.

    Being the political animals they aspire to be, I suspect the cost excuse for not pursuing bad Dynamis’ money wasn’t the real reason the BOCC dropped the Dynamis matter. Political footballs are best dealt with by “calling the game” regardless of the air pressure between the ears of the Commishes. “Calling the game” eliminated the vast majority of the possibility that this mess would continually be rearing its ugly head in the media going forward.

    Did the strategy work? To the largest degree…yes. But only until those who were shackled with the blame reappear and bring the matter back into the public spotlight once again.

    Besides, the interim loan from the County’s own investment account can always be slipped into the “B” budget for the next year under some innocuous heading and no one would be the was the wiser. Or maybe the 2 million was simply transferred from the Commishes “bad decisions” slush fund. Either way the Dynamis Dollars “only” wasted less than 1% of the annual County budget.

    It never ceases to amaze me that outside counsel with a broader opinion base is not brought in by the BOCC until it comes time to for damage control.

    Two examples of this is the fact is that the fallout from Dynamis continues in the form of a complaint from Hidden Hollow Energy. The costs of defense continues to rob taxpayers to defend against HHE’s claims of breach etc. with no end in sight?

    Add in just a touch of true hubris and political “pay-back” and you have the wrongful dismissal suit of Rich Wright. (Courtesy of the first official act of Mssrs. Case and Tibbs after their canonization in 2013). The Supreme Court will rule on the Wright case someday and you can bet your bottom taxpayer dollar that the cost to settle or fight will be laid at the feet of all of us to pay…again.

    Perhaps this can all be explained by the axiom that the “Collective intelligence of any group decision is inversely proportional to the number of members in the group”.

  22. Eagle Writer
    Jan 18, 2016, 8:59 am

    J Smith,

    So by your standard Mr. Trump is leading because the media has determined him to be “moderate, electable and level headed.” Good to know.

    The people do not “get screwed” in elections. We get the person with the most support. I have been involved with many winning campaigns and many losing campaigns. In none of them did the people get screwed – they got their choice.

  23. Eagle Writer,

    You must have missed Trump being ridiculed and dismissed at every turn, but somehow creating so much populist support, by speaking clearly, that he has currently overcome the corporate media onslaught. The normal “snake in the grass” political double-speak isn’t very popular this year.

    You’ve got it half right. We do get the person with the most support; corporate media support, which “manufactures” the support of the brainwashed citizens, and support of the rich folks who throw ‘campaign parties’ where the big checks flow like water.

  24. Sneak Tax Attack
    Jan 24, 2016, 10:34 am

    These commissioners are democrats and personal pension packers:

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