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If our flat screen TV didn’t cost so much we would have tossed a shoe at it Tuesday.

KTVB Channel 7 had a “live” reporter with news from the airport. The attractive reporter breathlessly told viewers she had been at the airport most of the day awaiting the return of Boise’s famous preacher/prisoner, Saeed Abedini, who “may be arriving any minute.” Don’t forget KTVB had been sucking up to Mrs. Abedini for years awaiting a joyful tear-filled reunion.

Turns out Channel 2 KBOI had already reported the pastor’s return to Boise a half hour earlier, showing the private jet outside the Jackson Aviation facility.

Meanwhile, KIVI Channel 6 had a reporter staking out the arrival hall at the commercial terminal, but he reported no sign of the preacher/prisoner.

In case you have lived under a rock for the past few years, Abedini was one of the five prisoners held in Iran and released January 16 as part of a USA-Iranian prisoner exchange.

The Statesman wisely reported on their competition with this lead:
“Pastor Saeed Abedini, imprisoned for nearly four years in an Iranian prison, returned to Boise late Tuesday afternoon in a private jet, KBOI-TV, Channel 2, reports.”

Next story to hit the airwaves was an urgent message from Boise coppers asking for help recovering a couple stolen vehicles taken nearly half a day earlier while left warming up in owner’s driveways. No description of the vehicles, no color, no license number! Just a plea to call Crimestoppers if anyone has told you they stole a vehicle.

Of course all the stations followed with twenty minutes of weather maps and promises to tell us more later in the broadcast.

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  1. I love your style Dave! Kind of the way we use to get around just fine in the snow. Nowadays if two or three flakes fall on a roadway we get a special report.

  2. You, Mr Guardian, are one of the last actual news reporters in the Treasure Valley.
    Even when the local corporate media does investigative reporting, which is almost never, they don’t tell the whole story, or put it in context. Everything is slanted to shore up the agenda of the rich folks. The local TV and newspaper are merely advertisement delivery devices, using sensation, spectacle, and beautiful people as the bait. I use my TV to watch DVD movies, and absolutely never watch broadcast programming.
    As to the stolen cars lack of info reported, I imagine the coppers didn’t want some hero boy cornering the driver of a stolen car, and ending up dead.

  3. TV news is SO 20th century!!

  4. …and the rest of the story is that the Abedinis are separating.

  5. Hot Chick TV
    Jan 27, 2016, 12:58 am

    Local news: It’s almost as good as Baywatch. Can be watched with the sound off.

    I think Channel 2 has the hottest collection of chicks, but they need a brunette. And the one super hottie, hottest of all, is the brunette on 6.

    I’d love to know them better, but they want me like a fish wants a bicycle.

    I wonder if the stations employ a den-mother to keep them from infighting.

    The poor pastor guy must want to crawl back into solitary after his wife gave up, did a kiss and tell, and now completely bolted. She’s already filed on him. They both could have been rich with movie contract and a church of their own. Now he’ll be working a street corner and she’ll be suing for child support… if she can find him.

  6. If you think the “pastor” was jailed just for being a Christian then there is some beachfront property near Kuna you need to buy.

  7. That’s awesome!
    Their social media is equally lame.

    Add the fact that it was a private plane that brought him to NC as well.

    From online:
    “Abedini’s first trip back to Iran was in 2009 to visit his family, when government authorities detained him. According to Abedini, he was threatened with DEATH during his interrogation over his conversion to Christianity. Ultimately he was released after signing a pledge to cease all house-church activities in the country.

    As part of this same agreement, Abedini was permitted to return to Iran freely to work on non-sectarian humanitarian efforts.”

    Return to a country threatening him with DEATH for doing what he does?
    Sure. Why not?

    Maybe he and Bergdahl will hang out together.

  8. Yossarian_22
    Jan 27, 2016, 4:05 pm

    Local TV “News” stations are reducing down to the absolute dumbest of their kind. All of their websites are written for childlike minds and condensed for mobile devices. It’s like desktop computers don’t exist anymore. They strive to provide the LEAST amount of information. I literally have to rely on sites like the Guardian to learn anything around here. There is no more journalism, just parroting of government and corporate handouts and pressers about everything. It’s totally Orwellian and every Big Lie is sustained by this model of propaganda. Car wrecks, house fires, weather temp changes of a mere 2 degrees and celebrity and sports consume all of the oxygen anymore. We are failing as a citizenry and society.

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