Crane? “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Crane!”

ScaffoldIn some professions you have to climb over your fellow workers to get to the top. Sometimes it takes teamwork to get to the top.

We noticed a crew in downtown Boise Monday performing a well coordinated rise to the top of a new apartment under construction at 10th and Grove. It appeared they were installing a scaffold on the outside of the structure–all by hand. There was no doubt the crew had to trust the guy above him in the chain of command as they passed up parts of the scaffold.

It was impossible to determine if the “top dog” was the boss or if the boss was actually the “low man on the totem pole.”


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  1. Nice shot, Dave!

    Let’s see more photography, like the shots of Ali.

  2. Gene Rapp Sr.
    Jun 7, 2016, 9:09 am

    Finally he has written something where he is not whining . . .

  3. At this apartment building each residence gets ONE dedicated parking space. For $400,000 – $1,000,000 you get ONE dedicated parking space.

    A building is required to design for storm water retention ON THE PREMISE, but cars can spill onto the already full streets.

    This project has a $947,000 penthouse with 3 bedrooms- and they get ONE dedicated parking space? What a deal!

    Welcome RICH Californians, please park on the street and use the Trolley.

    EDITOR NOTE–Easterner, you forget the original 8th STREET MARKETPLACE had no parking before it went bankrupt for lack of customers. Only when Mark Rivers came along and got you (via CCDC) to build a parking garage with 30% of the tiny stalls dedicated to the Hampton Inn was there any parking. Same is true for this skinny lofts that CCDC allowed to take public parking spots. No sweat, they can all rent Green Bikes.

  4. Eagle Writer
    Jun 7, 2016, 8:23 pm

    Plenty of parking at the Village, and better restaurants and stores plus a huge park and lakes.

  5. That’s the fastest way to build a scaffold… especially with super cheap Ideehoe labor. In many countries it’s done with bamboo. They’ll use a forklift when the pallets of brick are brought up for the masons.

  6. Thank goodness it’s not another welfare building. Middle-class folks living right in the city core is good. $1M per unit is not rich folks, its upper-middle professionals. Having them here will keep Boise from going rotten with hoodies like most city centers.

    I strongly advise the public transit be kept to a bare minimum so it does not become the criminal transit network like most cities. No bus after 6:30-7 PM will force the hoodies to drive and that makes em easy prey for BPD. Also, please move the low rent projects far far away from our beautiful river parks and trails system. Right up next to the F-35 base is a great place for cheap housing. It takes a real idiot to build low rent housing on the most prime real estate in the city.

  7. Downtown Boise: “Car Free by ’23!”

  8. Go to just about any big city and parking is a problem. I remember going to the Sheraton parking garage in Waikiki more than 20 yrs. ago, the parking for those not staying in the hotel was $13/hour! Needless to say I parked elsewhere and took the bus to my destination for $0.50 that included a transfer for the return trip.

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