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Tracking Boise’s Mayor

It has been admittedly slow on the local news front, so here are a couple items for discussion .

A reader sent this city council agenda item:
“This was on the agenda for the June 7th, seems cryptic and Brent Coles like.”
“David H. Bieter, Mayor’s Office, to attend meetings with potential city benefactor in New York City, NY, on July 28-30, 2016.”

This item appeared on the NEXTDOOR VISTA blog today regarding a op-ed piece in Friday’s STATESMAN by Mayor Dave Bieter.

Mayor Bieter this morning wrote yet another OpEd asserting his support for the F-35. The letter said there is a group called Gowen Strong of 2,800 individuals who have helped keep Gowen in the running with the Air Force.
I like Beiter. He has helped bring Boise into the 21st century and become an interesting and dynamic city. He’s a good man. But on this topic, he is wrong. His mantra of making Boise “the most livable city in the country” will be buried by this airplane.

Perhaps he has been shoved into a corner. All of Idaho’s DC delegation has been pressing for the F-35. I’m sure Bieter has come under a lot of pressure. He should not cave if that’s the case.

His only arguments are twofold: #1. $155,000,000 Federal dollars every year. #2. Tradition. We’ve “always” had jets at Gowen. #2 is very weak because Boise has changed. It is now a metropolitan capitol attracting business and residents who respond to the Idaho we all love. So, it’s basically #1. All that money.

And once again the love it or leave it crowd will speak of their love of “the sound of freedom”. That’s all they really have. But they are not the real problem. It’s that Gowen Strong group. Who are they? You can bet that only if an organized group of at least 20,000 actively opposes the F-35 will there be any hope of sending that airplane to some more appropriate place than the metro center of our state.

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  1. I am sure he is popular since he keeps bringing more and more people to the treasure valley. More traffic, more crime, higher taxes and on and on. I have never been able to figure where more of all these things are better.
    We used to have a great place to live here in Treasure Valley but now it is like California and getting worse.

    EDITOR NOTE–We hosted a PhD candidate from Ireland this week researching “Bike share schemes.” He concluded that with 150 bikes being rented LESS than once a day compared to 1500 bikes being rented 10 times a day in Dublin, Boise simply didn’t have enough population density to support the program. We found it ironic the guy fell in love with Boise and noted the “solution” city fathers (and mothers) have adapted is to increase the population through tax breaks and other incentives in the form of corporate welfare to create more demand for bikes, transit, schools, water, police, firefighters, and the list goes on…

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 10, 2016, 2:40 pm

    Regarding the Mayor’s trip to NYC: maybe he has tickets to “Hamilton”.

    Regarding the Mayor’s support for the F-35 at Gowen Field: he, like any Republican, has always supported growth at any cost to quality of life.

  3. Bieter is a Commie
    Jun 10, 2016, 5:54 pm

    And an Idiot.

    Moving the entire operation to Mountain Home would still keep 95% of the money in the Boise area and it would remain quiet overhead. So the Bench Neighborhoods would explode in value rather than become a wasteland.

  4. I’m not a military tactician… but what’s the point of the F-35 anyway? Sure, it looks pretty and goes fast, but who will be the bad guys in the envisioned dogfights? Putin and his dark forces? The Chinese? Middle eastern camel jockeys? Drug cartels?

    I s’pose the money has already been spent for this mega-billion boondoggle, but from my sidelines armchair, the A-10 is infinitely more practical for any current and foreseeable real-life use. I wish “Gowen Strong” would put their might behind retaining a battle-proven, practical airplane that is in daily service. (And it’s mercifully quiet, making it a good neighbor in an urbanized area.)

  5. Bieter, like Boise State’s President Kustra have a “coastal” mentality that is doesn’t reflect the values of the us locals.

    Kustra wants in the PAC-12 at any cost and Bieter wants to be Berkely at any cost.

    I just want Boise to be “backwards and behind” the big cities. Boise is a haven and retreat from their insanity.

  6. Gene Rapp Sr.
    Jun 11, 2016, 8:57 am

    When I moved here decades ago I recognized that when living next to an airport, particularly one that has an Air Force Reserve component that military jet aircraft make loud noise when taking off and landing. DUH! I always recognized that as the technology of flight increases as does the speed and sounds of these aircraft. I KNEW this and expected the same. These same people that complain about the sounds of freedom are the first to say “send the loud jet noise to somewhere else.” They want the freedom that is provided but not the inconvenience that freedom requires, the “let somebody else do it crowd!

  7. Bieter Begone
    Jun 11, 2016, 9:04 am

    The Vista Blogger is hilarious thinking Bieter is wonderful and wanting to make Boise live able. The only place Bieter cares about is downtown, the rest of us can go spit for all he cares.

    The police will only enforce noise ordinances in the DT because the Modern whined. The F35 won’t fly over DT so there is no noise problem from that. Bieter sure has brought us into the 21st century so that we can all ride bikes and take a choo choo around DT (he desperately hopes) a DT which is supposed to be walkable BTW.

    Bieter has bought into every leftist regressive trope and then doubled down. All the while taxing us into oblivion.

  8. The F35 is an unneeded and way overexpensive piece of junk. Everyone should be contacting their representatives in washington to end the program altogether.

  9. Someone should submit a public records request for more information on that Bieter trip. That clearly needs a little sunshine.

  10. I think it’s unfair to single out Brent Coles. Let’s not forget Ron Crane at the state level.

  11. Yossarian_22
    Jun 13, 2016, 8:59 am

    Bieter is building a special political brand. It’s along the lines of Hillary’s brand…Establishment centrist, limo liberal and pro-corporate. Cities that generate this brand get rewards from state and big economic actors. Small now equals “weak and backwards.” The formula requires a mix of features that attract the centrist corporate statist. The F-35 deal builds the military bonafides for Bieter (like Hillary).

    We are being transformed from a blue collar working class community into a white collar tech class escape. Reading many stories recently, I find that thousands of Americans are leaving the overpriced mega cities and seeking out cities like ours. San Francisco and San Jose being the worst and close enough for them to look at our great advantages. Bieter (and even some leg members) are counting on the windfall of these pilgrimages. It’s a model that relies on importation of wealth made outside and a stock market to sustain the windfall. Real estate and rents are the narcotic to get us locals to buy in to it all. We’ve seen this before and it doesn’t end well.

    I agree with others who don’t want to see us grow too rapidly. We need to work and improve what we have instead of piling on more obligations that will cost more resources. The answer isn’t importing more wealthy people, it’s helping poor people become middle class. We need to stop coddling a dysfunctional banking system that fuels or hinders business success. We need more small and medium business successes, not more big corporate welfare queens that gain special favors from government.

  12. I checked how close residences are to Luke and Hill airbases that already have F-35. It is within 0.5-1.5 miles.
    This tells me that AF will not hesitate to place F-35 in the middle of Boise, either. The environmental study is just an excuse.

  13. Gowen commanders listen up
    Jun 22, 2016, 3:34 am

    Gowen commanders listen up:

    A short time ago you lost an AH-64 due to stupid pilot tricks. I suspect one of the factors in that crash was the lack of visual references causing the ground to hit them much sooner than expected. I’m sorry for loss of life, but thankful they only hit sand.

    Well, recently I’ve noticed on several occasions’ AH-64s and S-60s sneaking around well below the FAA mandated safe altitudes for populated areas. It’s happening very late at night and the birds are in stealth mode with very low rotor speed. (Causes a low rumble in the cheap houses. Sounds like a mild earthquake.) Safe recovery from even a partial power failure at that RPM and altitude is unlikely.

    Are you using occupied homes to provide a visual reference? Are we being used for Baghdad training again?

    Long story short: Stop doing stupid stuff over occupied homes. If you need visual references, plant some light poles out in your training range. Especially so if these are foreigners not familiar with our high regard for protecting the life and liberty of the civil population.

    The military is good. We need the military. I simply hate stupid people doing stupid stuff.

  14. F-35 testing in Mountain Home,

    EDITOR NOTE–Folks need to ask their congressman and senators how they feel about these white elephants.

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