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Copper, Dog, Man Injured In Bites And Shooting

A Boise copper who was attacked by a dog that also bit a man who was involved in an altercation with another man Friday night shot the dog at a residence on South Pond.

Both the dog and the officer were sent off for medical treatment, but not to the same treatment facility.

Here is the official account from BPD:
At 8:44 Ada County dispatch received a call about a fight in the front yard of a home on the 22 hundred block of S. Pond St. As soon as police arrived on scene, an officer attempted to break up the fight between two males and was attacked by a large dog belonging to one of the men. The dog posed an imminent danger to the officer and the citizens present at that time. The dog bit the officer’s knee causing a significant injury and the officer shot the dog three times. Officers later learned the dog had bitten the second person involved in the fight as well. The dog is on its way to get medical treatment. The officer is also receiving medical care. There is an active investigation underway and charges are pending.

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  1. Yossarian_22
    Jul 16, 2016, 12:14 pm

    Dogs are great defense companions and nasty offensive tools. If your job (cop, mailman, UPS/FedEx) entails coming into contact with a dog that is trained to attack or is not trained to behave, then you can expect the following….a cop shooting your dog, your mail not being delivered and your packages not being delivered. And your dog may be maced by the delivery guys. All legally so.

    There have been many off-the-books deaths of dogs by neighbors and victims as well.

    Keep your dog under control in these situations if you don’t want your dog harmed. This should be a no-brainer.

  2. Hey Yosef, Sounds like a good shot in this case for the copper… unless the bullets were zinging all over the place. Dog bites are nasty to heal. Get well soon.

    Poor dog just fulfilling his 40,000 year old job description.

    As for the bravado with which you speak of deflecting dog aggression, if my pets were harmed without just cause there would be nowhere to hide… even the armature internet can track the perp to the ends of the earth. Ya gots to be a complete idiot to make threats on peoples pets these days. As you stated it, you do not qualify. Unfortunately there are still too many people who don’t understand how the value of companion animals in America has changed. My personal favorite is the utility guy or neighbor who forces open a locked gate and then is upset by his discovery of the four-legged alarm system…. all the while I’m watching the event on my cell phone. If ya got three or more dogs, even a guy with a gun is gonna get hurt.

    On the other hand, dogs are land-sharks and some people should not be allowed…. just the same as some should not have guns or cars.

  3. Yosef, A little research indicates in the big cities where they have more bureaucratic insulation, cops fairly routinely shoot even chained or well controlled dogs which are simply irritating them or alarming to their presence. After all what good is a SWAT sneak attach on a drug house if the dog is barking. The dog might belong to a completely involved neighbor, but alarms when men in black come around, so it’s eliminated. Where the dogs are and who is responsible for killing them is part of the standard SWAT briefing.

    I agree with the principle of your statement, but it’s just not reality with all the overreach going on.

    In the case of this shooting in Boise, I’m sorry the animal was not shot prior to biting the officer. Sometimes it has to be done.

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