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Air War Plays Out Near Lucky Peak

It looked like an all out air war Tuesday afternoon when fire broke out in prime winter deer habitat near Hilltop along both sides of Highway 21.
The usual assortment of BLM, Forest Service, and local fire departments tossed everything they had at the blaze. At the scene we were told that “two structures” were lost, but no word on exactly what type of structures succumbed to the wildfire.

A helicopter dipped water from Lucky Peak Reservoir while single engine tankers similar to crop dusters dropped fire retardant on the fire. A P-2 twin engine tanker and a 4 engine jet were also deployed to fight the fire.

BLM staff told the GUARDIAN at least 1,000 acres were consumed and the fire was still growing as it moved southwest toward the Boise foothills. No doubt the Idaho Fish and Game Dept will once again be looking for volunteers to replenish the bitter brush for deer forage.


big tanker
hilltop fire

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  1. 7:05 PM. Not growning now, the heli bucket boys have gone back to McCall, and the smoke is quickly dissipating.

    Vantage Point: Mores Creek Rim Ranches, directly north of the fire.

    EDITOR NOTE: Thanks for the update

  2. Addendum to my previous comment: 7:41 PM. Just noticed the fire bomber lead plane still circling around up here, and on closer inspection it appears that the smoke is going east of us here at MCRR. Apparently it isn’t as ‘put down’ as I thought!

  3. Can we compare the increased air traffic NOISE from NIFC with the F35 proposal?

  4. Nice to see them fight it the same day it started. I thought the policy was to call a two-day strategy conference?

    Needs to be a higher cigarette tax during fire season?

  5. Yossarian_22
    Jul 26, 2016, 5:16 pm

    The skies were full of BAe146s (4jet) and P2Vs etc. I watched runs on the MM14 fire all day long when it crested the range above Boise. Haven’t seen that much airpower since the BPD tracer fire of the 90s.

  6. Its always incredible to see these planes first hand… Thanks for these great pics.

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