Reporter Dazzles In “Firefighter Yellow” Smock

Yellow Dress

It was bound to happen. Those yellow “firefighter shirts” have set off a fashion trend.

The GUARDIAN covered the big range fire near Hilltop on Highway 21 Tuesday, joining the other newsies at a vantage point manned by BLM fire information officers. It is standard protocol for both the firefighters and those media folks covering wildfires to wear yellow fire retardant shirts. The dirtier the shirt, the more “veteran” the look.

KTVB Channel 7 reporter Morgan Boydston put the camera boys to shame wearing a chic open shoulder smock in the appropriate shade of yellow. The raven-haired reporter certainly stood out among the camera-toting guys!kboi shooter

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  1. Morgan has been a welcome addition to our local on air news talent. Not only is she gorgeous, she is great at her job!

    EDITOR NOTE–To be clear, she did NOT earn a “dope reporter award.” Had she worn any color but yellow, no one would have noticed. We would have had as much fun if a male reporter was wearing a designer yellow suit or cashmere sweater.

  2. As usual, you’ve a great eye, Dave.
    More, please!

  3. Lovely

  4. So now they are “on air talent”? On second thought, I guess “reporter” would be a stretch for many.

  5. I have always laughed at reporters on fires wearing the yellow fire shirt. Usually a quarter to half mile away from flames, but have to wear the yellow prop shirt. My question is, do reporters have their own yellow fire shirt in their summer “go bag”, or do they always have to borrow one from the fire officials?

    EDITOR NOTE–Most of them have the yellow shirts issued by the BLM. Sort of like the reflective safety vests that some police issue to media covering traffic accidents. It probably lends a bit of “authority” since there is no agency to issue credentials. I have found that with a white hard hat, clipboard, and camera you can get access just about anywhere.

  6. Maybe this is the reason I couldn’t get home that night….

    EDITOR NOTE–Porc, your wife told the GUARDIAN that fire excuse is getting old!

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