Ada Sheriff Offers Dramatic Fire Images

There’s an old rule about news photography: ACCESS IS EVERYTHING!

That lesson was certainly true when it came to the wildfire that consumed several thousand acres along Highway 21 Tuesday and Wednesday. The Ada County sheriff’s office put local media–including the GUARDIAN–to shame with spectacular images of the blaze posted to the Ada Sheriff Facebook page. Media reporters and photographers were kept away from the spectacular image viewpoints.

Here are a few of the more spectacular shots posted.


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  1. wOW! Thank you to those amazing firefighters!!! Steep hills, major heat, risking their lives – you are all totally awesome!!!

  2. Useful information please
    Jul 21, 2016, 9:55 am

    What’s the cost and payroll of a fire like this?

    EDITOR NOTE–It costs a bunch! We never get any figures until long after the fire season has ended. Just a single engine Jet Ranger helicopter is about $1,000 an hour.

  3. Let’s guess THIS fire didn’t start with fireworks….
    Now what are we going to ban?

    EDITOR NOTE–Good chance of banning deer hunting in the area. What with Harris ranch urban sprawl, the table rock fire, and now the MM14 fire, the deer won’t have much to eat this winter. F&G will be looking to you as a volunteer to restore the bitter brush and haul hay this winter.

  4. Note on note:
    Actually Editor, F&G could (should) allow additional controlled tags in the area to reduce the animal population to match available feed.

    There is plenty of forage on the alfalfa fields in the Harris Ranch area & lots of green lawns…. Those deer and elk will adapt.
    Let’s remember fire is an essential part of nature.
    The last time I was in that area a couple years ago, the brush was so overgrown along the road an SUV couldn’t make it through without scraping a new paint job. It needed a natural fire – and in 3 years the area and game population will be booming.

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