Carjack Attempt Ends In Death Of Suspect



An attempted carjacking after a police chase in a stolen pick up ended in death for an Elmore county man who died of gunshot wounds inflicted by sheriff’s deputies Tuesday.

It sounds like typical big city crime, but the only big city element to this event was the traffic tie up on Interstate 84 near Hammett. The Idaho State Police version of events follows:

Idaho State Police detectives are investigating a shooting that occurred on eastbound I-84 Tuesday morning at approximately 10:00 a.m. involving deputies from the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident began at approximately 9:00 a.m. when Elmore County dispatch received a report of a stolen pickup truck in Hammett. The suspect in the theft, identified as Matthew David Conrad, 34 of Hammett, was believed to be the neighbor of the owner of the pickup and was known to police. Conrad was spotted by deputies west of Hammett and a pursuit ensued along the rural roads near Hammett. Deputies made several unsuccessful attempts to stop the pickup using a pursuit intervention technique or “PIT” maneuver. The vehicle was eventually stopped in a field north of the westbound lanes of I-84 near at milepost 110 after it went through a barbed wire fence toward the interstate.

Conrad fled from deputies on foot south across the westbound lanes of I-84 and into the eastbound lanes of traffic. Conrad then attempted to carjack a semi-truck at gunpoint and a red car driven by a female, but both drivers were able to flee the scene eastbound. Conrad then attempted to carjack a SUV and that driver was able to drive through the median and flee the scene westbound.

When Conrad was unsuccessful in the third carjacking attempt, he turned around and pointed a gun at sheriff’s deputies. Two sheriff’s deputies fired at Conrad and Conrad died at the scene.

The names of the two deputies involved in this incident have not yet been released. Those deputies have been placed on administrative leave as is agency policy.

Investigators were able to locate the driver of the semi-truck and the red car that were victims of the attempted carjackings this afternoon, but they are still interested in speaking to any other witnesses. If you witnessed any part of the series of events and have not yet spoken to police, please call the Idaho State Police District 3 Investigations at 208-884-7110.

The eastbound lanes of I-84 were blocked during the investigation from approximately 10:00 a.m. until 1:36 p.m. Traffic was diverted at exit 99 and allowed back on the interstate at exit 112.

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  1. Yossarian_22
    Aug 4, 2016, 8:03 am

    Carry time! Keep it ready.

  2. This is a great example of why we need armed police. The police boz and gals did a great job this time. (Unless others were in the line of fire.)

    YossTuTu, I agree about carry, however in this situation with the coppers so close by they’d probably shoot a person defending themselves as well. Cops reflexively shoot anyone with a gun deployed. Cops even shoot other cops sometimes.

    Too bad a truck didn’t squish him. but at least no trial and the family seems to know it was coming.

    Carry time is going to end nationwide on January 21st when Hillary ‘The Penguin’ and her band of crooks is sworn in. So sad Trump’s douche-bag act is not an act.

    Carry won’t help the most dangerous public hazard we encounter most often; the text-driver. Stand at a busy intersection and watch. 65% of drivers are looking at phone while moving and 90% when stopped. Often that ever so common tailgater is not being aggressive, her autopilot is locked onto your taillights. It’s not Angry Hairy back there, it’s Sweet Sally sending pictures to her friends. Phone in right and smoke in left. Notice the wrinkled hood on all the young drivers cars.

  3. Interesting use of the word “suspect” in the headline.

    He was a suspect and cops killed him?

    Typical media and press release wording.

    I can’t wait to see the trial when he is converted from a suspect to a criminal.

    EDITOR NOTE–He was indeed a suspect because no court or jury had convicted him, thus “converting” his status.
    Society and the law considered him innocent until proven guilty. Coppers position was GUILTY, otherwise they wouldn’t have shot.

  4. nate calvin
    Aug 8, 2016, 2:57 pm

    Good shooting ISP!! Saved us tax payers the money of a trial and 20 yrs of room and board–Well done SIR, Well done!!

    EDITOR NOTE–Nate, your compliments are misplaced. The coppers were Elmore Deputy sheriffs.

  5. Bloodthirsty comments patting the hero cops on the back for saving us from the evildoer… Then it turns out the truck he “stole” wasn’t really stolen at all, and he was attempting carjackings because the cops were actually hunting him down to kill him. Totalitarian dictatorships love the ” good German” types who cheer on state violence. This one was probably justified, but best to wait for an investigation before having a copper love-fest.

  6. This guy crossed the line when he directed deadly force toward citizens and Deputies. It calls for 2-to the chest and 1-to the head until he drops or the magazines are empty.

    Well done by the Deputies and shame on anyone who thinks otherwise.

  7. this is your kind of story — coppers in action, guns loaded. What kind of car stolen? Datsun? Keep up the good work. daze

  8. Las Vegas Rebel
    Aug 12, 2016, 1:43 am

    Dan-Does it really matter if the truck was stolen or not? He attempted to car jack 2 people which are felonies. Instead of obeying deputies commands to drop his weapon he raises it at them. Are the deputies supposed to wait until he shoots first and then return fire? Everyone is taught in any gun safety class to not point a gun at anything they don’t intend to shoot. Maybe he was going to shoot or maybe it was his way of committing suicide. Either way the deputies did as they were trained and went home safe to their families. The deputies were not on the hunt that day for someone to kill despite what you may think.

  9. Something everyone needs to understand about carrying a weapon. The cops can and often do shoot you if they see it. It’s not weather you point it at them or not. Does not matter if you are within your rights or even in your own home. Kids with toys in walmart? Bamm bamm bamm. If they see it they can shoot and the government will write them a pass no matter how farfetched their explanation.

    This particular situation sounds like it ended appropriately as the suspect was clearly running and being deadly dangerous to others.

  10. Y-tutu

    You are exactly right. A cops “right to go home” trumps any rights citizens have. I for one am confused about that. Both sides should have rights, unfortunately it seems that LE’s “rights” are worth considerably more than those of the people they work for. LE will tell us that they have no idea of who will and who will not act responsibly with a gun. Unfortunately citizens cannot in this day and age be sure that the individual with a badge will act responsibly either. The Yantis case is a classic example.
    LE gets way more leeway in these events than they should. Cases where a civilian would be charged cops walk, it makes no sense. Cops should be held to a much higher standard, yet they are barely held to any standard at all.

    EDITOR NOTE–Based on detailed research and good reporting by Statesman reporter Cynthia Sewell, it appears the Elmore incident was a long time coming and not much to dump on deputies. Sad case of 16 years of crime and mental health issues.

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