Ada Announces Various Early Voting Options

Ada County election officials have announced early voting options which they hope will ease the pressure at the polls on election day, November 8.

People vote in cardboard voting booths at a polling station in Boise, Idaho, USA.

People vote in cardboard voting booths at a polling station in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane in a press release said, “Today marks the first day for Ada County voters to vote in the November 8th presidential election. Earlier today 8,616 ballots were mailed to voters who had already sent in their requests. Of those, 349 were mailed to members of the military and those oversees. This is just the beginning of the anticipated 195,000 voters that will cast their ballots in this upcoming election.”

Ada is also experimenting with a “mobile polling place” set up in a trailer similar to those concession rigs seen at special events and festivals. It will come with pop up tents where voters will actually cast their ballots. Officials plan to start off in places like Kuna, Star, and Eagle with their innovative polling place.

We caution about the selection of locations to be used for early voting because it could tilt the results if the rig favors West Ada locations or the North End. There will be fixed locations in addition to the Benjamin Street election headquarters west of the mall as well.

Here is a link to Ada Voter Info.

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  1. Vote early, vote often.

  2. Kent Goldthorpe
    Sep 23, 2016, 1:47 pm

    I’m grateful that Phil has taken the lead in providing so many extra spots to vote. What Dave mentioned is important and I think that Phil will take that into count.

  3. I bet they place 10 trailers in the north end and forget the rest of the city. Per capita I bet you don’t see the same placement in west Boise as in “urban Boise”.

    Nice way to rig an election. Since when is it too much of a problem to just go vote or get an absentee ballot?

    We are allowing elections to be “managed” now.

  4. EVERY legislative district where a trailer is placed is being treated differently as EVERY legislative district where there is NO trailer.

    Not sure this is constitutional.

    The AG needs to weigh in here – bet this goes to court somewhere.

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