Rick Just In Three Way ACHD Race

With the addition of Rick Just, the race for Ada County Highway District seat 5 just got easier to win.

Just will oppose incumbent Sara Baker, and longtime politico Mike Tracy. Since the five commissioners are elected only by residents of their respective districts, that means only 20% of registered voters qualify to vote for any candidate. To win seat 5 all it takes is 34% of 20% of the voters! In essence, one could be elected with 7% of the total votes cast in the ACHD election.

The GUARDIAN has asked all three candidates about their view on having county-wide votes with commissioners living within specific districts. Baker favors such a plan and claims she once supported the idea for Boise City Council as well. Rick Just is all for it and Tracy said he would “be open to considering the idea.” Perhaps we can have a voice for the other 80% of the people who spend our tax dollars at ACHD.

Just ran for another seat two years ago, but has since moved and will now oppose baker. Just favors choice in transportation and supports driving, walking, biking, and transit. In the past he also favored horses.

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  1. …and would our Boise Guardian like to discuss how and why the highway district was balkanized into five districts, each of which elects its own commissioner?

    It is a tale worth telling. Among other things, it became more difficult for Boise citizens to be heard by the commission.

    EDITOR NOTE–We would be most appreciative of a guest opinion.Send it to my private e-mail address.

  2. You know what I would like? An easy database of how each commissioner voted on each issue. Most issues are mundane but bike lanes in already congested areas, removal of downtown on-street parking to serve a tiny tiny minority of bicyclists and the St Luke’s Jefferson St folly are worthy of voting a commissioner out, or keep them.

    I mean really, how many of the electorate know how any given commissioner voted on any given issue?

    I still don’t know how the vote went for giving Jefferson to St Luke’s. It was 4-1 with Baker voting for St Luke’s.

  3. If we had county wide voting for ACHD Commissioners, there would probably be bike lanes downtown. Jefferson Street conversion called for removal of parking and adding bike lanes, but ACHD reversed that decision.

    Not easy to find, but meeting minutes provide a wealth of information.

    ACTION TAKEN: Motion went to a vote and carried 4-1, Commissioners Woods, Baker, Goldthorpe and Arnold aye and Commissioner Hansen nay.

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