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Credit Union Robber Strikes Again

Some folks prefer credit unions over banks for their financial services.

The GUARDIAN has enhanced images of two armed robberies and it appears the guy who robbed the credit union on Orchard October 5 is the same one who robbed the Idaho Central Credit Union at 6700 Overland Thursday.

Credit Union robber 10/5/16

Credit Union robber 10/5/16

Overland robber 10/27/16

Overland robber 10/27/16

Note the beard, exaggerated white of right eye, style of hat. Coppers haven’t confirmed our suspicions, but they are welcome to use the images for witnesses to identify. NOTE: Coppers have now confirmed the GUARDIAN assertion. Same guy at both places.

Boise Police officers are investigating a report of an armed robbery at a bank on the 6700 block of Overland Road at approximately 5:16 p.m. Reports indicate an adult male entered the bank and demanded money, and got away with an undisclosed amount. He was last seen fleeing on foot southbound from the bank.

Call Crime Stoppers: If anyone recognizes the male suspect, or has any information about the robbery, they are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

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  1. Nice picture, he shouldn’t be too hard to find. Crazy eyes.

  2. Seen this guy several times around town… just can’t place it.

  3. In the spirit of the county report of the inmate who escaped prison and it was called a “self-release” I would like to suggest bank robberies now be called unauthorized withdrawal.

  4. Yossarian_22
    Oct 30, 2016, 5:42 pm

    When they catch him, he can’t use the Too Big Too Jail argument that Eric Holder used to protect his banking buddies. There are 2 kinds of laws…the one for us and the one for those with Teflon coating. Hillary’s coating just may be flaking off now, though.

    EDITOR NOTE–That is about the longest stretch we have seen to get political!

  5. So, tell me, what is the difference between this guy and a politico or bureaucrat who uses a lawyer to manipulate and circumvent the intended and legitimate process of respecting the voters wishes on taxing, debt, and spending.

    Although obviously an illegal activity, and I do not condone it, this guys intentions are probably more acceptable than the dirty politico.

  6. AbolishGovernment
    Nov 1, 2016, 4:40 pm

    On getting political…
    Since the Bankers steal from us thousands of times more than the robbers steal from the banks, and there are endless bank robbery stories, and few criminal banker stories, I’d say “fair & balanced” doesn’t exist in American corporate media. That’s the BIG story.

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