U.S. Election A Joke To Others

Sorry for lack of content. Been busy traveling to Vietnam, chasing lost bag and making photos for the day job.

Meeting folks from Australia, Holland, Germany and Canada who ALL think our election and candidates are a big joke.No one has mentioned Russia’s Yeltsin, but that is how they seem to feel.

Tourism dominates all of Vietnam. Just in 2 years I am seeing HUUUGE development and some pretty cool infrastructure developments. Scooters outnumber cars by about 20 to one, hence noise and crowding abound. Team Dave would be impressed, despite no trolley.

I will meet with ministry of foreign affairs cultural officer next week for Vietnam TV segment if all goes well for story on my book, DRAFTED!, and reuniting with the little kid from war years who is now 54.

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  1. Yeltsin was drunk and disoriented. The Russia high ranking brass had woken him up to push the button. He was sitting in front of the briefcase to initiate a full scale retaliatory strike against the west when a Russian Colonel determined the alarms were triggered by a Finish science rocket headed away from Russia. There are several similar stories… And which bunch of nincompoops thinks the Iranians need enriched uranium and plutonium for a power station… just a matter of time.

    Pay for Play needs to be life without parole too.

    It’s not a joke to be a passenger on the bus driven by fools and crooks.

  2. Yossarian_22
    Nov 5, 2016, 10:34 am

    This campaign is the most bizarre election yet. I know the whole world is shaking in fear, no matter who wins. Hillary wants to pick fights with Russia and China and Trump is unpredictable. We so need a new slate of candidates, but it’s too late. I will state that both leading 3rd party candidates are much more appealing than the Duopoly pair.

  3. There was a story on the daily paper’s website – in the primaries, less than 4% of Idaho’s voters picked either of the two finalists. Gives me confidence in my fellow Idahoids, at least…

    This election season has brought us historic mud-slinging. I guess when you have nothing positive to say about yourself, your message has to be, “Sure, I’m terrible – but my opponent is even worse!”

    Regarding the book Drafted!, I read it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our esteemed Guardian tells of his adventures in the War… fortunately for us on the periphery and carrying a camera instead of an M-16. Much like the more recent conflicts in the Persian Gulf region, Vietnam left an open sore on many Americans… my favorite part of the book is Dave’s explaining how his “wounds” were healed after the conflict ended. It’s a story of redemption. Recommended reading. (Great photos, too – all black-and-white.)

    EDITOR NOTE–Bikeboy, thanks for the kind review! I am writing this from Phu Quoc island. An hour ago I toured the infamous POW prison where South Vietnam “Puppets of American government” kept prisoners in “tiger cages” and shipping containers as punishment and torture. The tour group included a German woman and a Japanese-American from Hawaii. Silence and head shaking all around as we all muttered about places like Minidoka, the Nazi’s infamous camps, Abu Grave, Guantonamo in Cuba. Really put folks in the mood for the pearl factory!

  4. Eagle Writer
    Nov 6, 2016, 10:23 am

    I am happy (mostly) with my candidate and I have already voted.

    I don’t much care what the rest of the world thinks. Let them build buildings with functional toilets, reduce pollution so you don’t have to wear surgical masks daily, and grow their economies so they do not need our foreign aid. Then “maybe” I’ll care.

    Dave, travel safely, enjoy, and get your work done. Tuesday and Friday are big days back here!

  5. I’ve always vote in Idaho and always known who will win before election day. Same this year we already know who will win. Idaho just can’t make changes

  6. AbolishGovernment
    Nov 7, 2016, 5:05 pm

    The “democracy show” is just a sad parody of choice.
    If the Corporate Media lie machine was shut down, and the Sheeple awoke to reality tomorrow, the politicians, bankers, and the Elite would all be swinging from lampposts the next day.
    We are an OLIGARCHY; not a democracy, not a representative republic.
    Oligarchs don’t run fair elections. They decide who their next stooge will be, not the unwashed masses. Two fine stooges are at bat, it matters not which one wins.

  7. And yet,,,, they still come to America in droves.

    God Bless America!

  8. Eagle Writer
    Nov 8, 2016, 2:42 pm

    To Abolish Government,

    With respect, I think it is just not true. Mr. Trump was not the media choice of the 17 R’s in the primary. He spent the least amount of money (by far) and won the primary because of the peoples’ votes.

    In Idaho, in the Treasure Valley, just look back at our U.S. Representatives. Let’s see, back just a few years, Mr. LaRocco (D) was replaced by an R, who was followed by an R, who was replaced by a D, who then lost to an R.

    That seems pretty people and performance-in-office driven to me. We have the candidates we want, state and national, certainly the ones I want. And it’s not because of the elites or the media. This year especially it is more in defiance of them.

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