Boise Council Continues Urban Sprawl Policy

Boise City Councilors continued the policy of “urban sprawl” Tuesday night when they ignored dozens of citizen’s concerns and approved a massive 2,000 home development south of the airport.

Syringa Valley–which has no syringas or valley–will be nearly adjacent to a planned third runway at the airport which is already subject of citizen outrage due to fears of excessive noise from high performance fighter jets city officials wish to see based in Boise. Those who testified Tuesday cited issues with traffic and infrastructure.

In anticipation of the development, Boise Schools previously acquired land in the area to expand the size of the school system which will require, in part, additional funding through a massive $172,000,000 bond proposal scheduled for a 2017 election. They already are planning another school in the Harris Ranch area in the east part of the city due to development there.

While developer CBH Homes is supposed to pay for some road extensions, we have only to look at how the Harris Ranch bridge deal with the Ada County Highway District got amended and twisted to see how certain the ADVANCE road structure will be handled.

Apart from the growthophobe complaints, there is the issue of the city council unanimously thumbing its collective nose at the citizens. The attitude of “we know best,” only lends more support for the “Trump Movement.” That movement could just as easily have been a “Bernie Movement” because folks are tired of status quo at ALL levels of government–just ask the Brits who voted to exit the European Union.

Once again, former BSU football coach Dan Hawkins’ admonition applies: “Bigger isn’t better. Better is better.”

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  1. Am glad I don’t live in Boise anymore and would like to leave the valley. All you think about is moving more people into what used to be a great place to live.
    Now it is like California with the crowding, traffic, crime and on and on.
    Just keep building houses and roads and everything that goes along with overgrowth and the valley is ruined. Who would have thought 6o years ago that it would look like this but the damage is done and can never go back.

  2. Ya gotta love the irony of a city administration that is simultaneously lobbying for a major expansion of the municipal airport’s role (and noise), while approving residential growth that will surround that same airport! (Does Team Dave really even live in Boise? Oh – yeah… in the north and east ends, far from the peasants who are affected.)

    “Syringa Valley–which has no syringas or valley…”

    Maybe Cheat Grass Flats was already taken.

    I love the vivid imaginations of the developers! Some others that always make me smile:
    – Sea Pines (behind the Dennis Dillon car dealership on Orchard)
    – Walden Pond (Hahaha!)
    – The Terraces at Harris Ranch
    – Antelope Springs (no springs, no antelope)
    – Southfork Estates
    – Blue Meadows
    The “pretentious” ones are pretty sweet, too:
    – Paramount
    – Boulder Heights
    – Superior Ridge

    “Yes – we live at… ahem… Superior Ridge! FAR from the Airport, by the way.”

  3. It is unclear from the Statesman article if the Council approved the Kristen Subdivision of 452 homes.

    The Planning and Zoning Commission specifically recommended denial of those 452 homes and instead recommended only 170 homes, then analysis of impacts.

    Who in their right mind would serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission where their recommendations are regularly ignored by the Council?

  4. Yossarian_22
    Nov 30, 2016, 1:35 pm

    Even contemplating ONE more home near the airport is ridiculous. Water infrastructure has always been a big chore for developers moving south. You can’t grow where you can’t get water. Why are they even trying? Where is it coming from? What happened to “Smart Growth” inputs that warn against these build outs?

  5. Did I hear correctly that team beiter REMOVED the density limits? And amended the Comprehensive Plan to support it?

    Bigger is simply bigger and more dense makes no sense.

    The feds will need to buy up all these homes when the F15s or F35 arrive. 🙂

  6. How do you figure the “Trump movement” has anything to do with it? Trump and his minions don’t seem the type to support ordinary citizens against big business.

    EDITOR NOTE–S, the issue is one of “Anti-establishment popularism,” not any political party. City council routinely holds hearings with overwhelming opposition to an issue, but go against the will of the people. Same was true in earlier post regarding the airport noise. The airport manager sought only to “sell” her master plan, not respond to the will or needs of the people. YOU see it at the legislature when it comes to health care, education, term limits, gay rights/marriage, ag-gag, etc. The rule of law or will of the people means little at all levels.

  7. I was only able to listen to the last half of testimonials via life feed of the council meeting. I was shocked at how quick the city council dispensed with all the valid comments people living in the area had and then unanimously approved all amendments and rezoning requests the builder wanted. President Clegg obtained a small commitment from the builder’s representative that only 12 houses would be built until the Lake Hazel to Orchard road was built. But nothing was mentioned about all the traffic that would happen just building the roads and utility infrastructure before these 12 houses could be built. Another greedy builder wins again. Shame on you Boise City Council.

  8. Every person that voted for the mayor and each council member are directly responsible. You get what you elect.

  9. Chickenhawk
    Nov 30, 2016, 7:06 pm

    Has anyone ever wondered if there is some type of conspiracy theory behind the city council giving all these free passes for mass developments and subsequent Californication? Perhaps the Bieter Administration (Team Dave) is privately hoping attract as many liberal democrats from California as possible in an effort to change the political landscape, especially in the wake of the Trump presidential victory.

    After all, the democrats lost legislative seats in once-prominent democratic strongholds such as Lewiston, Moscow and Pocatello.

    Either that or Corey Barton was a big donor to the mayor’s reelection campaign…

  10. Janet Harman
    Nov 30, 2016, 7:45 pm

    Voter: The feds won’t buy these homes because the new owners will have to sign an aviation easement – signing away rights to complain about noise overhead. Not sure about the details, but buyer beware.

  11. Bigger isnt’ better.
    Bieter is better?

    I presented City Council with the data on the state of aquifer in South Ada County, which they dutifuly ignored.
    I think the voters still can vote against the school bond, and that could delay the full subdivision build out.
    Also, people have to start reading those avigation easements before buying homes in Syringa Valley.
    And need to be informed of plans for 3rd runway, and F-15 or F-35 in quite near future.
    This can also slow down the growth in that area.

  12. Clancy Anderson
    Dec 1, 2016, 3:57 pm

    I wonder if this sprawl can pay for its’ self? CBH did donate 7 acres for an elementary school to go along with the 50 acres that BSD had already purchased for JR/SR High. Now it would be nice if BSD could assess impact fees to pay for those new schools. Unfortunately the legislature has shot this down over the years, the last time in 2006.

    Documentation about this developing including the 7 acre donation.

    Bikeboy….you missed Reflection Ridge in Meridian.

  13. Funny
    The school district requested the 1st owner to donate 10 acres.
    When the land was resold to CBH homes, the size of the donation changed to 7 acres. The 3 acres was taken over by apartment multiplexes.

  14. Steve Rinehart
    Dec 3, 2016, 7:46 pm

    If you are surprised at how readily the Boise City Council rolls over for developers, check the election campaign contribution reports on the city clerk website. See the $1,000 checks from real estate companies, homebuilders, subdivides and related concerns.

    EDITOR NOTE–They all say there is no “quid pro quo.” However a local attorney has told us, “There is no reason for quid unless there is the pro quo.”

  15. My latest message to Mayor Bieter:

    There are more developers in Boise than the trees.

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