Boise High Football Coach Victim of Academics

Boise High football coach Bob Clark resigned Friday “to pursue other interests,” according to the Boise School District. Clark ended his career with a 26-92 record.

The GUARDIAN spoke with a Boise fan who is also a friend of Clark’s. He defended the coach and explained, “They will never have a good team there. All those kids are interested in is academics.”

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  1. Can you believe it? A school interested in academics?

  2. Priorities. Imagine a world where top NFL players received $1000/game and full medical coverage. Imagine a world were the most important and highest paid people at a University were scientists and engineers.

    Passing grades. Academic institution players should not be able to play in a game if unable to satisfactorily answer a random spot question or SA, immediately prior to the game, covering the prior weeks classroom content. No tutors allowed and efforts will be made to have it a genuinely random question.

    No muscle compounds. Any evidence of artificial muscle growth induced by substances banned by the Olympic games shall result in lifetime ban from academic sports. Test the coaches and trainers too.

  3. Of course I failed the SA… I’m a footballer

  4. What is an SA?

  5. My Two Cents
    Dec 7, 2016, 2:25 pm

    Ridiculous. My child is a 2012 graduate of Boise High, and I distinctly recall a top notch golf team and choir, among other successful extracurricular activities. BHS’s football team was always subpar. I would suggest it is POOR COACHING, not a failure of the students to focus on the sport. Many at Boise High have great academics, and actively participate and excel at extracurricular activities as well. Good riddance to him.

    EDITOR NOTE–We hear those nerds also like soccer and laCrosse too.

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