CWI Bond Try Paid Big $$$ To Local Media

College of Western Idaho Paid $370,000 to consultants and local media outlets in the campaign to pass the $180 million bond which failed to pass November 8.

The IDAHO FREEDOM FOUNDATION did a great job of tracking down the financial details which they revealed this week. The RECORDS request revealed a pattern of unseemly spending which the GUARDIAN feels violated the Public Purpose Doctrine outlined in many lawsuits over government spending to influence the outcome of an election.

Here is a link to the COMPLETE STORY at IFF.

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  1. TF Boy – much for those comments on your Nov 15 post that no tax dollars were used in the campaign. There is no way you can spend $370.000 and not spend tax $!

    Is this something the AG’s office should investigate?

    EDITOR NOTE–Under Idaho Code the AG can only investigate county officials. If there is indeed a criminal case, the county prosecutor can declare a conflict and ask the AG to prosecute. In this case, I am afraid it is an apparent civil violation. The school will claim it was strictly “informative.”

  2. Wonder how much CWI president takes in salary annually?

  3. If I read it right on their web site, they aren’t even accredited on their own. They have some kind of deal worked out with CSI. Their pre-election flyer had nothing to do with enticing students. Thanks for the link to the IFF article.

  4. Hard to find the President of CWI’s salary, since he is not a state employee it is not on the typical databases, but the national average is $157-$190K for a community college prez.

    Accreditation takes time, a new institution needs a sponsor like CSI which is already accredited. If they do not have their own accreditation in the next couple years I think they have issues, 5-7 should be enough, they are nearing 10

  5. Accredited yet?
    Dec 6, 2016, 1:57 am

    OMG! These people are tapping us on taxes just like a K-12, and now also want a huge bond to build themselves a new palatial administration fortress on the river but they are not an accredited school? What? That means students can’t transfer credits. Little private schools have been crushed for student load fraud for doing this. What? That can’t be right.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t panic. As we understand it, CWI has a piggyback arrangement with CSI in Twin Falls that uses the CSI credentials. However, it would seem that time has come for CWI to stand on its own before asking for expansion funds.

  6. chicago sam
    Dec 6, 2016, 9:20 am

    Boise Weekly in an 8/14/2011 article reported Bert Glandon CWI Pres. had signed a 3 year contract for $175,000/year. Current salary or contract remains unknown. Also, what perks were included but would assume health insurance, contributions to retirement etc. which in many cases can increase cost of employee salary by 50%

  7. western guy
    Dec 6, 2016, 10:15 am

    I see that ‘Accredited yet?’ logged in at 1:57 am. He’s either not sleeping well or doesn’t have to wake up for actual employment (a common theme among internet blogger/trolls).

    Look up accreditation at the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. They accredit real institutions, not Stephens Hennagar, Corinthean, ITT, etc. Oops, one of those died and one more is on the rocks.

    Read about the accreditation arrangement that CWI and CSI have, on the CWI website. Ask questions, become informed. Read more, and not on this blog. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

  8. Accredited yet?
    Dec 6, 2016, 3:46 pm

    In my life long quest to educated myself, I called Notre Dame and asked if I can transfer my CWI credits. They said they’ll get back to me. Fingers crossed!

    What does accredited mean? Is there different levels of it? A friend in admissions (California system) told me the process of credit transfers is murky and not at all as simple as many think.

  9. western guy
    Dec 6, 2016, 7:19 pm

    Accreditation and transferring credits are related, but only somewhat.

    Virtualy any institution will transfer the credits from another (both accredited), BUT not every credit you earned at Podunk U will transfer toward a MAJOR in Bio-engineering at Notre Dame. There are core credits (normally taken in years 1 and 2, then the credits toward your major.

    Go find a reputable source and read up on this stuff.

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