2017 Resolutions Unchanged From 2016.

The new year resolution list hasn’t changed, so we will gladly post anything you wish to add.

The GUARDIAN promises to at least try to have a more positive attitude during the coming year. One step in that direction would be fulfilling the following list of New Year’s resolutions:

–Boise city council will abandon any plans for a trolley or any other permanent tracks in our streets.
–Taxes will be reduced across the board at the state and local level.
–The Idaho legislature leaves town after a month with improvements to education funding and eliminates corporate welfare programs.
–Downtown Boise streets are restored to previous widths by eliminating ALL street closures for hotels, convention centers, etc.
–Annexation laws are changed to allow both city residents and future residents to vote with approval of both groups required.
–Local TV news shows will not be allowed to ask questions about weather (will it snow?) and weather segments will be limited to 1 minute per broadcast.
–Idaho Statesman’s front page cannot feature any story or photo more than 24 hours old.
–All bicyclists wearing dark clothing at night with no lights on a bike shall serve mandatory prison sentence of 10 years.
–All politicos shall be limited to one term in any office with no retirement programs.
–When political campaign funds accumulate to an amount deemed by the GUARDIAN to be excessive, the money goes to the general fund of the city, county, or state.
–Anyone using the term “most livable city” shall be forced to write “I will never say most livable again” 100 times in cursive.
–Anything Kardashian shall be declared “terrorist” and blown up. Any news media publishing or airing images or words on the topic shall be banned.

Those are just a few of the resolutions we would like to see in the next 12 months in an effort to make this a better and happier world. Happy New Year to one and all.

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  1. TV weather persons shall never tell me what I need to wear or how to drive during their allotted 1 minute. They shall never use the phrase “as well” or the word “area” (as in “It’s going to be cold in the McCall area.” I understand that the cold will not stop at the city limits.

  2. Happy New Year!
    Dec 29, 2016, 4:56 pm

    Oligarchs New Years Resolutions
    1. End financial life support for the economy. Blame the resulting economic crash on Trump and the deplorables who elected him. Create a “solution” that will give trillions more dollars to the biggest banks.
    2. Start a war with Russia based hacking for which there is no evidence.
    3. Ban cash so they can tax and control everything, then go to negative interest rates on citizens savings.
    4. Create push to nationalize local police through constant corporate media stories making cops look bad.
    5. Continue eroding civil liberties in the name of making us safe from terrorism (which they create (False Flag)).

  3. I like these resolutions but need to add some clarifications and additions.

    Politicos should spend one term in office and one equivalent term in jail.

    Any mention of the Trolley shall (other than to drop the matter entirely) result in a mandatory suspension of 120-days without pay. That should bring better voter appreciation as well as accountability.

    Developers in Ada and Canyon should be told NO on a much more regular basis.

    ITD needs to widen the freeway from Franklin in Nampa to the Middleton exit (exit 25) instead of to the marketplace exit (Nampa Costco).

    ITD also needs to widen SH 55 from Middleton Rd. in Nampa to the curve above Marsing.

    No F-35 period. Not real thrilled by the F-15 either. Isn’t there a better alternative like Mt. Home?

    Consolidate, the Boise, Nampa, Kuna, Eagle, Star, and Meridian Fire Departments. Same for Ada and Canyon County EMS agencies.

    Dec 30, 2016, 8:09 am

    Just heard that the mayor and Tom Alquist have quietly created a task force to spend $185 MILLION on the trolley!!!!!!!

    St. Luke’s and BSU are accomplices. Get ready for your taxes to go up, your BSU tuition to go up and the cost of your St Luke’s healthcare to go up!

    They must be having their meetings in a pot smoke filled room in Ontario Oregon.

  5. Clancy Anderson
    Dec 30, 2016, 8:52 am
  6. Pretty clever the way they have fixed the financing so that there will be no public vote. LID?? Don’t think that has been used much except for sidewalks. Projections of revenue in these projects are notorious for their in accuracy. Subsidy of as much as $10.00 per rider. WOW –worse than the bus system.

  7. That Trolley thing is really overrated.
    I used to ride all of them, trams, trolleys, buses and vans, in my hometown on another side of the planet.
    The trolleys are the worst public transport, least reliable and slow.
    The Mayor wants it for reasons other than logic and public benefit.
    So the New Years resolution really should be to let Mayor Bieter go.
    But that should be a resolution for an election year.

  8. @David
    I started a community page on Facebook
    To connect with likeminded people for the upcoming public comments on the base selection for F-35
    Please join our social network.

  9. Can't follow Inna link
    Dec 31, 2016, 2:10 am

    Hoping Bieter and pals get shipped with the changing times, but unlikely. Our isolation and large number of zeros who refuse to put down the meth pipe and vote mean he’s king for life. Probably be governor one day.

    Did you see we are #5 in nation for refugee dumping. None in liberal states. Only strong red states. Obama is dung.

    Inna, whatever kind of link you posted for f-35 page it goes to nowhere. I did find the page with a search, but many will not bother. Thank you for starting the page. Yes, F-35 is overly expensive and incompetent at everything. However, our concern in Boise is about noise, not beating up on a lemon. We don’t want anything with an afterburner due to degradation in quality of life. Suggest you focus your page on Boise and Noise impact. It is costing about 25% of the total pentagon budget and it’s a lemon-dog. So we might get something else instead.

  10. Yes our main concern is also noise.
    And I will post more noise related updates.
    @funfactsboise has to be used in search field after logging into facebook.

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