Iowa Suit Claims Multi-State Lottery Was Rigged

Officials at Idaho’s lottery told the GUARDIAN Thursday “the Idaho Lottery is aware of the circumstances regarding Eddie Tipton and the Hot Lotto game.  Eddie Tipton was not paid the prize. He was caught. The process worked.”

The multi-State Lottery Association’s former security director, Eddie Tipton, is charged with installing software on lotteries’ random number generators that allowed him to predict winning numbers on three days of the year. The scheme allegedly lasted for years.

The DES MOINES REGISTER has a detailed report on the legal action against Tipton.

Idaho officials say, “None of the Random Number Generators used to determine winning combinations on Idaho Draw Games were ever programed by, influenced by, or touched by Eddie Tipton. The Multi-State Lottery Association has examined its security processes and procedures and we are confident the play on multi-state lottery games that use Random Number Generators are safe and secure.”

When asked if Idaho would refund any of the money bet during the rigged games, the declined comment, citing “pending litigation.”

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