Politicians Gone Mad!!

While the media and national politicos are obsessed with President Trump’s performances and cabinet picks, the local crazies seem to be made of Teflon. No one seems to notice (or care) what they do.

Today Trump, at a prayer breakfast, called for prayers on behalf of a fellow TV performer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, because of low ratings.

In Boise Team Dave has launched a “snowball fight” with the Ada County Highway District over clearing the streets of snow.

The legislature got after a female member who said the only way for women to advance their lot at the Statehouse is to “spread their legs.”

The topper came when the Boise City Council passed a resolution designating Boise as a “welcoming city.” The resolution proclaims, “We urge all residents of Boise to do their part in reaching out and welcoming all those who live in and visit our great City.”

Not to be confused with a “sanctuary city,” the move is like someone selling “gluten-free coffee, low calorie water, creating a nuke-free zone, promoting diet and exercise for health, or offering chips with 20% less fat.”

Folks, it means NOTHING!

Boise School District is promoting a $172 million bond that “won’t raise taxes.” NOT!! They are promoting a bond that will create long term debt on every parcel or real estate in the district for $172 million over the next 20 years. We can only hope the kids they teach are smarter than the administration.

IF anyone has more examples of political theater, please share.

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  1. chicago sam
    Feb 2, 2017, 4:35 pm

    City of Nampa in the last year has raised irrigation fees 56%. When they received more revenue than expected they spent most of it.
    Impact fees have been lowered as well as the most recent hook-up fees for new residents and at the same time they raised domestic water and sewer fees on present home owners and commercial by 8% for each of the next two years.
    Welcome wagon for newcomers and developers with a poke in the eye for current residents. Subdivisions have been OK’d as far as a half mile outside city limits. Guess what that does to ongoing costs even if the pipelines are paid for by the developers.

    EDITOR NOTE–Your city fathers don’t like being #3 in population!

  2. chicago sam
    Feb 2, 2017, 4:40 pm

    Domestic water fees were raised 18% last year as well.

  3. Idahocrystal
    Feb 2, 2017, 6:39 pm

    You mean like the legislator from Athol who apparently needs a primary civics lesson? Presenting a BS bill to assauge some ignorant fears of an imminent Muslim infiltration of our government in an evil plot to implement sharia law. It’s embarrassing that people elected to pass laws don’t know that our constitutionally-protected right to freedom of religion also ensures our right to freedom *from* religion.

  4. Isn’t it WONDERFUL, that our City Council was prepared to compose a knee-jerk resolution, in response to the apparent knee-jerk immigration executive order? (gush… gush…)

    As silly as that seems, it’s preferable to a vandalizing/looting response, that’s taking place in the blue states.

    Since our local issues are pretty much resolved now, I propose the following:
    – Fix up the city website so that citizens can vote on what Trump did this week, that outrages them the most.
    – Every week in Council Meeting, they can tally the results and compose a “resolution” expressing the Official Boise Opinion. (I’d recommend an hour. They could probably knock it out in a half hour, but they need to have all the “whereas’s” and “wheretofore’s” in their proper places, to give it the desired panache.)

  5. Oh! With regard to the upcoming $172 million bond election, that “won’t raise your taxes”…

    They’re selling it the same way car dealers sell cars… “Look! You can get into this car for only $349 a month!” You don’t see that you’ll be paying it for 8 years, until you’re signing the papers.

  6. I got so disgusted with being the only “right” thinking voter in Boise’s North End that I moved to Wilder two years ago. No “Neighbor Dave” (apologies to my musician friend using that appellation)to promote trolleys here in western Canyon county. No need to welcome Hispanics out here, who were here first and provide some of the best off-the-Idaho-Statesman-Scene food in the valley. Boise liberals deserve each other. Moving to the fruit and hops and wine country has been a blessing. Let the F-35s fly! Much easier on my ears to deal with a jail problem that needs expanded or replaced. (I recommend a site along Simplot Road.)

  7. 1984 is now
    Feb 4, 2017, 1:32 pm

    The root source of our evil, are those wealthy few who control/own our politicians, as well as our tv, radio stations and newspapers.

    Every “news” story we see on the main stream media is slanted state propaganda, designed to influence the citizens perceptions of reality. If you want real news, just go to one of the sources listed as “fake news” by the MSM.

    If the incurious corporate media spent any significant amount of time exposing our criminal politicians and bankers, we would be living in a wonderful place where the needs of people were met, before the profits of the corporations.

  8. Empty Bus is Good
    Feb 5, 2017, 4:50 am

    The word for Trump is reckless. And I voted for him with this in mind.

    The man is sure to weaken the office of the Presidency and this is good. The position has become much too strong and centralized since the coup of FDR and follow on strongmen of the Cold War. Trump’s bombastic tendencies will force those safely hiding in the Congress to reemerge as the traditional statesman and leaders they are suppose to be. Kinda like JFK, LBJ, and Nixon corruption created Frank Church and friends.

    The dictator we fear will actually result in having huge arguments between Executive and Congress and the States, thus better policy and a more balanced government.

    ***This didn’t happen with lackey Obama because arguing with a mushy moody over educated attractive black guy is racist. Even if he’s a pinko commie and a fool. All the white women said “racist” so what can ya do? With Trump it’s fair game. Girl power activate!***

    Don’t worry about that judge, he’s a fair guy and the look on his face tells of his low opinion for Trump too. Roberts is probably a democrat. So relax about that. Two fruitcakes on the court from Obama is more than enough. Abortion is murder, and gun free zones are the most violent dangerous places in the USA. You know it’s true, so relax.

    Trump will commit many huge errors, good! However, the only error I fear Trump will commit several times over is to let the warmongering boy scout Generals make all the military decisions thus taking more casualties and having more engagements and more expenses than need be. He will not balance a budget until the military stays in port like a fire extinguisher should stay in the box until really needed. Eisenhower understood this very well. Frat boy JFK dove into Vietnam at the advice of Generals and corporations. LBJ, ego driven jerk. Frat-boy Bush… the same. Well, Trump is a frat-boy too, so congress, you best step up to the plate an take your constitutional powers back.

    Overall this is going to be lots of fun because Trump does not have the power he thinks he has, and he lacks the ability to see his flaws. He may destroy the Republican party! Obama destroyed the democrat party! So win win for America!!! Party on Garth.

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