So Much For Unbiased City Survey Results

Boise’s Team Dave has used surveys to guide their efforts for everything from trolley cars and baseball parks to City budgeting efforts.

Mayor Dave Bieter is fond of using the “survey results” to justify decisions about public safety and transportation.

A reader sent us these Facebook screen shots today, questioning just how valid any survey results may be. Sorta like the various Statesman and Boise Weekly “Best of Boise” features. The fire chief is promoting his department to folks who contact the city. Looks a lot like a Trump “tweet” to some folks.

NOTE–the entries below are screen shot images. The formatting may be confusing. You need to visit the Facebook pages to gain access to the complete posts.

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  1. I heard the survey only went to the east side of boise and it was for 5000. Didn’t give an option for people throughout the city to go on line and give their opinion

  2. NOTHING like a Trump tweet.
    The survey has NOTHING to do with Chief Doan promoting his department.

    I believe is called management informing their citizens of what’s going on and ASKING for input.

    Here you go, SF:

  3. Any survey that does not rely on a decent-sized and randomly selected group of responders is invalid… regardless of the self-promotion angle.

  4. BIeter Begone
    Feb 3, 2017, 1:07 pm

    I took the survey. It was all about how do you get info. Nothing really about how can we make our actual services better or which services are worthwhile or what would you like added or cut. Oh, and how can we wow you. I don’t know Bieter. You can wow me with competence and stop treating me like your piggy bank.

    But you get to choose your gender! Male female or other. I went with other.

  5. Easterner thanks for the info. I did the survey and wasn’t impressed. They do need to listen to us. Should have more questions for improving our way of life. I don’t need a trolley car.

  6. Empty Bus is Good
    Feb 5, 2017, 3:27 am

    Bus Ridership: There is a recent article in Statesman which completely blows smoke up our tailpipe. Bus ridership has nothing to do with funding. It has everything to do with how much of a dump the city is, and how many street people are hanging around needing a free ride to the welfare office. Boise has very little of that, and very low bus ridership as a direct result. Full Bus = Higher Crime and Poverty. The safest day ever at the Mall of America is the day the buses cancel thus preventing the little teen thugs from South Minneapolis reaching the Mall. Statistical proven by bus strikes.

    I’ve ridden the bus in big cities, it’s not a safe place for most people. Only people with liberal dreams of undercutting the average man autonomy and quality of life want public transit expansion.

  7. Ever notice how the most inaccurate and virulent posts come from the late night / early morning internet trolls?

    Oh, and they have a higher rate of spelling errors and rambling sentences.

    Perhaps they need more edukashun?

  8. Empty Bus is Good
    Feb 5, 2017, 6:36 pm


  9. Empty Bus is Good
    Feb 5, 2017, 7:42 pm

    I propose nearly all elected bodies of representation be eliminated throughout all areas of government.

    The current concept of representation was invented when communications could only travel at the speed of a horse. However the bodies of arrogant narcissists who know best the correct use of my money are now obsolete.

    Sophisticated and secure internet communications, giving direct control to the citizen, is the future. In short, we unwashed dopes with night jobs can represent ourselves.

    Snicker at me if you will, but I clearly recall a print newspaper manager snickering at me only 15 years ago when I explained she will one day pen an obituary for the paper itself because of the internet. The days of stuffy elitism in the statehouses and city halls is coming to an end too.

    I hereby name this new concept ‘The Arrogant White-Shirts Must Work For A Living Too’ amendment.

    Ya see sport, people who can spell well often work for people who discover stuff like electricity, but can’t spell. Look it up.

  10. We should require all city employees and the entire City Council to ride the bus back and forth to work and not be allowed to drive cars to work – to justify its costs.

  11. Dean.. not a bad idea.. except many city employees have their own city car that they use to commute. 150 cop cars for starters. A guy in my neighborhood keep his city car (building inspection) parked in front of his house. I am sure there are many others.

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