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FAA Weed In Tower Issue Status

While the FAA has apparently favored the IDAHO STATESMAN with responses to Freedom of Information requests filed by all the local media, including the GUARDIAN, it appears they waited four days to test air traffic controllers suspected of illegal drug use. The FAA staffers supposedly passed their urine tests, according to spokesman Ian Gregor who also said both controllers were returned to duty soon after the incident.

Gregor’s assertion may be meaningless in light of the delay in testing. The Statesman reports, “According to Quest Diagnostics, a company that provides employer drug screenings, urine tests typically detect drug usage from 1 to 3 days before the test was administered.” Internet research indicates frequency of use and fat cells also play a role in the time frame for detection of weed use.

The Statesman reports today that FAA officials revealed urine tests for use of marijuana were conducted on November 23 following a November 19 incident where aircraft could not contact the control tower. See details below.

We have previously REPORTED about and updated readers regarding the incident where Boise coppers smelled marijuana at the BOI airport tower in the middle of the night of November 19 after aircraft were unable to establish communications.

Here is the latest status report from the FAA:
“This email is to notify you of the status of your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request regarding a November 19, 2016, incident at the Boise Tower. Your request was received in our office on December 16, 2016, and was clarified and amended on December 22,2016. At this time we are still working to process your request. We are not yet prepared to release records, although we may be in a position to provide an interim response as responsive records become available for release.”

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  1. Brian Vermilion
    Jan 27, 2017, 1:29 am

    This whole situation just doesn’t “smell” right. Keep digging Dave.

  2. the mystery continues.. thanks for the update.. I am really enjoying this story and look forward what will be provided to you.

  3. Pilot error
    Feb 3, 2017, 7:16 pm

    I just don’t think that the original reports of mj in the tower are accurate. All the tests are saying that there is no mj in the controllers.

  4. Hummm If the powers to be really wanted to know if our Air traffic controllers were using drugs it seems to me they would use the hair test…they say it goes back 90 days…Impossible to cheat… users can’t clean-up quickly…and easy to test.

    It also seems to me that even in the football world of today they do random drug test. Air traffic controllers would be a job that drug testing should be done.

    But I guess in the middle of the night not much is on TV… so what else can you do in the tower?

  5. They are subject to testing.

    I wonder about the original reports too, Pilot Error.

  6. They wanted to know the results of the test before honoring the FOI request. Had they tested positive, it might have been another it is a personnel matter, nothing will be released.

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