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We started the BOISE GUARDIAN as a news blog back in May of 2005. One of the motivating factors was the decline of newspapers nationwide and the drastic increase in government flaks, spokespersons, spin doctors, or other titled “information specialists.” We wanted to give readers a forum to air their opinions and provide “the other side” of issues.

Bluntly put, some of the best reporters have gone over to the dark side and work for the government–the pay is significantly better than in the private sector. As a result we are inundated with press releases that are published with little or no editing or fact checking. The GUARDIAN is guilty, but we try to identify government-produced press releases for what they are.

While the internet can offer up questionable “facts” or as some have come to call them “alternative facts,” the net can also serve as a great communication device. As an ongoing feature we would like to encourage readers to send links to stories of interest to Boise and Idaho readers from recognized news sources, not special interest sites.

Here are a couple of examples that crossed our computer terminal today.

KADENA JAPAN— Local residents near the U.S. Air Force Base on Okinawa have been awarded $265 million in compensation for health-related issues caused by the noise from fighter jets. It is the third time residents have won court cases. Folks opposed to the F-35 being based in Boise have formed a group with a contact at [email protected] to unite fellow opponents of the noise. The original story came from the well known STARS AND STRIPES. Since proponents of the F-35 cite huge economic benefits of basing the noisy jet at Gowen Field, perhaps that revenue can go to compensate residents like they pay in Japan.

3/1/17 UPDATE ON JET NOISE–We got this from the STARS & STRIPES reporter. “There have been many noise lawsuits in Japan over the past few decades. Lot of money being paid out.

The Japanese government pays all fines. They have always paid. The US is here at their request and pleasure, defending their nation, since the island’s reversion from American control in 1972, so we do not reimburse them. They pay. That is “the cost of doing business,” I think is the way it is viewed here. These fighters are American.

ORLANDO FLORIDA–Just like Disney World, it appears the local version of a train is part of Fantasy Land. A report in the ORLANDO SENTINEL shows the “SUNRAIL” train not only costs more than the fare rate, the fare doesn’t even cover the cost of the ticket. That’s right the ticket –not the ride– cost more to produce than the entire fare. The local mayor is “disappointed.” Perhaps instead of more surveys and studies with predetermined results, Team Dave in Boise should check out the SunRail debacle in Florida where there are many more potential riders than in Idaho.

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  1. Serfdom of the Press
    Feb 26, 2017, 5:50 pm

    90% of our media are owned by just 6 corporations. The Press-titutes not only slant news stories to favor corporations, they actively promote lies about the realities of issues like war and terrorism, to manufacture baseless fear in American citizens. This fear is used to strip civil liberties and increasingly enslave our population. The traitorous corporate media needs to be shut down and its perpetrators locked away in prison.

    EDITOR NOTE–This is apparently a “real comment,” but we suspect the White House may have zeroed in on the GUARDIAN!

  2. What qualifies as a recognized news source?

    EDITOR NOTE–The flip answer is, “whatever I decide.” Local newspapers, TV, network news, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. I don’t want to hear about school vouchers from the Friedman Foundation, or the benefits of a trolley from Team Dave. As an example, GOOGLE “downtown stadiums.” Colorado Springs has a well done story (a bit out of date) and there are others that are simply cheerleader pieces for developers. Use your own judgement and the GUARDIAN will tell if you were right. 🙂

  3. Chickenhawk
    Feb 27, 2017, 5:26 pm

    The local news in Boise is a complete joke. Who can blame those former news people who jumped ship to the “dark side” to take “flack” jobs? Who wants to work long hours at a television or print media outlet for minimum wage and high stress? The GUARDIAN rose above the cesspool of propaganda PR crap to provide real, unfiltered, and respected journalism and discussion that Boise desperately needs – especially in this era of taxpayer fleecing in the name of new stadiums, developer welfare, tax cuts for the rich, and more. We read the GUARDIAN every day and wish more people would too!

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