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F-35 Noise Issues Fall On Deaf ears

Gov. Butch Otter, with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter standing alongside, signed a bill Tuesday that will authorize expenditure of $100,000 in taxpayer funds to lobby on behalf of basing the admittedly noisy F-35 fighter in Boise.

Stars & Stripes, the military newspaper in Japan, recently reported a Japanese court has awarded residents near Kadena AF Base on Okinawa $265 million in compensation for health issued caused by the noise of U.S. fighter jets.

As part of our community-based news sharing effort, the GUARDIAN offers up the following links supplied by the group opposed to basing the F-35 in Boise. They feel the noisy fighter should be based at Mountain Home AFB where there are no nearby residences.

FAA discusses home buyouts, F-35 noise maps at Burlington Airport

Home buyout, jet noise creates turmoil in Vermont community

Gov. Otter signs F-35 funding bill

Airport’s Actions Prompt Push to Reexamine Its Governance

Home buyout, jet noise creates turmoil in Vermont community

Okinawans Awarded $265 Million Over Aircraft Noise At Kadena$265m-damages-for-aircraft-noise-at-kadena.html

FAA made F-35 maps for some cities, just not S. Burlington


FAA offers few solutions for F-35 noise mitigation in South Burlington

F-35 Fighter Jets Are Still Coming To Vermont, Despite Review Of The Program

South Burlington Councilors Want Airport Buyouts to Stop

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  1. Would be interesting to see the Governor and Mayor’s portfolio’s and how much they have each received / benefited from Lockheed-Martin. No one really needs this jet except the stockholders.

    I think they city councilors should occupy a home they bought out and when they cannot hear Monday Night Football, watch Boise State Football, or a golf game on Saturday then maybe they’ll understand the problem, but I won’t bet on it.

  2. “Stars & Stripes, the military newspaper in Japan, recently reported”

    Editor, that sentence is not accurate in context.

    Stars & Stripes is everywhere, not just “in Japan”.

    EDITOR NOTE–Having personally visited the office and published a newspaper for my military unit (during Vietnam War), I can assure you there is indeed a Japanese edition of Stars & Stripes headquartered in Tokyo. You are correct about offices worldwide, just like the BBC. The Japanese story probably didn’t get covered as deeply in the European edition of S & S.

  3. Wrong Priorities
    Mar 2, 2017, 1:31 pm

    The hilarity of the duped F35 supporter, is also so very sad.

    All these people thinking they are being patriotic by letting multinational defense contractors take yuge profits at the expense of their property values and qualities of life and personal finances. These people still have not figured out GWB was a corporate owned RINO as is Otter. I’m very disappointed Trump will further expand the military scam of the American people. It will be his most terrible error. And it also means he too is telling us the budgeting lie of 2+2=17.

    Our military could be cut by 75% and still be a tremendous force. It would still be the biggest most powerful in the world too. Do you know why nobody invades North Korea? Because he has one small nuke and a bunch of artillery guns. We do not need 10 super carriers and 20 little carriers to keep our borders. (If these super carriers were really needed they would not park five in the same harbor at the same time.) We do not need 85 DDG/CGs to keep our borders. We do not need 40,000+ armored vehicles to keep our borders. We do not need 2500 new F35s to keep or borders. We do not need 13,000+ total military aircraft to keep our borders. This is simply corporate profit taking at the expense of our civil infrastructure and qualities of life.

    All those potholes in the roads are because you idiots think we need 2500 F35s. All those high school grads that can’t read are because you idiots think we need 2500 F35s. That gigantic medical bill is because you idiots think we need 2500 F35s.

    It’s one of the most successful marketing campaigns in human history. Bigger than Coca-Cola, bigger than cigarettes, bigger than the NFL, bigger than the Egyptian pyramids, bigger than the Great Wall of China, bigger than the Apollo space program. How big is it? Total spending related to the US Military (to include the cost of retired, discharged, and disabled) is about half of the total US federal spending each year. You are being duped.

    But it will bring money to Boise they say! So would building and fixing roads bridges dams power plants power lines irrigation etc. Imagine instead of working your whole life to buy a new tank for the Army you could put that money into your own family.

  4. Yossarian_22
    Mar 3, 2017, 8:13 am

    I agree with you Priorities. Only Empires that want to rule the world need massive amounts of hardware and bases all over the world as we have. Republicans stop being conservatives when they rubberstamp spending for this (and other things). They are hypocrites. Keeping us safe? Hah. Tell that to 3000+ people on 9-11 (Mr Cheney). It’s an illusion. The Swiss got it right. Defend at home and don’t go around ticking people off. The Russians defend at home with $66 bil/yr! But we can’t? The Chinese are above $100 bil/yrn because they are competing with us in THEIR own home waters. But we do need to get our cybercraft act together. He who fights everywhere, wins nowhere. He who spends for this everywhere, loses for their people. The Finns have the best education on the planet, because they really desire it. It’s a national cause. And it’s not expensive either. They actually teach their kids to think critically. We don’t. We make our kids into robots. We don’t teach them thrift. We teach them to live with debt. We don’t teach them to stay out of debt. Banksters love that.

  5. When I heard the mayor say it would bring 2000 jobs I said how many are reserve positions. also that new 2000 home development(syringe) what is going on. They forget for these lawn darts to be here there has to be 2 miles of open land at each end of runway. I lived and worked at WPAFB in Ohio when SAC was still there. I already live in the flight path now. It needs to be at Mountain Home. The money would still be in the state. the Mayor needs to watch that Tom Cruse movie and every time they fly turn the volume all the way up. It still wont match how loud it will be on this end of town.

  6. Empire of Oil
    Mar 4, 2017, 3:49 pm

    Let me explain why we need the F35.
    Politicians need bribes, rich folks need political pork, and America is addicted to oil.
    Any questions?

  7. Even better, this morning S Cole Neighborhood Association received an invitation for its 2 members to attend a PERSONAL PRESENTATION of IDANG F-35 Mission, on Saturday morning 3/11.
    Isnt’ 2 people two too many? Also, it sounds like they already got the mission landed.
    There is no interest or money in doing Boise development right, it seems doing it wrong brings better pay off.

  8. Wrong priorities… You said our military could be cut by 75% and it would still be the biggest in the world…is that what you said? In actuality we would be 17th between Bangladesh and Brazil. Look it up… Kinda makes the rest of your argument suspect.

  9. Wrong Priorities
    Mar 13, 2017, 6:17 pm

    Rick, you are wrong. I am correct.

    Defense spending is important needed and necessary. However we are doing offensive and super duper premium spending instead of defense spending. It’s called waste. It’s called corporate welfare. It’s called creating global instability for profit. The Trumpster will be no different and probably far worse than the last two. I see he’s pushing the Obamacare plan on us with a new name too.

    The military has been dumping men and basics so it can buy overpriced toys. This is harming our defense overall by having less manpower and the wrong weapons. Do you recall when the media pointed out the weaknesses of the BFV before they bought it? The bought it anyway. It has proved vulnerable and is now parked. The newest toys are so sophisticated the engineers who built them are actually working in the military as civilians to operate the deployed toys. F35 is one of those toys. It’s so long in development it’s obsolete already. Brass does not care if they ever fly just so long as LMT hires them as a consultant after retirement. Military is very short of pilots because focus is on toy spending and not manpower.

    75% cut might make us #2, except, it would still keep us at #1 because the numbers listed for our spending are only about 2/3 of our actual military related spending. Even at #17 as you say we would still be safe. All ya need is a few nukes and an effective border.

  10. Priorities…. how long were you in the military?

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