If You Record At Bus Terminal, Valley Ride Staff Will Hassle You, Standing Room Only


Mike Murphy is a stocky guy with a New York accent and attitude who doesn’t like to take any crap.

He is a former taxi driver, mayor candidate, and a champion of civil rights–like freedom of speech. In short he knows his way around, but he can be a little rough around the edges.


While waiting for a bus at the downtown bus depot recently, he noticed a guy “nicely ask a woman sitting on the floor to stand up. She was not in anyone’s way, but the guy told her she had to obey a sign proclaiming she couldn’t sit on the floor.”

Murphy says he suggested they get benches and asked the man who he was. The man claimed to be a “security guard,” but refused to produce identification. “That’s when I turned on the video app on my phone,” said Murphy.

What follows is certainly not the finest endorsement for the staff at Valley Ride. A woman comes up to Murphy and tries to eject him for recording and threatens to call the police–a clear violation of his rights. In the video the woman in dark clothing was the one who originally was sitting on the floor.

See the YOU TUBE of Murphy’s performance, it is VERY entertaining. Although he ran out of battery power, Murphy said the encounter ended when he boarded his bus and departed.

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  1. Wrong Priorities
    Mar 1, 2017, 1:40 pm

    That bus stop looks like a great place for a homeless encampment. It is the dream of Team Dave to create poverty and crime hot spots. This is a great new chapter for Boise.

    They should have put drains in the floor to make it easy to hose down the urine, vomit, and other byproducts.

    I wonder what the ADA says about no place to sit at a public bus terminal?

    EDITOR NOTE–You can sit in the garage with the bus “clean exhaust” and noise. Wonder how the “no sitting” would go over at the airport. 🙂

  2. Empire Strikes Out
    Mar 1, 2017, 2:27 pm

    Great video! Know your rights, and demand them, or they will surely be lost. The only reason for “no sitting” laws is to keep the homeless from having a warm, safe space to rest in the winter.

    Here’s a very short clip on YouTube of the exact same behavior that occurred in the Idaho Statehouse in 2012 when they said wearing scarves was not permitted.

  3. Wrong Priorities
    Mar 1, 2017, 2:49 pm

    I for one have grown very very tried of the door people various businesses have hired to intimidate customers. Fact is the employees are the largest source of loss. Yes really. So if you want me to come in and spend money at your store or bus stop or movie theater or bar or university or car dealership or hospital, it damn well better stop feeling like a trip through Miami Customs. I don’t give a shit if he’s a real cop (off duty). I want respect as your customer rather than the guilty until proven innocent concept these people exude. I have an alternative called Amazon. There will be more alternatives soon. Change or fail.

    BTW, The woman might be on the floor due to a medical issue. It seems like the bus employees don’t want the customers in the same space with them? thus no benches inside. The Pope kisses the feet of criminals and peasants, you could at least be kind.

    BTW, The buses are still speeding most times I see them. Especially on the way to the barn at the end of the day.

  4. Empire Strikes Out
    Mar 1, 2017, 3:32 pm

    Wrong Priorities- Cops actually beat out criminals last year as the largest cause of theft. The fuzzy warm phrase for cops stealing is called Civil Asset Forfeiture.
    Got anything valuable? Cash, gold, car, house? Cops can take it from you and you need to go to court to beg for your property. And the kicker? Cops get to keep the ill gotten property for fun things like military vehicles and weapons to use against us.

  5. Rod in SE Boise
    Mar 1, 2017, 3:44 pm

    Is this the Greyhound bus terminal or the new city bus building next to the “Grove”?

    At any rate, the purpose of not having benches to sit on (and not allowing floor-sitting) is to keep the homeless out, not as someone suggested above, to “create poverty”. LOL And asserting the Team Dave has a “dream” to create poverty is even more LOLOLOLOL.

    EDITOR NOTE–It is the underground transit place. Also, I think the previous commenter was being sarcastic. We all know the “no sitting on the floor” rule is aimed at a specific group. Every airport terminal in the world is full of people sitting on the floor, many with computers plugged into a wall socket. Those passengers are never forced to sit on the tarmac to wait for their ride.

    He can fix it! (sic)

  7. Yossarian_22
    Mar 1, 2017, 6:13 pm

    It’s really interesting to watch society do its thing in such environments. This transit mall was supposed to be a new and wonderful addition to our urban experience. A utility of efficiency and comfort. Well, the reality is that not everyone fits into the vision of the builders’ social expectations. Team Dave had better come up with a solution for homeless folks. At the same time, they had better think more deeply about what their customers and constituents expect from a public utility like a transit mall. The comparison of an airport to this transit station is apt. They are the same. Seating should be provided for those that need to sit down. College kids sit on the floor all the time, while waiting for their rides. That’s illegal now?

    Again, people do what they want in a free society. But this is not a free society when people are ushered around in the masters’ transit mall. Where do people collect their thoughts when they are moved around or forced to stand up everywhere. Next, there will be speakers from the ceiling giving constant orders…..”keep moving, keep moving”…….”no sitting, no sitting.”

    I have always been pro-bus and train. But the implementation has left a lot to be desired. This mall doesn’t seem like a happy place. It’s better than the old curbside model for indoor comfort and bathrooms are available. But you don’t need the Stazi watching and ushering you around. And why is it a crime to video things anymore? I guess surveillance is only a one-way street.

  8. At about the 2:55 on the video, he briefly pans across a sign that says “Smile – you’re on camera.” So anybody in there had a warning.

    I love the stern lady who’s obviously used to people jumping when she says “Jump!” Perhaps if she’d made good on her multiple threats to call the police, they would’ve explained to her that citizens indeed have the right to take videos or photos in public places.

    The reason for no benches – to prevent campers. It’s unfortunate to see all that nice shiny new space that the public is being asked not to use! (But on the other hand, transit terminals are historically a favorite hangout for people who have nowhere else to go. You can bet that without diligence and angry bossy ladies, the huddled-yearning-to-be-free will congregate.)

  9. Angry Floyd
    Mar 2, 2017, 12:18 am

    Nicely played, Mike Murphy. That was hilarious to see that lady spin herself into circles trying to bully you into following her arbitrary commands. My wife and son had a similar experience riding bikes into Dry Creek Cemetary to visit a friend’s grave. A “security” person tried to run them off for being on bikes. Went round and round with plenty of yelling and empty threats. I get it that they don’t want the place clogged with passed out homeless people, but that was clearly not what they were dealing with.

  10. Best comment here: “you could at least be kind.” It’s not that hard.

  11. Kudos to Mr. Murphy for standing up for all our rights he behaved respectfully, the only offense the VRT employees had was not liking the fact someone would not bend to their abuse of power. Mr. Murphy should sue VRT for them insisting he stop recording and essentially removing him from the property.

    VRT should also be sued for their illegal sign of no sitting, I expect a no loitering sign to prevent the public facility from being a homeless camp, but requiring everyone must stand as opposed to sit is not only absurd, it is a violation of ones right in a tax-funded facility, and likely a violation of the American with Disabilities Act where some disabled individuals may not be able to stand for the period of time required to wait for a bus.

    Absolutely disgusting to see a public agency treat the public in such a manner.

  12. Mr. Murphy and the woman who was forced to stand, here is a link to file a civil rights complaint with the OCR office. This link could be used if you feel your civil rights have been violated:

    you should also contact the Region 10 Office of the FTA which oversees federal transit grants in Idaho, like VRT and the Transit Center. They need to know the hostility and possible violations of civil rights occurring in the facilities they fund. With the acceptance of such federal funds for transit agencies and transit projects comes the requirement to abide by the laws of the government including equal access, non-discrimination, ADA, etc.

    Also the ACLU of Idaho sometimes helps represent individuals who may have been discriminated against or had their rightful liberties removed or is otherwise being bullied or harassed, here is a link to learn about how to preserve evidence of such harassment and file a report for ACLU and ask for assistance:

  13. chicago sam
    Mar 2, 2017, 9:09 am

    We used to have a high school principal who walked around with his hands in his pocket as the man? is doing. We called him “scratch”

  14. Good job to Mr. Murphy.
    HELPING other people makes us great!

    I bet that Valley Ride lady and the dufass security guard both voted for Trump. Both should be FIRED for such terrible conduct. Let them work for minimum wage where they belong.

    Rights? Reasonableness? Smarts?

  15. Time for a Sit In at the Bus Pit???

    WORST possible design ever if they actually wanted anyone to ride the bus. But that never was the intention in the first place. It was to sweep the “undesirables” out of the public eye and away from businesses and the Ugly new Gardner Co. buildings by putting them down in the Pit.

  16. The Bus Pit was designed to place folks considered to be “undesirables” out of sight, and underground — away from the ugly new Gardner Co. and other Buildings and up-scale businesses. Now they won’t even let people sit down!

  17. Some “security guard”…. a tiny woman takes over for him? Security guard my ***.

    I didn’t think Murphy was rough around the edges at all….and he was spot on with everything he said. Learn your rights citizens…they are already being eroded.

  18. Easterner: “I bet that Valley Ride lady and the dufass security guard both voted for Trump.”

    Well, THERE is an astute observation! Perhaps the day is behind us, when everything isn’t observed through politically-polarized glasses. But if we have to go there…

    I’d suggest Clinton is the more likely choice. BECAUSE… she would’ve been much more likely to continue pouring the federal money into urban mass transit and such. Federal money for mass transit = job security for guys who couldn’t pass the police entrance exam and ladies who deal with non-compliant citizens, but have marginal “people skills.” (Both of those people might be one paycheck away from seeking shelter at the transit mall themselves!)

    Okay – you can go back to bashing Trump again. Sigh…

  19. Bikeboy,
    Your point is well taken. It really could be either.

    However, given the recent tone of shut down the press, deprive people of their rights, ignore the laws (proven by the courts), acting (tweeting) without thinking, threatening to do something and then not doing it, degrading people of a particular class, and management having a general cluster… who does that remind us of?
    A liar or a childish liar?

    Being a freak about someone videoing a public area is a lot like Sean Spicer seizing cell phones from White House staff employees…paranoia.
    Local VRT management or the White House— a bunch of wackos!

    Efficiently and prudently pouring (federal) money into urban transit really is the direction we as a society need to go.
    The 2C/1A commuter as it applies to us here, only highlights that point. We have a problem Houston.

    Investing in public infrastructure- was one of the messages the other night. That is something we can all support, despite bikeboy tagging it as a liberal program, that is exactly what was promised and might even happen.
    We don’t know who is going to pay for it, or how these “new jobs” will work out for police flunkies, and paranoid bus workers, but we can hope:

    “I will be asking the Congress to approve legislation that produces a $1 TRILLION investment in infrastructure of the United States financed through both, PUBLIC and private capital,”

  20. Aggrieved Party
    Mar 3, 2017, 9:41 am

    On the bright side, the audio on the video wasn’t being drowned out by F-35 noise.
    Something which could only have happened in our newest fallout shelter.
    What better place to debate the loss of civil rights (standing and waiting for a bus that never comes) while the half-life of plutonium to burns off?

  21. Somebody needs to ask this public servant just who appointed her “GOD”. She needs to find another line of employment.

  22. Steve Rinehart
    Mar 4, 2017, 9:24 pm

    Illuminating video. Of course, that is why the bus station workers objected. Holy crap! He’s gonna show people what goes on in here! Are the annoying woman and her plainclothes security guy still working for us? Since we can’t fire them tomorrow, perhaps we could at least give them some training on law and civil behavior.

    EDITOR NOTE–They are probably contract employees. That was the case when we got a complaint of a supervisor assaulting an employee over a year ago.

  23. Don Trump Triumphant
    Mar 8, 2017, 1:10 pm

    Aww. Look at all these SJWs b*tching about rules and enforcement of such. Cute. Maybe you should welcome garbage to your neighborhoods. Practice what you preach, hypocrites.

  24. Steve Rinehart
    Mar 8, 2017, 7:09 pm

    Dear Don T T: one thing that distinguishes this website news forum is civility and thoughtfulness. And ocasional humor. If you have something thoughtful to add to the discussion, and can figure out a way to say so civilly, without name-calling, please do so. Thank you.

  25. My teenage son was at the terminal this afternoon, attempting to utilize our public transportation, which he has done since he was 12. He found today that there is a sign taped to the wall indicating that you can’t sit on the floor. Further, when he attempted to use the restroom he found that it was locked and you had to obtain the code from customer service. He had to wait behind others in line at customer service. By the time he got the code, and used the restroom, his bus was pulling away. Rather than wait 30 minutes for the next bus…he walked home 3 miles. C’mon Boise….you can do better than this.

  26. There will be no sitting in the trolley station either.

  27. As is the modus operandi of Boise’s Shadow Government, the CCDC once again played Bait & Switch with the citizens of Boise.

    Pitching Main Street Station as a modern inter-modal transit station capable of serving Boise and the Treasure Valley’s needs into the future, we instead got an excruciatingly overpriced subterranean White Elephant unable to accommodate the current fleet of buses — no less allow for expansion — and is “inter-modal” in only the broadest sense of the term.

    The interior illustration shown on the CCDC’s website of a gleaming, inviting station with modern conveyances was used to garner public support for this boondoggle.

    What Boise got instead is a glorified parking garage of questionable construction as open, airy, and inviting as Hitler’s Bunker.

    Devoid of escalators, adorned with dollar store clocks, and with a contraption called a “Bike Trough” that is an accident waiting to happen, Main Street Station should be re-purposed and a truly modern, inter-modal transit mall worthy of Idaho’s Capital City be constructed elsewhere.

    Abandon Main Street Station will identify more suitable sites, and propose a provocative method of paying for construction and repaying the Federal Government that includes diversion of the nearly $6 million a year in revenue generated for the City of Boise by the Boise Police Department at

  28. Perfectly situated at the terminus of the Connector, Abandon Main Street Station has identified a site — owned by JRS PROPERTIES III L.P. — that offers the opportunity for a public / private partnership that delivers an above-ground Transit Mall magnificent not only in aesthetic; but, in it’s ability to deliver a truly inter-modal hub, incorporating both Valleyride and Greyhound / Charter Buses, Taxicabs, Shuttles, Boise Greenbike, a Downtown Circulator, pedicabs and more, all within walking distance to the downtown core and the proposed baseball stadium.

    Abandon Main Street Station will be reaching out to JRS PROPERTIES III L.P. in the coming days to propose such a partnership.

    Detailed information about the site can be found at the Ada County Assessor’s website @ [ ]

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