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Boise City Salaries Very Healthy

For the wealthy, it is “no big deal,” for the masses who either benefit or fall victim to the decisions of Boise’s mayor and council it is another example of the cost of living beyond their control.

Sven Berg posted a revealing piece at the STATESMAN today detailing proposed pay hikes working their way through the city ordinance process. According to the Statesman, Mayor Dave Bieter did not a raise during his first 10 years in office. His proposed 21% hike will put him at salary next year of $136,770. Checking prior GUARDIAN posts, we noted he also took a 20% hike back in 2012, jumping up from $91,000 to about $110,000. His current salary is $113,000.

Some other notable top dollar takers:

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  1. Just putting this question out there for everyone: What do you think the people in these positions should be paid? If you think the current compensation is higher than it should be, what should they be paid and why?

  2. Director of Community Engagement?

  3. Erico49: “Director of Community Engagement?”
    Idaho101: “What should they be paid, and why?”

    That position – and what it should be paid – was a noodle-scratcher for me, too! So, I went to THE SOURCE of all accurate information – the Internet!

    I found this:

    “The average Community Engagement Manager salary is $41,240. In San Jose, a Community Engagement Manager can make $110,797, which is 168.7% higher than the national median.”

    I bet Ms. Anderson is VERY good at what she does! (Whatever that happens to be…) And it makes sense that a Boise job would pay so much more than a San Jose job – you know, cost of living and all…

  4. CJ Petrovsky
    Apr 6, 2017, 11:35 am

    This is total compensation, including benefits?

    EDITOR NOTE–The figures are salary only, according to our sources.

  5. I hope Bieter makes a mistake of rasing his own and his friends the Councilors salaries so high, that there will be many people running against them this year, and 2 years from now.

  6. Las Vegas Rebel
    Apr 6, 2017, 1:00 pm

    Director of Arts and History? Are you kidding me?

  7. I’ll chime in that Department Directors are on the job pretty much 24/7. However, those salaries are high for local governments and in some cases high for the area of expertise. Department Directors also get a nice package of perks, including 5 weeks of vacation from Day One, vehicle reimbursement, etc. On the other hand, we all know about Idaho’s penchant for low wages. Most of the Director jobs must be competitive at least regionally (or so they say, even though most of them are filled locally.) For those of you who think government should work more like private business, in the area of salaries government is getting more and more like private business every day. The folks at the top do very very well. And then there is an army of professionals who make very little progress when raises are a maximum of 3% every year. 3% is very different at $30,000/year versus $130,000/year.

    The Director of Community Engagement was a position envisioned by the Mayor for a long time, but not formally created until after the last election. There’s also whole new stable of staff that goes along with this new position. This is in addition to the regular, long-standing Public Information staff that each Department already has on board.

  8. Dave Bieter sucks
    Apr 6, 2017, 2:00 pm

    Glad to see some folks can still live the high life.

    50% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and on the verge of poverty
    33% unable to write a $500 emergency check
    19% with zero savings

    Idaho101 – I’d say the current compensation of our “leaders” should be asset confiscation, flogging, and a week in chains in the public square, before a long stretch in prison.

  9. John Hormaechea
    Apr 6, 2017, 2:24 pm

    These wages appear to be at the higher end, even compared to the private sector for boise. What healthcare and retirement benefits are received, especially when many people have to pay out of their own pocket? I guess government does pay!

  10. POVERTY!

    It’s not even a fair comparison when you don’t include employees’ PERSI and health insurance benefits as part of the compensation. That’s the golden tickets rest.

    Give government more money and they will spend it- ALL.

  11. I would be a little puzzled if I were the city attorney.
    A job that is actually very serious and has a huge influence on the city, in budget and performance… compared to the Director of Art and the Director of Community Engagement are coming in pretty close to a comparable salary…

    A law degree and an office full of stress gets you $30,000 more than a Bachelor Arts Degree???? What?
    Way to go Terri!!!

  12. Don’t forget to factor in the lifetime pensions via PERSI.

  13. Qualification shake down
    Apr 6, 2017, 4:57 pm

    I would like to know the qualifications (years of experience and degrees) required by each job and possessed by each director, and the number of direct reports to these directors.

    EDITOR NOTE–You can get that at the human resources department, probably on-line. Please share it with us so we can let other know.

  14. western guy
    Apr 6, 2017, 9:20 pm

    Waiting for Team Dave response:

    Airport director is paid with ‘revenue’ from your airline tickets (and other places), but doesn’t supervise anywhere near the police or fire chiefs. That’s the reason TD will give.

    Mayor COS makes more than PD or FD chiefs? Not even realistic.

  15. QSD, the Internet has everything.

    Idaho Department of Labor has “average” salary information as well.
    Idaho Dept of HR has periodic job salaries reviews also.

    We all know govt jobs are cushy at the upper levels: Cities, counties, schools, ACHD, it’s all the same.
    So if you can get one and can live with yourself every payday… what the heck. Why not jump on the train?

  16. Director of Community Engagement needs to be re-positioned as the Volunteer Chair of the Community Engagement Committee: Salary $0

  17. I hae had no respect for this major or his council for years. Just look at the way your taxes go up, that is where he gets all the money to pay these high salaries to people that help him make a literal mess of the Boise valley. Throw the bums out next election. Thanks God the mayor says he is’t going to run again. I am sure he has his sights on a bigger pie, like representative or govenor. In a state wide race I think he would loose in a landslide. Sure hope so!

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