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Dogged Determination Nets Six Suspects

Boise coppers have a dog named Rosco with a nose for drugs. Rosco assisted in a couple of arrests Tuesday that netted several wanted persons and suspected drug violators.

Coppers responded to neighborhood complaints in the area of Fairview and Fry and according to a press release ended up making four arrests.

Here is the police summary.

Arrested: Timothy I. Jones, 29, Boise

Charged: Drug Trafficking in Heroin (F)

Boise Police officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for an infraction near the intersection of Five Mile and Fairview at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday.
Drug detection K9 “Rosco” and his handler also responded to the stop and an open air search around the vehicle resulted in a positive alert. Officers searched the vehicle and located a folded piece of tinfoil containing several individually wrapped pieces of a substance which tested presumptive positive for heroin. A search of the driver of the vehicle revealed a plastic baggie containing a large amount of suspected heroin. The heroin weighed over 31 grams, well over the amount necessary to make the charge felony trafficking. Officers placed the suspect, identified as Jones, under arrest and transported him to the Ada County Jail where he was booked under the above charges.

Arrested: Cara M. Holland, 26, Caldwell

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance (F), Criminal Possession of a Financial Transaction Card (F), Driving Under the Influence (F)

Officers conducted a stop on an SUV at the intersection of Cole and Northview at 4:26 p.m. for displaying fictitious plates. An open air check around the vehicle by a K9 resulted in an alert. A search of the vehicle revealed a plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance which tested presumptive positive for meth. A credit card which was reported stolen was also located inside the vehicle. A records check of the driver, Holland, confirmed that she had a felony driving under the influence warrant out of Canyon County.

Arrested: David S. Lester, 26, Meridian

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance (F), Fugitive to Idaho (F)

Arrested: Antonia Loera, 29, Boise

Charged: Probation Violation (F)

Boise officers conducted a stop on a vehicle with an expired license plate at the intersection of 37th Street and Chinden Avenue at 6:10 p.m. When officers spoke with the driver, identified as Lester, they discovered he had an active felony warrant out of the State of Oregon. Officers placed Lester into custody, and a search of his person revealed several pills in his possession without a prescription. Lester was transported to the Ada County Jail. Loera was also arrested on a felony probation violation charge.

Arrested: Gertine Wood, 32, Meridian

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance (F), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (m)

BPD Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was not registered near the intersection Fairview and Maple Grove at 6:32 p.m. A K9 open air search around the vehicle resulted in a positive alert and a search of the vehicle revealed a glass smoking pipe next to the driver’s seat. Inside the pipe, officers located a white crystal substance which tested presumptive positive for meth. Officers transported the driver, identified as Wood, to the Ada County Jail under the above charges.

Arrested: Luis A. Juarez, 29, Boise

Charged: Possession of a Controlled Substance (F)

As officers were conducting a traffic stop near the intersection of Morris Hill and Orchard at 7:40 p.m. they could see in plain view a marijuana smoking pipe. A search of the vehicle also revealed a plastic baggie containing a crystal substance which tested presumptive positive for meth. Officers placed the driver of the vehicle, identified as Juarez, under arrest and transported him to jail.

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  1. Concerned Neighbor
    Apr 27, 2017, 8:27 am

    Great for the police and Rosco! Drugs do an incredible amount of damage to our society and need stomped on. Now we need more education support from the state so that people get better jobs and more hope.

    I would also ask the police to start enforcing traffic safety laws again. I was almost hit 4 times on a short commute this morning. I counted 6 red light runners at just 1 intersection. Boise is now worse to drive in than Philadelphia or DC. Most Livable City is quickly declining.

  2. Concerned Neighbor. We have been “stomping” on drugs since Nixon… to no avail. All it has done is impinge on our liberties. As for the dogs, there is lots of doubt about their “alerts.”

  3. erico49, Louis Armstrong spent 9 days in jail in 1930, for smoking Demon Reefer outside a California jazz club. So it started before Nixon. (The movie, “Reefer Madness” hails from 1936.)

    At this point, it would appear that the primary “reefer madness” is the misguided reaction to a relatively benign drug. State by state, the war is being scaled back. (Idaho and Utah will probably be #49 and #50.)

    I’m another “concerned neighbor” when it comes to meth, heroin, etc. – indeed, there is plenty of evidence that they DO damage our society in the form of addictive behavior, crime to “support the habit,” related violence, etc. So I’d give Rosco a scratch behind the ears for his work, at least in the cases cited by the Guardian. (Is legal prosecution the best response? I don’t know… but it should be part of the available arsenal in the war.)

  4. Bieter Begone
    Apr 27, 2017, 10:48 am

    Maybe so Erico. However, how stupid are you if you have felony warrants and drive with an expired plate and have drugs on you. Or if you have heroin in your car, you commit a driving infraction. This is kind of like Darwinism at work.

  5. I’m opposed to the legalization of hard drugs. I think second time excessive DUIs should be shot at the side of the road. I think marijuana should not be used by anyone who is not in pain and terminally ill because it triggers psychosis in many who would have stayed sane.

    Most likely these were good busts. So don’t take this wrong. That said, we do have to be very careful with cop searches because cops often want an arrest more than they respect your rights. They are dysfunctional about admitting when they’re wrong.

    Devil’s advocate, otherwise known as a defense lawyer explained — As we all know power can will and has been abused in America. Because the drug trade runs on cash all cash has drug residue on it which the dogs will hit on if conditions are right. Some dogs and dog handlers are not well trained. Beware they might run a dog around the car who’s only good at finding tennis balls but claim he’s a special drug dog. So finding large quantities of drugs is one thing as opposed to having the cops rummage through your life finding nothing because the dog or the handler smelled the loose change in the ashtray. This is also a very good reason to never give your pothead friends a ride and never let them in your house.

    Watch the video clip of the East Idaho rest stop accusation and search under false pretenses where a Trooper claimed he smelled drugs when all he had was a out of state plate and a bad tip.

    Where is Idaho at with changing our asset forfeiture laws to be constitutional? Beware; ACLU does not give a crap about Idaho because we vote too far right.

  6. Residue.. Idaho legislature reformed asset forfeiture this year.. Otter vetoed.

  7. Too many old white guys trying to force their archaic ideas on the rest of society.

    Listed offenders’ age:
    29 26 26 29 32 29

    Idaho GOP says, “we need less government intruding in our lives” (as long as you believe the same as we do). Rep Labrador says on tape, we votes his own personal moral opinion regardless of what his constituents believe.

    Legalize drugs and use the proceeds for education and treatment centers- not prison beds. It’s the alcohol and tobacco model.
    Imagine a week when no one gets arrested and the jail is empty. Budgets would crumble. Ha!

    Guardian, your headline has “Five”, you wrote a “a couple arrests”, but you list six suspects… Seems a little “suspicious” writing behavior. Perhaps BPD & Roscoe will be visiting your den. 😉

    EDITOR NOTE–In my defense the press release wasn’t clear, but it appeared not ALL arrests were credited to Rosco. You win on the total count… I didn’t scroll far enough.

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