F-35 Thoughts From Within The Service

The following narrative came in as a comment on another post. It is so well reasoned (dare we say “sound reasoning”) we thought it worth a stand alone post. He summarizes the thoughts of many in Boise.

For fear of retribution, I am commenting anonymously.

I am a military member, Combat Veteran, and very patriotic.
I am not opposed to F35s in Idaho, just opposed to them being stationed in populated areas such as the Boise Airport.

The training range for the Air National Guard is at the Saylor Creek Bombing Range. It is a 110,000-acre bombing and training range associated with Mountain Home Air Force Base that is located 25 miles north of the range. In the recent past, the Secretary of the Air Force said that the Air National Guard would move to Mountain Home and co-locate with the Active Air Force… Makes perfect sense.

Economically – Some personnel of the National Guard live in Mountain Home and commute to Boise, and some Active Air Force personnel live in Boise and commute to Mountain Home. Economically personnel from both organizations live in the valley and contribute to the economy. Stationing F35s in Mountain Home would not have a detrimental impact on the economy.

A little know fact is that there are approximately 110 Full-time Air Guard personnel currently working in Mountain Home.

Noise – There is a significant impact to populated areas when any military aircraft starting with an F identifier is operating in a close proximity, such as the Boise. The noise can be heard in most cities and towns from Boise to Middleton and Caldwell. This affects not just residents on both ends of the runway, but entire valley.

If F35s were stationed at the base in Mountain Home where comparable aircraft already operate, the impact would be negligible. The town of Mountain Home evolved because of the Air base.

The logical, most cost efficient and environmentally sound location to station F35s is at the Mountain Home Air Force Base.

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  1. Yep.

  2. going crazy
    Apr 28, 2017, 3:46 pm

    I agree with this statement. I have been in the military and civil service so what this person is saying is true. The cost savings of having in Mountain Home is a better option than Boise. Sometimes I wonder how the Mayor was as a child. Was he one who kept throwing a tantrum until he got what he wanted?

  3. What's a NA?
    Apr 28, 2017, 4:26 pm

    Can someone explain to me what is a Neighborhood Association? I do not find it anywhere in the paperwork when my home transacted. It is not a City or County function nor is it my HOA. It seems to be some nebulous entity which the City allows to represent me at meetings about important topics, yet I never voted for its leaders nor do I know how to participate in it. WTF?!?!

    As for which base to use. I think the USAF wants to close Mountain Home which is why all the recent pressure to have no restrictions for them at Gowen. Mountain Home Mayor might wish to reconsider his pro Boise stance. Our Governor elected federal team may be assisting to close Mountain Home by being so gun-ho about F-35 in Boise.

    It would sure be nice if the Ada county commissioners and city of Meridian would participate since most of the noise will be outside of Boise city limits. I will vote for an anti-noise commissioner even if an uber liberal from California with gender confusion.

    EDITOR NOTE–Think of the NA as a club. You can join or not. City likes to have them so they can “divide and conquer.” The NAs are quite informal and you certainly can vote for officers. The North End NA used to be super active, but not so much lately. There is still a Hyde Park street fair which I believe the North Enders run. In summary, the NA can serve as a forum to get the pulse of the area. There are about 30 in the city.

  4. A well reasoned analysis of the F-Aircraft in the valley. Mountain Home AFB is a logical solution. Yes, Air National Guard employees may have to commute the 40 miles East. Others will get a shorter drive. Teachers drive both to and from Mountain Home every day educating our valley students, too.

    Boise will soon see a major economic impact that dwarfs this aircraft issue. We will soon have a new baseball complex and trolleys to bring the populace to the many events to be scheduled. Just think of the BSU students who will graduate knowing that they finally have seen a real American baseball game. OOPS. the season starts after school lets out.

  5. Concerned Neighbor
    Apr 28, 2017, 8:17 pm

    Many National Guard units operate out of full bases. Moving some AING to Mountain Home makes sense – if the F35 is happening. What about the C130? The A10 replacement (there are 3 contenders)? What about giving the A10 to the Army? Drones?

    Many of my friends work in Mountain Home and live in Boise. They drive 10 minutes, hop on a van or bus, and do their email on tablets during the commute. That’s less than most of us do.

    I served in the Army so don’t doubt my support for the military. However, you don’t go firing a tank in downtown. That’s what the F35 sound is when launched from an urban airport and the air force’s own documentation showing that it’ll use after burners up to 85% of the time. Not to mention friendly fire because the pork project moves to fast over the ground to see who is one which side – even though it isn’t even functional yet. It’ll work eventually but by that time Drones will take over ground support. The entire thing is a big mess.

  6. @ What’s an NA

    Like it or not, the NA’s show up to City Council meetings and say they represent your neighborhood. With no bias…..If you agree with them, support them, if not, make sure the City Council knows your NA does not speak for you and let your voice be heard.

    I have attended many council meetings, there is usually zero consideration for the opinions of those who do not show up or those who thought an email was enough, sometimes they consider the opinions of those who attend.

  7. Yossarian_22
    Apr 29, 2017, 9:46 am

    I totally agree with the poster on all points of basing logic. And the noise impact will be significant.

    Concerned Neighbor suggested giving the A-10s to the Army. That is actually a serious concept that is being proposed by a military rebuild plan. It would allow the Army to have direct CAS command over their flying tank in the sky. It dovetails with the current Apache and Blackhawk mission using the Orchard range.

    Recently, the C-130 MAFFS guys have been training over Boise and it’s a whole lot more tenable that fighters. I even enjoy the C-130 passes. A MAFFS mission makes more sense for Gowen, along with the A-10 mission.

  8. Neighborhood Associations were originally created to give neighborhood areas some input on Planning and Zoning issues. And to allow citizens to combine their voices.

    IMPORTANT NOTE!!!:That was at a time when the city administration actually took the input seriously and actually valued it.

    For the last 10 years+ the function of the Neighborhood Associations has changed. Now the City administration uses the neighborhoods as a shield from voters and completely disregards anything the associations or the citizens have to say. It allows them to have all the meetings and “gather input” and then do whatever they want BUT they they can then say “we held the meeting and got the input.” (But we will ignored it.)

    Another new tactic used now is to hold an “Open House” and have people from outside your neighborhood, or the effected area, attend and stuff the survey box or stuff the online survey regarding things that will effect you or the area where you live.

    The city departments recruit “interested people” to go to the meetings in areas where they do not live and then influence the outcome of the meeting or the surveys to ensure that the City will get the outcome it wants – or they will just do what they want to do anyway regardless.

    The same thing happens at City Council Meetings.

  9. JJ – Hate to tell you this but in Boise virtually all the decisions the City Council makes are agreed to before the meeting even starts. Everyone knows who is going to do what so that all their political positions can be protected.

  10. simple minded John....
    Apr 29, 2017, 10:17 am

    The logical choice is Mtn Home. Any other is some kind of political game. Political? that means at some point you and I have a vote that makes a difference. Use it. In the meantime a simple email to “their” office will help them gauge and hopefully consider the voice of the people.

  11. I have lived 1.5 miles from the airport for 15 years. If the F-35’s come to Boise I will be selling my house and moving to Oregon. What a terrible idea! If Tommy Alquist gets elected as Govenor I gaurantee they will be brought to Boise. He wants to build huge housing tracts off Pleasant Valley near the airport and who better to buy his homes.

  12. if it is a forgone decision, and we have to endure this invasive, horrific noise pollution, will it be at all hours, and will our property taxes go down? Will real estates be worth less?

  13. Bottom line folks. The F-35 is a boondoggle from the very start. Still in development, the main gun is not even operable and won’t be until 2019.

    This turkey of an aircraft has bilked the taxpayer for over $1,500,000,000,000 dollars. That’s trillions folks. Sit down and count to a trillion, go on, I’ll wait.

    It’s a piece of shit, and a very expensive one at that. Here you are all arguing whether this flop should be stationed in our backyards when the real question should be who is going to prison for foisting off this turdburd on the US taxpayer.

    Americans are an idiotic lot of chest thumping fools.

    “Once upon a time, we looked into the rage-filled eyes of man-eating monsters while brandishing spears. Now, the “monsters” don’t even live on the same continent, and we wave atomic bombs at them.”

  14. Re: F-35 Thoughts From…”
    You did not state whether you live in Mt Home or Boise. If you live in Mt Home moving the F-35s there would be economically beneficial to you. You give some vague inferences and conclude that moving the Air Guard to Mt Home would not hurt Boise economically. No proof offered. All that goes along with no name for fear of retribution so are you breaking a military law or command? You derive your living from the military so aren’t you biting the hand that feeds you? If so, why should we trust you – the military can’t.

  15. What is a NA – Boise City Development services has a list of the registered neighborhood associations. They started in the 1970’s as a reaction to citizens not having an organized front to address development issues, first one was the North End Neighborhood Association. If you live in a neighborhood that has one the contact information is listed. You can then join, attend the neighborhood meetings and even become involved in the leadership. The City requires that any zoning applicant notify the neighborhood association in writing to review the proposed project. If you do not agree with the neighborhood associations position on an issue that is before one of the City commissions as a citizen you can submit you opinion in writing or testify the hearing.

  16. Dave kangas
    Apr 29, 2017, 3:32 pm

    I read an article that the air forces newly upgraded c5’s were sitting due to budget cuts. The planes weren’t there getting air time neither were the pilots.
    I wonder what it would take to create a ANG mission for those??

  17. Roger Perkins
    Apr 29, 2017, 6:35 pm

    May I ask what 110 Air Guard people are doing working at Mountain Home? All of the A-10 mechanics and operations personnel work at Gowen Field as I remember. I worked as an ARNG pilot at Gowen Field for 27 years and as far as I know the Air Guard never did have any of it’s work force at Mountain Home.
    Roger Perkins

  18. Pretty weak argument.

    “logical, most cost efficient and environmentally sound”

    IF one wants’ to say Mtn Home is the most cost-efficient, perhaps they should actually show some COSTS.
    Same goes with the rest of the opinion.

  19. For all you Mtn Home fans, what will you want when the Air Force some day decides Mtn Home is inefficient and the CLOSES the base in favor of Hill AFB.
    Where will the IDAHO Air Guard go then?

    Do we really need to recount all the base realignments and closures to come up with the probability that Mtn Home is not guaranteed in the future?

  20. Let's just close Idaho
    May 2, 2017, 1:19 pm

    Easterner you’re making illogical arguments. To evaluate Mt. Home as more efficient than Gowen is correct.

  21. System Failure
    May 3, 2017, 3:49 pm

    Criminal / Terrorist Federal Government Response to a caring service member making a heartfelt statement of truth?
    Fix obvious problems? No.
    Seek out and destroy the person who dares tell the truth.

  22. No data to back any of this article. Complete opinion. Where are the facts? Why did the Secretary of the AirForce change their minds and not have IDANG move to MUO? No numbers to support “not have a detrimental impact” economically. How is this even an article? Complete opinion. Please post facts, they speak truth.

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