Kim Fields Latest Dope Reporter Winner

Normally a class act among local TV anchors, KTVB-7 showed Kim Fields standing in ankle-deep water wearing chest waders along the Wood River, earning her a coveted DOPE REPORTER award from the GUARDIAN.

With three nominations in our morning mail, it is obvious KTVB has plenty of viewers.

KBOI-2 showed stock images of Garden City while also doing a location shot at Emmett along the Payette River where the previously built levee was holding and there was little to no flooding. No overnight stay at Sun Valley for their reporters.

Channel 2 also warned viewers to stay away from flood waters. Obviously that didn’t apply to TV reporters. With the STATESMAN venturing into shaky cellphone video on-line, it is only a matter of time before they start playing in the water too.

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  1. Channel 2 also warned viewers to stay away from flood waters. Obviously that didn’t (does not) apply to TV reporters.

    Too True!!

  2. If the river would have been knee deep or belly button deep would she grab the waders and get in?

  3. Why don’t these reporters wear bathing suits…….waders just doesn’t cut it.

    EDITOR NOTE–You wanna see Mark Johnson or Rick Lance in a Speedo??? PLEASE, no more sexist comments or we close the thread.

  4. “Always a class act”

    I would like to see a reporter standing in the parking garage of the new apartments at Bown Crossing, in boots or chest waders.

    Then they could interview Derick O’Neil to ask him why his Planning & Zoning Department approved that building.

    Sure the cement parking garage is well designed to accept water- but when the residents have to wade through several inches of water to get to their cars (not) where are they going to park all those cars?

  5. Love it. The chest waders are brilliant.

  6. Chickenhawk
    May 8, 2017, 5:29 pm

    Ripe with a new owner (Tegna) intent on the business as usual plan of streamlining operations to cut costs and increase revenues, it looks like “Idaho’s NewsChannel” has stooped to these antics in order to slow the leak of their sinking ratings ship. Remember when people watched news for information and not for silly entertainment? Oh how the mighty have fallen!

  7. Falling and filling chest waders with water is almost a guaranty of drowning. Good thing only ankle deep.

    Suggested future shots: Straddle a downed power line. Play chicken with a train. Jump bareback on a wild mustang. Jay walk on the freeway. Swim with sharks in Australia. Tell an MS13 member how cute his tats are.

  8. Many More Awardees
    May 14, 2017, 7:35 am

    Not only is this a record year for snow fall but a record year for Dope Awards!

    The Guardian is going run out of Dope Awards this year for sure.
    Karen Lehr from KIVI gets one.

    You might as well give one to female every reporter from KTVB. Morgan Boydston and Alex Livingston now join Kim Fields to round out three now for News Channel 7.

  9. Rod in SE Boise
    May 15, 2017, 1:47 pm

    Why isn’t the local media covering the impending disaster about to befall Boise?

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