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BOISE RIVER continues to flood, there are so many reporters wading in the water we can’t justify any more “dope reporter awards.” Seems like Mother Nature is the only culprit to blame for the extra snow and runoff, but it does seem like there are a lot of structures close to the river.

DOWNTOWN is bustling with conventioneers thanks to laws in North Carolina forcing the boys and girls to use the toilets of their gender birth. Who cars whether or not the lid is up or down?

STREETS CLOSED for assorted races, marathons, X-Games, and other weekend special events prompt a lengthy street closure press release from ACHD every Friday.

F-35 NEWS is getting old and repetitive. We did notice the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director, Carrie Westergard, posted an op-ed piece in the Sunday STATESMAN claiming the F-35 would bring visitors, but not many in the single seat fighter! No surprise, her boss, Chairman of the BCVB board, just happens to be Rebecca Hupp the Airport Director and chief cheerleader for the F-35.

BOISE URBAN SPRAWL efforts continue with plans to create a new subdivision behind Micron off Gowen-Highway21. Maps we have seen show it is within earshot of the proposed F-35 “noise footprint.”

SEN. JIM RISCH was the lead topic on the national news circuit with his defense of Pres. Trump during hearings with former FBI Dir. James Comey. Risch claimed that Trump’s “HOPE” that Comey would cancel an investigation of Gen. Flynn was not an “ORDER.” When Mrs. Guardian says, “I hope you take the trash out,” I know damn sure THAT is an ORDER!

APOLOGY is in order for not keeping up with the blog, but motivation is lacking and things like fishing, travel, and visiting have taken center stage.

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  1. “F-35 NEWS is getting old and repetitive” You hit that one directly on the nail head.

  2. Kent Goldthorpe
    Jun 8, 2017, 8:44 pm

    So how is the fishing?

    EDITOR NOTE–Got some nice smallmouth bass in the Snake River above Swan Falls from a boat. Also caught a big rock with my prop! Minimal damage, but the crunch caused pain in my clenched teeth.

  3. I was there for the fishing. The editor did well on quantity – 5 with a couple of 1 pounders. He is a fishing machine. One of my two tipped out at 1.4 lbs. hehe 🙂

    ALWAYS fun to go with the editor fishing! MUCH appreciated!

  4. Apology for having a life accepted, now back to work

  5. Try living off parkcenter blvd, every other weekend it seems I can not get out of my neighborhood because someone with a cause is running. No beef with the causes but share the pain on road closures with others, not just SE Boise

  6. Speaking for myself, the Trump-Russia-election news is the national equivalent of local F-35 news. I’ve grown fatigued, and it’s pretty much just background noise now.

    I’ve observed something that may be of mild interest, the last couple days.

    Remember the substandard Boise Fire training facility, down near the Greenbelt off Shoreline/Americana? It has been a busy hive of activity this week – fire trucks everywhere, and LOTS of firefighters, practicing their hose work. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that most were wearing Non-BFD gear. A bunch had jackets that said “Seattle Fire;” others had jackets from other jurisdictions. So maybe we don’t need a new multi-million-dollar training facility after all? (If it’s good enough for Seattle Fire, you’d think it would be good enough for our own BFD.)

  7. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 9, 2017, 10:37 am

    Boise River:

    As of today the 3 reservoirs are 96% full and there is, as of June 1st, an estimated 800,000 acre-feet of water in the snow yet to melt.

    (the 800,000 figure is the “50% exceedence” number, meaning that there is a 50% chance there is MORE snow than that and a 50% chance there is less snow than 800,000 acre-feet)

    News reports to date ONLY discuss what happened that day. Nobody is talking about what will happen when the 3 reservoirs are full, fairly soon. (i.e. How deep will the water be in downtown Boise? Will you be able to water ski on Parkcenter Blvd?)

  8. Always appreciate your updates, even if there are gaps in between! Good to be out there having fun! Hey, I think it was the same day as that op-ed piece on the F-35s that it seemed like some 5 letters to the editor supporting the F-35s were planted!

  9. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris.

    In the sense of news, if we don’t look around once in awhile, the news happens and we all miss it.

    Good catch bikeboy!

    Otherwise, before you know it, ACHD, the Mayor, AND President are all acting dictators.

  10. Idaho and her capital city, Boise, are often touted as the place to be FROM, if high $ income is your standard for quality-of-life. (But at least we’re ahead of Mississippi, huh?) Fortunately, some of our expenses are also below-average.

    But certainly not gasoline!

    We just returned from a visit to the East Coast. In Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, gas is 35-40 cents per gallon LESS than it is in beautiful Boise.

    I’m sure there’s a plausible explanation… other than that we’re being gouged by a monopolistic supplier. (Some things never change.)

  11. Dave Kangas
    Jun 9, 2017, 12:58 pm

    go with fishing! Mtn View has been great for me. On my way for third trip this w/e.. going to be windy but what the heck!

  12. Oligarchs Rule
    Jun 9, 2017, 4:11 pm

    Fighting the terrorist / criminal organization that our government has become is exhausting.
    False flag terrorism, false flag mass shootings (notice how they stopped immediately when Obama left office?), civil asset forfeiture, Russia-did-it hysteria based on zero facts…
    The politicians have all the money and time in the world to slip huge gifts to those who hand over bribes.
    The media plays interference for the criminal government by focusing on those who steal bread, while those who steal millions / billions go on to steal even more.
    The Bankers quietly steal our savings as they print more US Federal Dollars for yachts, jets and additional homes. Inflating away our savings is our trickle-down gift.
    Fake news, crooked politicians, greedy bankers, and cops to keep their racket safe from the peons.

  13. US Senator, Good Job JR
    Jun 9, 2017, 4:26 pm

    Yes, our Senator did good. Line of questions showed the sniveler FBI guy was just feeding rumors into the fictional media mess Obama has made to disrupt Trump. Had no harmful facts and still has no facts. He just does not like Trump and is an Obama loyalist. This whole testimony thing is a way to keep the fiction on the front page. Meanwhile he also testified that the AG and Obama and Clinton likely really did conspire to obstruct justice but he dropped it. He’s a very nervous guy because of all the Clinton trash he hid.

    BTW: In other matters swirling around the DC toilet. Did you know large settlements get paid to political favorites and not the damaged parties? Maybe our Senator can fix that too. Is that why Target inc. won’t give me money for carelessly losing credit data?

    Fishing in the rocks — use an aluminum prop so the shaft is not bent. Prop easy for welder to fix up.

  14. Good job Senator? Give me a break.

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the huge jump in our assessments. It is starting to really hurt. A 10% jump is staggering. The value might be there, but in one bite…..

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