Noise Level Doubles Every 10 dB

After spending several hours looking at tutorials, You Tube, and lengthy on-line academic explanations, the GUARDIAN offers the following chart to help understand noise levels (measured in decibels).

The raw numbers are deceptive. For instance 80 dB is TWICE as loud as 70dB. Based on U.S. Air Force figures the F-35 is four times as loud as the A-10 and twice as loud as the F-15.

F-35: 124

F-15: 111.4

A-10: 99.9

F-4: 117.3

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  1. Thanks —

    That is a question we see most often.


  2. Move City Hall
    Jun 12, 2017, 3:44 pm

    Let’s move City Hall to the Industrial park at the airport so they can enjoy the noise they want so much.

    So if they want to buy my house they should buy it BEFORE the F-35’s get approved because my Realtor says the day they announce they are coming my house value is going to DROP 50%.

  3. As long as it’s quieter than an aircraft carrier deck, we’re good! /sarcasm

    IMO, decibel numbers are just something to fill up paper. And noise is VERY subjective. I’ve been at football games where somebody was screaming into my ear and I could barely make out the words, but the sound level wasn’t troublesome. On the other hand, some punk accelerating his motorcycle through the neighborhood at 11:30pm is probably less noisy (as measured on the meter), but certainly more irritating.

    Q: Can the cops issue a ticket to a motorcycle rider for noisy exhaust, if the motorcycle can’t be heard over the jet-taking-off noise?

    I continue to advocate in favor of YOUR suggestion… bring in a half-dozen F-35s and let ’em train here for a week or two, just the way they would if they were permanently stationed here. A real-life trial run would settle the issue… no?

  4. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40255544

    you won’t see this in the IS news

  5. I heard on a talk show today that if the F-35 comes here that they would not fly with combat loads or use afterburners to take off……Really?

    Whoever is selling this crap needs to stop lying to us.

    So Boise is going to be a “training base” where the pilots cannot train with real loads or use the entire features of the aircraft? Really????

  6. Thanks Benjy for the link to the story. Knowing that the entire fleet of F35 has been grounded is important to know.

    It shows that the aircraft continues to be a problem in more ways than one.

    The Mayor and others have made fun of the fact that people have said that having this aircraft in Boise increases the chance of an airplane crashing on a house anywhere in the valley. This grounding of the entire fleet of F35’s proves that concern is real.

  7. Benjy, you are right. And the F-35 Grounding at Luke AFB commenced before the Statesman articles on Sunday. But not to worry – soon there won’t be those hand full Top Gun pilot jobs the Guard and Otter and Bieter are so worried about anyway, as war planes will be unmanned. One of the recent spin points, too, trying to sell this Noise Monster is that having F-35s will help with “recruiting”. I doubt that that the robots who will be doing most of the work in the future will care what plane they are tinkering with.

    Regarding the sound – a Bar Graph might be a good way to portray the decibel increases. There is also the whole area of infrasound (very low frequencies) that I do not believe this represents at all, and the military documents don’t like to talk about or provide measurements for.

  8. There is some merit to both sides of the discussion. But the NIMBY and the noise argument are weak.

    What I find increasingly annoying is the false statements being puked by people such Benjy saying the IS doesn’t publish such news.
    Take note, Benjy, the IS post is 3 days prior to your BBC reference.

    And then Mary says “thanks for the story” as if she hasn’t already heard of it…. so Mary doesn’t pay attention to the news.
    Yet she proclaims “the aircraft continues to be a problem” as if she is an expert on the daily news of F-35s. YES Mary, the F-35 and EVERY other sophisticated aircraft in the world have problems based on manufacturer, specific models, and the aircraft operators.
    Here’s one for you:https://www.rt.com/usa/388030-boeing-737-grounded-engine-flaw/
    Another one for you Mary: http://www.tampabay.com/projects/2016/investigations/allegiant-air/mechanical-breakdowns/

    Aircraft crashing?
    Mary wants to believe the oxygen problem “proves” an F-35 could crash on a house. Yes, that might happen Mary. A 737 plane MIGHT crash on YOUR house TODAY Mary, too. Or were all the 737s “grounded” yesterday?????

    My point is, ALL of these comments have no real merit either in favor or against installing F-35s at Gowen. But they do reveal how dumb and so polar our general public has become! That is the reason we have an idiot in the White House, a circus in City Hall, and a dysfunctional Idaho legislature.
    Yet, we all know who won the NBA finals.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t forget the Chamber of Commerce guy saying he “fears we will lose the Air Guard if we don’t get the F-35.”

  9. Crazy in Idaho
    Jun 13, 2017, 5:42 pm

    I have lived around military base installations most of my life. There has always been a distance between flight line and residents. When a crash happened it was a open area for them to go. We do not have that anymore. I think we need to skip the Idaho reps and write to other reps who are on the committee for this F-35 cluster F.

  10. Yes, Editor another questionable statement. However, I expect that exact quote is out of context.

    If Idaho Air Guard goes to Mtn Home that could be up to 155Million shifting to Elmore County. For sure some the money is redirected. Good for them- bad for Boise.

    I suspect the concern is City of Boise (airport) loses payments to the airport if the Guard goes elsewhere.
    What is the financial arrangement between City of Boise and the Guard?

    Is the Commerce PR saying the Guard disappears? Not in context. But if the Guard gets the F-35 and it goes to Mtn Home, that is equal to “Boise loses the Guard”. That is certainly a possibility; so is a 737 falling on Mary’s house.
    If no F-35 & no A-10? Then what?

    EDITOR NOTE–Guard pays a mere annual $285,00 or thereabouts.

  11. Also an Easterner
    Jun 13, 2017, 6:38 pm

    As a fellow easterner it concerns me that my fellow easterner sounds like he is on the payroll for the Department of Commerce or Team Beiter. His views do not reflect the views of all easterners.

    There are many other flight missions that the Air Force can locate in Boise that do not cost residents their homes or the quality of life we have in Boise.

    As a Realtor I can confirm that if the F35 comes to Boise the south bench homes will suffer in value.

  12. Where the sun don't shine Eastee
    Jun 14, 2017, 12:06 am

    Eastee, you are defending the indefensible newspaper which proclaimed “let’s bring it here even though we know the Mayor is full of crap and we know it’s super loud and we’ll figure out what to do about the damage we’ve caused the community later.” This position by the newspaper is exactly the Mayor’s position. It’s an intentional use of noise pollution to roll the properties into commercial. The Mayor drives through the Bench and is alarmed that he can’t get 20 times current revenue from it. This is the reason they want the loudest possible assignment and are not asking for anything else.

  13. To the shill who goes by Easterner

    I grew up next to the airport when the F-4 flew. The sound was beyond horrific. Those jets would shake the whole house and knock dished off the shelf.

    The F-35 has been plagued with cost overruns and abysmal failures of engineering. The article I posted is just one of many failures of this worthless jet and the ONLY reason it is still in the works are due to the immense bribes paid by the manufacture to continue this defunct aircraft.

    You all me and other stupid but you overlook the trillion dollars wasted on a failed idea. So either your a shill for the manufacturer or your just arrogant as you are stupid. Over 1 trillion dollars have been wasted on something that all 4 branched of the Military said they don’t want or need.

    Need I point out that this costly failure is not wanted by anyone with any sense of reason. But most importantly are the words of a President that knew war and it’s cost, first hand.

    “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
    This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children…
    This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”
    ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

    I think you’re greatly mistaken in everything you’ve stated and you come off as just another shill, barking at shadows.

    The F-35 is bad for America, bad for Boise and bad for our servicemen and women that would be better served if we put this money (OUR TAX MONEY) to better, more peaceful solutions.

    Dropping bombs on civilians only creates more enemies. This is the way of the world. Perhaps if warmongers like yourself had to sacrifice your own wealth and children, you would see things differently. But I doubt it. Ignorance is and ignorant does.

  14. After reading much reportage about the F-35, I am certain of one thing. If that mission lands in Boise the chest-pounding “SOUNDAFREEDOM!” folks will be happy some uncertain number of times each day or week when they roar off and back onto the field.

  15. Pull Back the Curtain
    Jun 14, 2017, 2:52 pm

    Article on how the F-35 does not live up to its PR hyped performance. Is it really the best aircraft for continued air supremacy?


  16. Guns or Butter?
    Jun 15, 2017, 3:20 am

    Both if we don’t blow the wad on guns.

    The article posted above is similar to many statements leaked over the years about this airplane’s failures. F-35 is really not so critical to our security that it should cost so much. It’s just a corporate boondoggle piggybacked on the hype of the never ending desert wars. There are weapons which are far more important to our security being cut to pay for this compromised aircraft. I think F-35 started out as an F-117 replacement. Then some soulless executive figured out how to manipulate the congress into plugging every hole with it.

    Have any of you noticed we seem to having an enormously difficult time beating up on lowly sheepherders and their 50 year old personal weapons? They have lots of McGuyver tactics and a death wish, but have no airpower, little mobility, terrible leadership, and so on and so on. They are literally rag-tag. Yet here we are, the mightiest military the world has ever known spinning its wheels in the same sand pit since the Vietnam era closed. Hmmm, do you really think we can’t wrap this up if we wanted to? Vietnam was very profitable and the desert wars are even more so. Ugly hate and long knives for the leaders who dare suggest a fast end. Sick how the media has switched teams.

    I was recently reading a book by a famous admiral. Some of you know who Admiral Rickover was. He did what he had to do, but in the end he seemed to prefer plow sheers over reactors. Hard to believe so go to Wikipedia or a biography and read his words. Point is some of the strongest and most important Americans in our history looked for ways to spend less on military. They understood the waste of the necessary evil. Where are they now? They certainly are not in any of our elected offices.

  17. Pull Back the Curtain
    Jun 16, 2017, 3:16 pm

    Even the F-35’s engine is compromised. Should Boise be pursuing what will likely be a failed endeavor, albeit, in the end an expensive one?


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