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Citywide F-35 Panel Meet Set

A citywide meeting featuring a panel discussion on the topic of basing the F-35 jet at Gowen Field has been set for Tuesday June 27 from 7-9 p.m. at the Main Library on Capital Blvd.

Sponsored by Citizens For a Livable Boise, the group plans a panel discussion with representatives from assorted interest groups including the Idaho Air National Guard, Boise City, and various citizens with expertise on the issues.

In the past, officials from Boise and the military have refused to attend a neighborhood meeting, but appear at other venues with no citizen representation. This time we sincerely hope some government officials can see their way clear to hear citizens views.

UPDATE 6/22–Dan Marler, of the CLB group said airport director Rebecca Hupp has declined his invitation, asserting this GUARDIAN post appeared to convey the message the city had agreed to attend. The city has DECLINED to attend.

Based on what we have seen from opponents of the F-35 noise, this SOUND FOOTPRINT will be a central issue.

Sven Berg at the Idaho Statesman recently revealed plans are afoot at the Airport to conduct a “Noise Monitoring” survey funded mostly by the FAA. Unless the Air Force relents and brings some F-35s, the monitoring will be limited mostly to commercial aircraft and the quiet A-10s currently based at Gowen Field.

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  1. They Don't Care
    Jun 20, 2017, 4:27 pm

    Why would the city, the airport or the air guard want to come to the meeting and actually meet people?

    They won’t because they don’t care about the people. They just care about themselves and the money they take from us.

  2. Why not fly one over from MH and do a few demo touch and goes? Why not? It might not be a positive experience for the AF. I live close to the airport and want more answers.

  3. Citizens for a Livable Boise
    Jun 20, 2017, 8:38 pm

    We are looking forward to this upcoming meeting and hope to see everyone there.

    If you have not already done so, we would appreciate everyone reading and signing our petition at

    Thanks — CLB

  4. Here’s your answer Bob Boyno,
    Because they don’t have F-35s stationed at Mountain Home AFB.

    Anything else?

    EDITOR NOTE–While no F-35s are based at Mt. Home, they have made several training visits. The USAF has offered no explanation for not making take offs and landings here. Also, we would be willing to bet they don’t do any take offs and landings at idaho Falls for that air show either. Probably just bring up a plane from Hill AFB to fly as quietly as possible.

  5. Actually Editor, the Idaho Falls presence will be an F35 visiting from Luke AFB (as detailed on the air show website).

    I’ll BET the Idaho Falls air show team will show some wonderful Idaho hospitality to the F-35 crew and pilot. They will surely invite him to LAND, visit, REFUEL, have some snacks, do some PR, and then TAKE OFF at their leisure. And I bet the team will accept. If they do any fancy flying, they probably even land and take off a day or two before hand for some practice, right?
    Of course the plane could do in-air-refueling and simply do a fly-by as is implied by the note, but I bet not. A beverage?
    Looks like an opportunity to compare f18 and an f35.

    By the way, Luke AFB is adjacent to Glendale (Phoenix). On a map it looks a lot like the Boise airport being adjacent to a city. Maybe someone in CLB group could go to Glendale and record some landings and take-offs. Residences are within a short distance of the runway there too- and that metro area certainly has more residents than Boise.

    Since Bob and others think the AF just sends these planes anywhere on a whim, maybe the CLB can contact that team and ask, “Hey while you’re in Idaho why don’t you just stop in Boise with your jet? Do a few touch and goes in the morning and then enjoy the views.”

  6. New Leadrship
    Jun 21, 2017, 12:53 pm

    This simply needs to become a long lasting vote the bums out campaign.

  7. Easterner –
    Really – I thought the F35’s could fly?

    While not stationed at Mt. Home they fly in and out of Mt Home. So making the 5 min flight to Boise should be within the flight capability of the aircraft?

    Or maybe it is not. Maybe it would over stress the air frame and the mayor and all his buddies.

  8. Heinrich Wiebe
    Jun 21, 2017, 5:35 pm

    Burlington Airport buys and destroys community. Why would it be different here?

  9. I look forward to the meeting and seeing our City leaders who care about the citizens respond to citizen questions, ideas, support and concerns. Certainly they will attend since they have been elected/appointed to represent all of us, I don’t believe they would neglect such a duty.

  10. Oligarchs Rule
    Jun 22, 2017, 2:16 pm

    Zero chance of getting Emporer Bieter there if he knows it’s a group of concerned citizens.
    Now, if he’d been told there was a golden shovel, or award awaiting him…

  11. Opinion or Fact or Salesman Speak?
    Jun 22, 2017, 6:46 pm

    The airport director has an opinion published in the newspaper a few days ago. Now if she wanted to opine about fishing it’s cool to put it in the opinion section. She a smart lady and I bet we could learn something from her opinions on a number of topics. However when embroiled in a problem of your own making, and claiming so many others are wrong, shouldn’t the airport director be publishing her facts as a new release? Since it is her official work, and her office is the source of many of the official facts, why not publish these facts as an official release so the newspaper officials and others can fact check her official facts and see who is in fact wrong?

  12. JJ – you must live in Kuna. In Boise we do not have anyone in the city government with the traits you describe.

  13. Pull Back the Curtain
    Jun 23, 2017, 8:06 am
  14. JJ – the elected officials of the City of Boise proved you totally wrong.

    They consciously choose to not show up and not listen to the people they were elected to represent!

    The Air National Guard also choose to avoid the very people they say they are concerned about and are suppose to protect.

    I hope your leaders in Kuna do better. (sic)

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