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Pup Poop Pollutes Park Pond

DNA results of water sample testing have revealed dog poop is the primary cause of dangerous e-coli levels at the Esther Simplot pond in the new park of the same name. Goose poop was also identified as a contributing factor.

As a result, dogs will be banned from the park. Geese tend to avoid canines while becoming accustomed to most other forms of harassment. We have it on good authority, in defense of dogs, that Boise Parks has an official “goose chaser dog” working at night to police the goose population.

On the good news side, Quinn’s Pond water has been declared safe for public use, but dogs are still banned.

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  1. No Parking - Again!
    Jun 30, 2017, 1:43 pm

    Our family went to go visit the Simplot Park and just like ALL the Boise parks there is a HUGE shortage of PARKING.

    It amazes me that the City of Boise brags about their parks and then makes it virtually impossible to visit them and find a place to park.

    Whoever planned Simplot park really screwed up. We will not be back again.

  2. Eagle Writer
    Jun 30, 2017, 2:14 pm

    Welcome to Boise City. Because they are anti-automobile they are also anti-parking.

    No parking means no cars which is no problem for the anti-car crowd.

    Ride your bike or support the trolley plan that won’t get you to the park…that’s their solution.

  3. Chickenhawk
    Jun 30, 2017, 6:08 pm

    Not to worry, my automobile friends!

    A solution is just a couple of miles south of here! If and when that new Hawks Stadium gets the go-ahead (with our tax dollars of course), they will have NO CHOICE but to put a parking garage nearby. Too far you say? No problem! The choo-choo will come get you… oh wait, that’s just a downtown circulator. Never mind!

  4. Parking? What, your neighborhood doesn’t have any parks? I’m betting 90% of the visitors were coming from out of the neighborhood.

    FWIW, the kayak people wanted many more parking spaces for the anticipated international level competitions.

    But if the people really want more parking– What they should have done was make WW Parkway like Harrison. This would have served to slow down traffic on WW Parkway. 50 mph is not uncommon but the police don’t enforce it just like they didn’t enforce the leash law down there.

  5. What disgusts me is people who won’t clean up after their dogs. Also, on the news I heard there was also human feces in the water. What is wrong with people who would stoop to this kind of activity?

    EDITOR NOTE–goose poop was identified as a contributing factor, but we didn’t hear about humans. Did you intend the reference to people who “stoop” to the activity? Most likely children in diapers. That is the common issue in pools.

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