Boise Officials Set Secret Meeting In SLC

F-35 fighters at Hill AFB. USAF Photo

Half a dozen Boise officials are set to visit Salt Lake City August 7 for some sort of secret economic development meeting which they legally do not have to make public.

The delegation includes city councilors, the mayor, an attorney and a couple of marketing/development staffers.

While in Salt Lake the mayor and a couple of the councilors plan to visit Hill Air Force Base and get a look and listen to the F-35 which they have been promoting for Boise’s Gowen Field.

Don Day at BOISEDEV got some quotes from the city, but the GUARDIAN is on the “don’t fly list,” so our query has been ignored.

Despite a resolution and banners at the airport terminal proclaiming, “Boise Supports the F-35,” the city spokesman said the city officials are neutral on the F-35 issue and seek only a flying mission if the current A-10 jets are retired.

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  1. Really?….. the city is neutral???

    They must also be neutral on bike paths, trolley’s, watching the eclipse and having districts for the city council reps!!!!!


    What liars these folks are.

  2. If the mayor and three councilors are there it is a quorum and is considered a PUBLIC meeting subject to open records laws.

    Who is paying for the trip?

    EDITOR NOTE–I believe there are only two councilors going. Assume you and I are paying. We asked spokesman, but he hasn’t responded.

  3. They are concerned the opposition is correct and therefore the noise from this airplane will sweep each of them from office as fast as it clears dust from the runway.

    Hope they take a picture of them all standing next to the runway. F-35 in full burner departing behind them while they all pretend they can’t hear it.

    Psst. Mayor, dB meters are cheap. Bring one with and hold up for the camera. I will be doing so the day they get here in Boise.

  4. Secret?
    It can’t be too dang secret if it is online.

    Boo City!

    Regardless of one’s opinion on the jets, the more important point is, the City Council and Mayor really are hosed-up in their actions on this issue (and others too).

    So Idaho Fall’s Blue Thunder and visiting F-35 have come and gone.
    Where is the anti-35 opposition posting sound clips and videos of the jet?????

    at least the city council is going to see/hear the jets in SLC.
    The opposition should be elated if there is no doubt in the outcome…

    EDITOR NOTE–The subject of the meeting is the secret. Probably an attempt to lure another business seeking welfare “incentives.”

    We will gladly post the videos and sound clips if anyone made any. Most were under impression that F-35s were just doing a flyover and not landing and taking off at I.F.

  5. Maybe rhey are going there to give keys to our city to The Gardner Corp!

  6. Kim, – they already did….give the keys and the tax revenue and the foundation of a building and their souls.

  7. Secrets, NOT transparency
    Aug 4, 2017, 5:04 pm

    Secret meetings of our public “servants” should be dealt with by whippings in the public square.
    When are they going to cut the subterfuge and hang the Nazi flag in front of public buildings?

  8. chicago sam
    Aug 4, 2017, 6:01 pm

    Travel Authorization Form
    Nic Miller has filed a request under Acct/Service Unit to be Charged 1000.
    Dest. Salt Lake
    Travel will occur on 8/7/17-8/8/18
    Request is for PCard air $350.00
    Cash Reimbursement of $100.00 and cash advance of $118.00.
    I would assume the 5 others would have similar requests.
    approved 7/13/2017

  9. Eagle Writer
    Aug 4, 2017, 6:36 pm

    I wonder if there will be Russian operatives there…with a couple of “red sparrows” to comfort our mayor?

    I hope these people never criticize President Trump…

  10. I attended a softball tournament this week in Kaysville, UT, approx. 7 miles south of Hill AFB. I recall at least three times over two days hearing (and seeing) the planes overhead. They were quite loud and distracting, even at a busy ballpark. I would hate to see Boise host these planes for any extended period of time.

  11. Is the public paying for that banner at the Airport? Can Citizens for a Livable Boise request to have their own banner displayed? “Caution Airport Users: F-35s Can Permanently Ruin Your Child’s Hearing”

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t know if the banners are even still there, but they certainly were in place for many months in the past. Here is previous story

  12. I’m guessing they’re going to see the Lockheed building.

  13. Not Most Liveable
    Aug 7, 2017, 1:16 pm

    Mayor, Team Dave, your F-35 efforts and this atrocious air quality encourages me to call the to alert them. All the feel good stories in lifestyle magazines promoting Boise’s livability are wrong.

    Obviously you could discourage a noisy airplane.

    Wondering if you are attempting to get NIFC to extinguish the fires instead of just massaging them until November snowfall?

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