Growthophobes Applaud Lady Councilors

It was the “women’s vote” on the Boise City Council that put the stops on a planned 430 home urban sprawl off Columbia Road behind Micron at Tuesday’s meeting.

Councilors Maryanne Jordan, Elaine Clegg, and Loren Mclean all cast NO votes on the proposal, citing limited access, increased traffic on a single road, and lack for sprinklers as reasons to deny a repeat try by developer Jim Conger.

It’s unusual for Boise councilors to turn down growth, so this action needs the support of growthophobes and other responsible adults.

Councilors Scot Ludwig and Ben Quintana favored the additional growth. TJ Thomson was absent.

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  1. Boo!

    If “limited access” and “increased traffic on a single road” are the standards, nothing will get built there. That certainly has not been the case elsewhere, such as around Bogus Basin Road, Cartright, and Table Rock. Harris Ranch has thousands of homes funneled onto 1 primary road.
    Where Boise Fire requires another access for approval, Boise Fire should have been pressuring ACHD to build another access to the area- (in past tense). There are currently homes there, so the standard is not necessary for them, but for more houses it would be?
    Perhaps Boise Fire needs to be proactive on development instead of disapproving proposals.

    Yet, ACHD is not going to build more roads until the population is there- likely not even then.

    “Lack of sprinklers”? The whole dang place should have ZERO sprinklers.
    It is a DESERT!

    That area specifically needs to be developed to relieve pressure on other areas. Another case of ACHD and Boise City priorities not in alignment.

  2. You can pay lip service to “smart growth” It is good to see it in play.

  3. Concerned Neighbor
    Sep 13, 2017, 12:27 pm

    Growth is neither good nor bad. There is good growth and there is bad growth. So far much of our growth has been bad, so I’m glad that the Boise City Council took a moment away from their “Only Downtown Matters” focus and voted down a poorly planned subdivision.

  4. Micron vote
    Sep 13, 2017, 9:30 pm

    The Statesman did say earlier that Micron management objected to more traffic.
    This is why the sub was nixed.
    In other areas they (council) approved new subdivision with the condition of building a 2nd access point.
    Usually ACHD and Boise do not deny subdivisions based on traffic.
    So this must be due to Micron influence.

  5. Had the planning and zoning commission approved this development? Who approved the application in the first place? Were parts of the proposal whitewashed? What about the F-35’s over the area? Have the campaign donations changed hands? Has there been a land swap? Who are the property owners and the developers? What other property have they developed? Is Micron using all the water from the area?

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