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Air Force Chickens Out On GUARDIAN Challenge

We recently applauded the U.S. Force decision to “answer the GUARDIAN challenge,” to bring in an F-35 so Boiseans could see and hear it.

According to the IDAHO STATESMAN, they will have a pair of the reputedly noisy birds on silent static display at the GOWEN THUNDER AIR SHOW, but not fly them after arrival nor will they let the public know when they are scheduled to depart. The air show is set for October 14 and 15 and will feature both the Thunderbird and Canadian Snowbird acrobatic demonstration teams.

To us, the move only serves to lend credibility to opponents of stationing a squadron of F-35s in Boise. Opponents claim the F-35 is the noisiest fighter in the Air Force inventory. If, as the pro F-35 folks claim, it is not deafening, then why not announce departure times and demonstrate the noise levels?

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  1. Our tax money at work
    Sep 18, 2017, 9:53 am

    USAF should save us some tax money, and display cardboard cutouts of F-35’s.
    Save even more and display the Mickey and Minnie Mouse LARGE images that I have to throw away from storage anyways.

  2. “nor will they let the public know when they are scheduled to depart.”

    Well, I suppose if they are so noisy, we will ALL know when they (arrive and) depart, right?

  3. Hate to say it Mr. Guardian ( well not really) We told you so…..

  4. Hey! Why do you think they call it “GOWEN THUNDER”???

    This is unrelated to the noise… but the Government should also be forthcoming in divulging the COST of the F-35 program. According to Aviation Week, a trade publication of sorts, we’re currently spending $94.6 million to $122.8 million per copy, depending on the model.

    To make it slightly more understandable to us commoners… that’s upwards of $500 from each of Boise’s 223,000-odd citizens.

    The weapons systems cost more than the plane itself… so maybe $1200 per Boise citizen, for a combat-ready F-35. (Weapons system not needed for static displays on the tarmac.)

    “Mucho dinero,” as they say in the Olde Countrie.

  5. The powers that be may worry that should the populace be alerted, the F-35 will be “shot down” by the people of Boise…

    EDITOR NOTE–so much for the STEALTH mode!

  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$ for not
    Sep 18, 2017, 11:16 pm

    Before radar was employed for aircraft detection, one of the earliest long range aircraft detection methods was to use giant audio listening devices. Further, the radar stealthiness of these things only works for some radar bands and therefore Soviets are already selling new radars that will detect and shoot it down. No stealth at all for heat signatures.

    Like they are doing with the B-52, take all the new electronic stuff and put it in a cheaper or existing airframe.

  7. $$$$$$$$$$$$ for not
    Sep 18, 2017, 11:17 pm

    Truth is it might rain that day and they can’t fly in the rain yet.

  8. bikeboy – estimated cost to fly each F35 is now $165 Million… and climbing. Google a story printed on July 11.

    The entire Gowen Thunder is PR for Gowen and the AF.

    I’ve heard the F35 down south and its a noisy bird. I doubt they’ll fly it like they’ll train here and will likely use sharp takeoff and landings to minimize what people hear.

  9. With all the publicity regarding how noisy the F35 supposedly is I tend to believe there is potential for a high degree of perceived noise. If folks were tuned in to the aircraft’s arrival/departure and went out to listen I believe there would be some built in bias. Personally, I would like to hear the F35 takeoff followed by one of the frequent transient Navy/Marine F18’s (not to be confused with the USAF F15’s). The F18’s are by far the loudest aircraft that routinely uses Gown Field. This is from someone who frequents the airport side of 28R/L runway departure ends.

  10. Look for a very late night (3 am) arrival of the F 35’s. They will basically glide in and land.

    To take off look for a “minimal thrust” takeoff – this means as little fuel and as little weight as will get them to Mt Home to get a full fuel load to reduce weight and they reduce need for take off speed.

    All this depends on if there is not some reason the F35’s are not grounded as they have 4 times in the last year.

  11. Shortage of functional F-35's
    Sep 19, 2017, 9:59 am

    I think the reason for displaying 2 stationary F-35’s at Gowen Air Show is because there is a shortage of them. US and LMT delayed delivery of just 2!!! F-35’s to Israel.
    Flew 4 of them to N. Korea.
    And US is considering purchase of non-combat ready F-35’s that need 150 fixes in only the software (others described someplace else).
    So here we go, there is a shortage of operational F-35’s. And last thing they need for the F-35’s to crash into the crowd at an air show, when the Senate just voted to buy more of them then even Trump admin requested.

  12. The Empire Strikes Out
    Sep 19, 2017, 9:59 am

    Solid gold turds on display for your viewing pleasure. Come one, come all to the greatest display of government waste in the history of the world.

  13. Its got Fahrvergnügen?
    Sep 21, 2017, 1:19 am

    If an aircraft had one of these for offensive and defensive weapons? No need for ultra maneuverability?


  14. There was so much jet noise this weekend, it may have been a great cover up for an F-35 to slowly coast into the airport.
    Yesterday, I saw a jet, that looked a lot like the F-35 pictures, slowly coasting/creeping in the air by the airport. I’ve never seen any military Jets in Boise go that slow. They usually push the throttle hard, and love their after burners. 🙁

  15. How many clean-water systems could we build for $165 million…?

  16. Do you have any idea as to when they are scheduled to move in and will they be heard in the North End as well as the other “elite” (cough, cough) parts of Boise and the TV?

  17. It would seem that ” Transparency” for our elected officials and the Air Guard is not the intention . No one needs to see a weapons system demonstrated but If there is no plan to demonstrate the typical flight path/speed and make the public aware of the F35 arrival and departure , it is a huge disappointment and a terrible mistake .
    I know how badly Vietnam servicemen and women were treated just because they were serving their country.
    I would hate to see the F35 mission result in that scenario here in Boise.

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