Massive Anti Ball Park Reaction At Open House

We visited the Convention Center Thursday where Boise promoters of a baseball park-Sports Stadium had set up their sales pitch in the lobby.

Council Candidate Logan Kimball (center) talks with Chamber of Commerce ‘s Bill Conners (right) and a citizen at open house.

Without question, the reaction of those who attended was overwhelmingly opposed to the idea. City Council Candidate Logan Kimball crashed the party, handing out flyers detailing reasons to oppose the stadium.

This note from DAVID S. SMITH was typical:

What keeps the Boise Hawks here? They may leave or go out of business any time. Taxpayers will be on hook if they leave? Why should taxpayers have any faith in AGON?

The site is near Cooper Court/Bum City. That population will immediately swell and find the facilities irresistible. City took 1 ½ years to respond to the Bumtown. Will the city become indifferent again to the local businesses in the area? 1 ½ years in unacceptable. I saw someone urinating on the Interfaith Shelter just last week. The city has shown indifference to property values in this area of the community.

City fiscal credibility poor. Americana Blvd supposed to be shut down to two lanes. Might want to rethink that project if access to a ballyard is expected. Fingers point at ACHD. Project halted delayed because of projected costs exceed expected? How can taxpayers expect city budget numbers regarding stadium to be correct? ACHD and City seem detached from each other and expect taxpayers to pay either way.

City can’t seem to handle money appropriately for Foothills Levy taxes. City competence is questioned because the incompetence and mishaps are real.

50% of property in Boise is off tax rolls. This shifts tax burden onto too few taxpayers. My property taxes are more than double what I paid for a similar valued property in Charleston SC.

What happens during the next several economic downturns? Downturns are a certainty and will happen at least three times over the 20 years of this project. Duration can last years. This will happen and city resources will be stressed. Cities usually lay off teachers and school and police/fire services during these times. We won’t be able to lay off the debt this project starts.

There is a perfectly good venue for baseball, and related activities in the current location leased from the city for another 60 years.

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  1. Way to go Logan! I don’t know anything else about you but will certainly find out!
    Thanks to David Smith as well.

  2. Larry R. Moore
    Oct 5, 2017, 9:44 pm

    Spot on, maybe this will indicate the lack of confidence the area has in Boise city (leaders)
    Upgrade the current ballpark and move on to other downtown projects, i.e. light rail debacle.

  3. Brian Vermilion
    Oct 6, 2017, 3:55 am

    But,but Mayor Dave wants it! You people keep electing this clown overwhelmingly, this is the result. He is used to not having to get a real job and the accountability that goes with it. Recall?

  4. If it’s a great idea – put it to a vote of the people – and finance it without additional taxes on the backs of the people.

    This “rah-rah it’s great for the community and we are going forward with or without your approval” is growing tiresome from this city’s leadership (see F-35 fiasco).

  5. Bieter Begone
    Oct 6, 2017, 6:58 am

    Bieter is addicted to spending money. Unfortunately that money isn’t his. Boise taxes every drop they can and then spends it on foolishness. Millions of dollars on this boondoggle, millions of dollars on the stupid trolley. But not a penny for anywhere other than the downtown or the North End.

    Boise voters will most likely coronate Bieter’s Old partner Frank Walker and that failed candidate Holly Woodings, democrats, due to the apathy. Same as the old, they will spend spend spend.

    We need new blood and we need Bieter to be gone! If Bieter wants Boise so badly to be like Portland, HE should move there and leave us alone.

  6. Bieter Begone
    Oct 6, 2017, 7:08 am

    If anyone thinks these open houses to “gauge”public input will change anything, I have a bridge to sell you. The City is just spending money to TELL you what you should think. They will do what they want when they want it and pffft to you.

    The only way this is stopped is if those business people bitterly opposed to this open their wallets and sue.

    Or we could vote in three new people that oppose Bieter.

    Yeah, having the business people sue is the only option.

  7. We had a similar debacle here in Canyon County. Our Fair Board tried to build a new “fair grounds”at taxpayer expense. It was nothing more than another venue for the Horse Crowd to hold events again at taxpayer expense. County Commissioners wisely put a stop to it, fired the entire fair board along with the fair director and kept the 4-day Fair in their current digs.

    The easiest thing to do is spend other people’s money. Thankfully, this boondoggle got stopped. Same thing needs to happen in Boise.

    Last year I saw a TV pitch for the stadium during a Hawks game. The stands were virtually empty. When they are filling the stadium they have it might be time to talk about a new stadium.

  8. chicago sam
    Oct 6, 2017, 12:12 pm

    Just say “Idaho Center”

  9. Spread the word
    Oct 6, 2017, 7:41 pm

    Your voices resonate here. But the voices need to be submitted to the city council. Write them letters and attend the forums.

    and chicago sam: Just say “Idaho Center”. . . that is a perfect soccer venue, don’t you think? That way when the snow is deep the kids can still play.

  10. I would like to see a vote on how the people of Boise City an A or Ney, on the baseball field, the F 35, road closures, demolishing homes of historical district to allow CVS pharmacy to proceed on state street just blocks from 2 other pharmacy. It’s time for the Boise City Council to listen to the residents of Boise on how neighborhoods are being affected or will be, due to votes by our present and future council members. All neighborhoods of Boise city should be treated equally, so it’s time for change.

  11. chicago sam
    Oct 7, 2017, 11:35 am

    Spread the Word–Hadn’t thought about soccer as I am not a fan. I am still whining about the loss of the Stampede Basketball team to Boise which eventually folded, and the BSU -Vandal games which were sold out–guess they were too successful.

  12. Paul Fortin:

    Regrading the CVS site, the houses on Jefferson are offices not homes and are not in a historic district. The CVS proposal is certainly ugly but it’s zoned properly. It’s no uglier than that Dutch Bros with its weedy curb strip and absurd angled footprint. Seriously, Dutch Bros can’t plant a single bush or tree in the curb strip?

    And yes, there’s a Rite Aid a block away but some people’s insurance will cover only if they purchase from CVS.

    And I’d rather have a functioning business as opposed to that “historic” Sturiale Place that took over 2 years to remodel and serves no practical purpose for anyone. That lot could have been housing for the poor but nooooooo, somebody had to save a cute little old house.

    Back on topic: The biggest problem with the stadium deal is getting cars in and out of there. Another problem is 1500 Shoreline is contributing $170,000/year in taxes, what will the stadium and its associated offices contribute?

    However, look at the bigger picture. Part of this whole deal is to get St Luke’s to build at 27th and Fairview.

    Don’t throw the baby out with bath water.

    The naysayers all complained about the greenbelt back in the day. Ditto that with the whitewater park and they’ve become huge economic catalysts.

  13. Spread the word
    Oct 8, 2017, 1:23 pm

    There is not a problem getting cars in and out of the fairgrounds.! And $$ 170,000 will have to come out of someone’s pocket. It will be homeowners. The greenbelt has a much smaller, quieter footprint than a stadium, and serves a larger good – transportation. Whitewater was a gift – except what the taxpayers had to pay and will continue to pay. The e coli makes the park pretty scary. There are many big problems with this ballpark idea, and using tax dollars is a pretty obvious one.

  14. I am under the impression that St Lukes purchased the old MK Building across from Whole Foods. Moving their administration into one facility. St Lukes owns the facility on Shoreline that would be in the development area. I’m pretty sure that St Lukes does not pay Property tax. So if 1500 Shoreline is St Lukes building I don’t believe it participates in paying property tax.

  15. How many more damn buildings does St. Lukes need in Boise? 27/Fairview, too?

    The blob that ate Boise!

  16. Note to Chicago Sam… I had momentarily forgotten about the Idaho Center and the Stampede basketball fiasco. We have MORONS calling the shots. Caldwell is building a downtown plaza and between the plaza project and TVCC traffic patterns are a mess and parking is at a premium even with all the construction going on. Property taxes in downtown in the BID zone are through the roof when you add all the different taxes up. BID, Urban Renewal, Base property taxes, school overrides. I fully expect property owners to riot in the streets of Caldwell.

  17. Spread the word:

    The Whitewater Park and Esther Simplot Park are two separate but adjacent parks. The combined general fund outlays for those 2 have been considerably more than the proposed general fund outlay for the stadium of $3 million.


    I believe St Luke’s is renting the old Kmart, the 1500 Shoreline office. The owner has to recoup prop. taxes so bumps the rent accordingly. If St Luke’s can get out of there and into their own building then theoretically they can save money in the long run.

    To those comparing it to the Idaho Center, ha, I’ll remind you the Idaho Center is in Nampa not downtown Boise.

    Property taxes are high downtown because land values are high. One could argue this is due to the success of the last 30 years of urban renewal districts not in spite of them.

    EDITOR NOTE–When St. Luke’s uses their MK Plaza property it will no longer pay property taxes. When the State of Idaho takes over Hewlett Packard that property will be tax exempt (state owned). Bottom line is citizens will make up tax difference on two very high revenue parcels. Add the Americana-Shoreline area to the mix and most everything will be off the rolls.

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