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Naomi Johnson Offers Council Pitch

Naomi Johnson is running for seat 4 in the Nov. 7 council election.

“I am running as an advocate, not a politician. While the circulator may be a good first step in a light rail system between us and surrounding areas, right now I hear more concern around improvements to our current transportation system. We need to show ALL of Boise that their best interest is being represented.

I have been to four forums so far and the issue of F-35s is not coming up, and I think I might know why. How do you come across as a candidate that represents the people but is also in favor of F-35s? It’s nearly impossible. I am opposed to bringing F-35s to Boise, and am an advocate for better representation on our Council when it comes to the Bench and West Boise. I am the only candidate running for seat # 4 who voices opposition on this issue.

As for the stadium, there have been many benefits from Urban Renewal Districts, this in my view is too risky. I would like to see a system that promotes and empowers local businesses and current residents. Our relationship with developers shouldn’t outweigh our relationship with community members.”

EDITOR NOTE–The GUARDIAN offers space for all candidates to share their views for the upcoming election.

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  1. Bieter Begone
    Oct 10, 2017, 7:06 pm

    Not sure how someone who lives almost next door to Bieter in the east end can be an advocate for the Bench and the West Bench. But she does seem to be against him on a few issues.

    Is she committed to putting the trolley and the stadium to a vote of the people? Is she committed to stopping the City from putting millions into the trolley absent a vote?

    And what is her position on the city taxing every nickel they can get?

  2. first read sounds good.

  3. Ms Johnson – do you support a public vote for the stadium rather than the backdoor funding through the CCDC?
    yes or no

  4. David Hopkins
    Oct 11, 2017, 11:39 am

    Thank you for standing up for us who will be negatively impacted by the F-35 flying out of our city. I wish some of the other on the council had sense enough to.

  5. @Bieter Begone – I actually totally agree. I am a renter in the East End who lucked out with a good deal, but we have a major representation problem. I am not going to avoid an issue that I feel very strongly about simply because I live in the East End – I am going to call us out. We need someone to represent each neighborhood, and we need accountability.

    As for the trolley – NO, we should not spend $111 million on a Downtown trolley before making changes to the transportation system we already have. That would not be reflective of a council representing all of Boise.

    The stadium should absolutely be voted on. Our relationships with developers should not outweigh our relationship with community members.

  6. SEAT 4 candidates:
    TJ Thomson (Incumbent)
    Naomi Johnson
    Crispin Gravatt
    Nicolas Way

    Each City Council Seat represents the full population of the City and are voted on by all. Not a geographic region, as is done with other elections.

    Johnson (Seat 4), Sanchez (Seat 2), and Woodings (Seat 6) would put a majority female presence on the council.
    Just pointing out the obvious. 😉

  7. Bieter Begone
    Oct 12, 2017, 5:59 am

    Easterner. It doesn’t matter if the Council is majority female or male or whatever. It’s whether they are Bieter bots or not. Woodings definitely would be. So would Frank Walker,

    Naomi provided some good answers. However she did not say how she would vote on taxes. Currently the City takes every penny they can and more. That’s why they have all this money to spend on things like going FOR the F35 and spending millions to “study” the trolley and millions to give to a developer for a stadium.

    Oh and has anyone noticed how much the sewer/trash bills went up this year? What the city can’t fleece you for in taxes, they will get you in fees.

  8. Just a reminder to you folk on City Council elections:

    TJ Thompson voted for giving Jefferson Street to St. Lukes!

  9. BB, it would be nice if we lived in a gender-neutral world. But we don’t.
    Demographics do matter.

    Ordinances about sexual harassment, sanctuary cities, homelessness, child care, or baseball- it can make a difference. Let’s call it “girl power”. 🙂

    True for a city mayor (council) all the way up to Justice Sotomayor.
    Nice play on her name, right?

  10. Hi Naomi,

    I’d like to hear from all the candidates their view on how Boise forcibly annexed the NW open spaces into the City over the last few years, catalyzing the homogenization of little old houses, small pastures and big gardens into high density housing.

    You may not have heard much as the Idaho Statesman seems to have little space for this issue, and we haven’t had much political power out here. Let me prime the pump: the annexation process, in which one gets to ‘appeal’ to the city that wants your neighborhood, was a sham.

  11. I heard Naomi last night at the candidate forum at St John’s. I thought that she was one of the best speakers — articulate and decisive.
    She seems committed to process and involving people rather than sidelining us — oh she would be So Much Better than that developer’s boy TJ.

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