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CANDIDATE FORUM–Paul Fortin Weighs in


Good Day My Fellow Citizens Of Boise. Two of the main issues the people of Boise are asked for support are the down town sports arena and the F 35 versus the A 10.

As I wrote before after a meeting at the Boise Public Library on the issue of what jet would work the best for all the people of Boise, I was disappointed in the lack of any representative from Boise city, Airport manager and the Air National Guard. So at this point until both sides of this issue can debate the pros and cons, I believe the A 10s could possibly be up dated as has the B-52 bomber.

Last week I went to see what the new sports complex was all about, costs, location ect. Again there were both sides pro or con for development of the sports arena, so like the F35 jets coming to Boise, there was no idea being of perhaps changing locations might serve both sides. I would like to see a study on moving the location to the old Ford dealership by the greenbelt. There is no reason if the College of Western Idaho could not be put at the old K-mart location or somewhere property is cheaper. Taxes alone would generate approximately $200,000 for just the bare ground then through in other structures at the arena and Then all tax districts would be the winner.

CWI tried to push through a large debt for the tax payers which voted against a bond no one understands. So for all concerned let’s have the voters see both sides of each issue then a vote to see how the taxpayer feels about these issues.

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  1. CWI needs to stay at their Nampa location. They have a large undeveloped area which is centrally located for all Valley residents. The postage stamp in Boise in addition to taking property off of the tax rolls will have no end of parking and traffic problems.
    As to the baseball “field of dreams” economics of stadiums without taxpayer subsidy is universally in the red. Nampa still subsidizes the Idaho Center as much as $ 2 million annually

  2. Well that was pretty much as non-committal a response as one could expect.

    I guess if we are looking for a candidate that won’t let you know how he feels until after you vote him in – Paul looks like your man.

    The question is not a choice between A-10 and the F-35 – the question is whether it makes sense to have the F-35 menacing the city of Boise given our “Most Livable City” aim.

    If the F-35 comes to Boise I recommend we change it to “Most Laughable City” – as in – what a bunch of fools.

  3. Mr. Fortin, how did your visit with the BPD union go?

  4. Hey Paul what about the annexation question? I’d like to hear from all the candidates their view on how Boise forcibly annexed the NW open spaces into the City over the last few years, catalyzing the homogenization of little old houses, small pastures and big gardens into high density housing. Let me prime the pump: it was a sham.

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