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F-35 Decision Delayed Until December

Friends in the Detroit area report that Sec. of Air Force Heather Wilson has delayed the decision on basing F-35s at two undecided locations until December.

The Michigan folks feel their Selfridge Air National Guard base is an ideal location. Of course, there are four other final venues who think THEIR location is best for F-35s.

The MACOMB DAILY NEWS reports she wanted more than the five finalists to be considered. Sounds like she came into the process late and didn’t understand how much vetting had already been done.

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  1. Tom Lorentz
    Oct 19, 2017, 4:45 pm

    I also think Michigan would be a great location for the F-35

  2. My suspicious mind makes me wonder if part of this may be so various Reps and Senators can be pressured to vote certain ways by leadership on Bills as long as possible – or they won’t get their F-35 Plum. No matter the lofty claims of an Air force review, this decision will be very much based on politics.

  3. Hope is in the air, that Heather Wilson is requesting more work with the information provided.
    Information needs to be given to her. It is a crime, to provide false information to the federal government.
    The 2015 14 CFR part 150 noise update (figure 4-2, p.96), which shows a geographic map is inaccurate.

    Single and multi households reside where the key suggests there are fields.
    This information appears to be on the federal registry, and would influence decisions for those making decisions whom are likely not familiar with Boise.
    If you can confirm this information is inaccurate, it must be reported ASAP. It is a federal offense.

  4. I watched the video of the jets departing with great interest. It was clear that the F-16’s and the F-15 took off at full afterburner. The way you can tell is the length of the flame coming out of the burner chamber and the speed at which the aircraft accelerates and lifts off.

    What was puzzling was how slowly the F-35 seemed to take off. This is supposed to be the next best thing to sliced bread in the Air Force and it looked like the slowest kid on the block. Even the A-10 would have our accelerated fasted than the F-35.

    After some digging and research on the Air Force and Lockheed Martin sites I found the answer.

    The F-35 has was is called an, “intermediate” afterburner setting. Basically 50% of full afterburner.
    It can be used when the aircraft is not fully loaded.

    I went back and looked closely at the afterburner flame on the F-35 and sure enough it appears to be about 50% of what you would expect.

    Conclusion – what you HEARD was 50% power from the F-35. So double what you heard and that is what full afterburner gets you. That explains the slow motion take off compared to the F-16 and F-15.

  5. Below is email text from an Eglin AFB, FL area resident.

    Living in an area five miles from F-35 operates (Eglin AFB Florida), has so far proven to be almost devoid of expected window shaking jet noise. I attribute this to excellent noise abatement procedures and how very well these procedures have been enforced by those responsible for such F-35 operations. I’ve learned through observation that the F-35’s noise output logically follows the amount of “foot on their gas pedal” throttle inputs. The F-35 is tolerably quiet when cruising overhead with power way back at minimum airspeeds, but WILL generate substantial NOISE when they fly anywhere close to my home at high power settings (even when they are several thousand feet above the house).

    Conclusion: If the homes under your purview are situated close to the F-35 operations, I would agree with your attached letter that the F-35 and residential quality of life will not agreeably/comfortably mix. In any case, I strongly recommend the community and associated base(s) pre-agreed upon very stringent F-35 noise abatement procedures and the means of enforcement.

    George Newman
    Eglin AFB FL Area Resident

    Followup note: Eglin AFB was recently sued for not following their own F-35 noise abatement and will no doubt need to be taken to court again. The military trains like they fight which does not include community environmental adjustments.

  6. Dan – if the man from Eglin AFB area lives 5 miles from the base it would be like someone living near the foothills, at least to Eagle Road or out by Harris Ranch.

    Five miles is quite a ways out from the direct impact area within 1-2 miles of Gowen field where he comments that the noise would create a situation where the “quality of life will not (be) agreeable” with the F-35.

    Thanks for the info.

  7. Many are focused on the noise zone area near the airport where hundreds of homes will be classified as “Not Suitable For Residential Use”. The homes, across the street from those within that zone will be just as affected and homes, businesses, schools, etc., near that area, will be greatly affected. Obviously, the further away from the noise source, the less the noise will be, but most of Boise, parts of Meridian and other nearby areas will feel the noise effects of the F-35 to some degree.

  8. Delayed to December to allow for November elections to conclude first.

  9. I grew up in Orange County, Ca. and noise from aircraft has been an ongoing battle over the years. First place that comes to mind is El Toro Marine Air Base, They had a first class air station in what was once a rural area. Constant development and pressures about noise and base closures from the govt. finally killed this base. Next, would be John Wayne Airport (SNA), the pressures for noise abatement takeoffs force pilots to turn airplanes into guided missiles with very steep takeoffs with engines at or past maximum thrust levels. It can be frightening for those not used to this. The ritzy neighbors demanded this from the airlines and got it. You fly into SNA you will pay a premium price over Long Beach or LAX airports.

    Growth in Ada County around the airport can ultimately lead to this kind of takeoffs by commercial aviation. Do we want to add a super noisy military aircraft to this looming opportunity? Our safety does not depend on locating the F-35 at Gowen Field; let it go to Mtn. Home before we recreate the same noise nightmare that happened in Orange County, Ca.

  10. I forgot to add to my previous comment that El Toro Air Base was deeded to the County. The citizens wisely turned it into ” The Great Park” no development in already overcrowded Orange County.

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