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Once again, we have a paucity of topics on which to comment, so here are a few that need your intelligent views.

–Despite the efforts of the GUARDIAN and fellow GROWTHOPHOBES, Idaho managed to rank 31 as the fastest growing state in the USA, according to the census bureau. Number one cause in our mind is state and local giveaways to business. Number one victim is West Ada and other schools which cannot keep up with demand for new schools, hence more bond elections.

–Jerome County officials made a sales pitch to voters in their efforts to pass a tax increase bond for a new jail. They claimed the cost would be offset be renting jail beds to the feds and Idaho corrections dept. Immigration-Customs Enforcement (ICE) has failed to ink a deal. Betting on “projected sales” for any government project is risky at best.

–Idaho’ Department of Land board managed to purchase a commercial building for $6.1 million in Idaho Falls, then turn around and sell it for a mere $5.3 to the same guy who sold it t5o them. Betsy Russell reported the details which have the IDL claiming a profit at every step. boise

–Thanks to Congress and President Trump every man woman and child in the USA has an additional debt of more than $4,000 dumped on them, thanks to the so-called tax cut.

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  1. Idaho Death Spiral
    Dec 21, 2017, 11:24 am

    Obamacare is dead because the mandate is dead proclaimed my enthusiastic friend in the red hat!!! Problem is the anti-Trump GOP will brew up something even worse and place a mandate on it too.

    Idaho growing fastest in the nation! Oh boy, how exciting. Problem is the new arrivals are driving old cars with a mattress strapped to the roof. The new arrivals are not rich people fleeing high taxes, they are poor and will drive up our taxes with welfare demands and ER visits. They will vote for dems and the Idaho death spiral will be complete. They are parked in front of a house they heard might be for rent, but isn’t. They’ve discovered it’s colder here than Bieter’s brochure said. They are upset that cops arrest for pot, and shooting up in parked cars do get noticed by neighbors.

  2. How about burning Mike Crapo in effigy for hypocrisy? The self-proclaimed deficit hawk just voted to plunge the country at least another $1 trillion further into debt.

    Hey, what’s another 5 percent on top of $20 trillion? In a decade, it’ll seem like a little spit in the bucket or sesspool—pick your target. We’ll just take it out of those nasty “entitlements” all you folks on Social Security think you earned by making mandatory Federal INSURANCE Contributions (FICA) your entire working life.

  3. Idaho Death Spiral
    Dec 21, 2017, 11:48 am

    Spell and grammatical errors intentional to help fit in better here in Idaho.

  4. Stephen C. Fischer
    Dec 21, 2017, 11:53 am

    I’ll take my pick commenting on the tax plan with the opinion that we should be wary of both parties in their approaches to taxes and all of the economy. Generally speaking, the libertarian Republicans want to enslave us to Big Business; while the socialistic Democrats want to enslave us to Big Government. We need a third way of looking at the economy, which favors small businesses and small governments and thus true freedom for us from the dominance of Bigness.
    Over the holidays, Boiseans might want to consider the teachings of Distributism as found in the great British writers of the first part of the 1900s, G.K. Chesterton (“The Outline of Sanity”) and Hillaire Belloc (“The Restoration of Property” and “The Servile State”); and as found in the more recent writings of E.F.Schumacher (“Small is Beautiful”). Current author-advocates include John Medaille, Allan Carlson and Joseph Pearce.
    A warning: These writings are based largely on the social teachings of the Catholic Church (Chesterton, Schumacher and Pearce are converts) —
    yet you may be surprised by how much these proponents of Distributism reflect Boise values: small, organic farms; small, local shops; artisanal craftsmanship; and care for the environment.
    The practical applications of Distributism are still very much open to discussion, but the purpose is to free us from being bossed around by corporate executive and being oppressed by government bureaucrats. It seems that in America, we are increasingly managed and manipulated by both political parties, and so we need to start thinking afresh outside of both political parties.
    A good starting point for discussion is this awkwardly named Distributism — or what I prefer to call Localism –which claims the answer to greed is not that none of us should own property, but that more of us should own property. As of right now, it seems that the Trumps and Clintons of our society own almost all of America.
    Distributism builds true community by fostering the independence of individuals and families as property owners, who are thus stakeholders in society, who are thus empowered to have a real say in society. I implore my neighbors in Boise to think outside the box of Republican/Democrat — especially as it seems as though the leaders of Big Government and Big Business are largely in collaboration, if not cahoots, anyway, so that the CEOs and the Congressmen are actually cooperating to get filthy rich and increasingly powerful at our expense.
    The tax laws, and all the laws of America, should favor the common person, the average family, and the small business — as an authentic way to real independence. This process should be somewhat gradual, I think, but also very determined and highly urgent.

  5. “Think globally; act locally.”

    Good advice.

  6. Spiral must be spinnin’ time in a bad part of town.

    The new arrivals I hear about buy homes with cash offers above listing prices. Taxes we pay for the powers-that-be to promote our growth may eventually price some of us out of our homes.

  7. Tom Lorentz
    Dec 22, 2017, 2:58 pm

    My editorial regarding Tax Bill that ran in Statesman 12/20/17 follows. I also emailed copies of it to our congressmen after it was published.

    Trump promised the American people during the campaign that he would not cut Medicare, Medicaid, or Social security. The GOP Senate Tax Bill, if enacted will trigger an immediate $25 BILLION cut to Medicare with additional cuts totaling $400 Billion in 10 years (PEYGO RULE) while simultaneously GUTTING Obamacare causing thirteen million people to lose their healthcare due to rising premiums. It will raise taxes on up to 87 million working families. Middle class families making less than $30,000 will get hit the hardest. This is how the GOP is funding the largest transfer of wealth in history to the wealthy. If this bill is enacted, the USA’s federal deficit will exceed GDP for the first time in 2028, which will force massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The GOP is in denial regarding what the AARP, CBO, and the Joint Committee on Taxation report. This is the most unpopular tax cut bill in history for a reason. This tax bill is a threat to everyone but the 1%. No fear Idahoans, Crapo/Risch/Simpson/Labrador are 100% on board with this money grab – voting for it in initial Senate/House votes and against the best interests of most Idahoans.

  8. Tom, Had Obama purchased a $125/mo Blue Cross policy for every uninsured person in the USA back in 2008 what would be the annual cost?

    A very simple but oh so important concept is: Government turns everything it touches to crap.

  9. Stephen C. Fischer
    Dec 23, 2017, 10:03 am

    Tom Lorentz, I share some of your concerns. I am very concerned that perhaps big corporations got way too much in this tax bill and ordinary citizens way too little.
    However, even if the Republicans more or less botched this tax bill, let’s not pretend that the Democrats are all that virtuous.
    For one thing, as I remember it, Obamacare stole a half-billion dollars from Medicare.
    Secondly, I think Obama said that his healthcare plan would be debated on C-SPAN, but instead it was deliberated clandestinely behind a velvet rope and a closed door.
    Thirdly, as Story Idea states above, if Obama was concerned about the uninsured, he could have helped the uninsured without having the federal government intrude on health care for everyone else. Why wouldn’t all Americans be concerned at the resulting loss of our freedom, with mandates and penalties coercing us to conform to the faraway federal government?
    Also, overall, the likes of the Obamas and Clintons and Pelosis and Bidens and Gores seem to be Democrats who are at least as filthy rich as the Republicans. My hunch is that the Democrats are just as beholden to Big Business as the Republicans. The Democrats are just more phony about it with their feigned compassion for the poor.
    It’s a scam, and most of the leaders from both of our pathetic political parties are in on it. They pretend to oppose each other, but they’re almost all conspiring together to make sure they get their place in or near the elite and 1%. The Dems and Reps try to divide us as they enrich themselves, and leave us fighting over the scraps.

  10. Ahh the holiday spirit! 🙂

    Unfortunately, Fischer is well right.
    It’s a scam.

    No one is left to save us from ourselves.
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Stephen C. Fischer
    Dec 25, 2017, 11:21 am

    Easterner, perhaps it is we who can save us from ourselves, if people of good will come together across our differences for light and love and life.
    We can try to listen more, and try to give each other the benefit of the doubt more, and try to find common ground more. We can try to be open to the possibility that the majority of us are actually well-meaning, and try to bring out the best in each other.
    For some of us, the only one ultimately left to save us from ourselves is the one who is remembered as being born this day, in most humble of circumstances. He lived the majority of his life as do most of us, as a regular resident in his own hometown of Nazareth.
    He called himself the Son of Man, which seems to mean the Common Man, and his message was one of love for all people without exception.
    Christmas is the origin of human equality and human dignity and human rights that was unheard of in the sad and weary world of antiquity before Christ (B.C.).
    It is in this sense, at least, that we can all say, Merry Christmas!!! — and all have some hope for the happiness and well-being of all the people of the earth, now and forever.
    May God bless us all!!!

  12. mr. Fischer,
    Wow! I don’t know what to say, other than Happy Kwanzaa!

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